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Story #947 -New!

Okay so it was the beginning of the school year and I was making new friends, so in the beginning I met a girl who actually turns out to be my best friend now, so she had a best friend who is very jealous of when she makes new friends. She was actually nice to me in the beginning of the year like she follow me on Instagram, but as time pass she became jealous of me being friends with her best friend, she actually told me what she has done the pass couple years ago. She said that she had been very jealous when she made new friends, so as time pass they got into a tiny fight that happen on the bus her friend was lying about the whole thing, so long story short it's the summer now and they became friends which I'm happy for but now today her friend made this other social networking and started to say these things to me like 'Oh these people are all my friends and (not saying names) is mine and she call me a b and ugly but that doesn't hurt me I care more about her turning my friends against me. I told only my best friend and her best friend which is my best friend! I'm getting really scared but the good part is she can't on Instagram anymore because her mom made her delete it and prohibited from her going on it. But other than that I have no idea what to do! We are not going to see each other because we are going to different middle schools. Thank You!

Story #946 -New!

I hate this stupid idyat girl .. idk what she thinks of her self .. that shes a bloody queen of the class and the most intelligent person .. who stands up like a cow and speaks like a goat with her stupid voice of hers! f...... b.... i wondered even if she looked at her ash at times .. so big and fat .!?_? holy carp , i cant just stop laughing! Its like an big fat round circle ash! Omg! Im just so happy i hv the right person in my life and thats my handsome cuttiest guy ! His The best in the world . Idk how u could she leave him well,im happy that i hav him by my side .. i shud be thankfull to u... jealous big fat ash! U stare at me and him as if u havnt seen any cute couple in ua life Lol =)) anyways that makes meh feel great yaeh!^-^ i love you the most josh! Ua ex is a m............ big fat ash girl .. we dont need to borther bout her she's just jealouss! AND IM SO GLAD! -) -Dedicated to my loved one's and that jealous b....! Wohho!-*

Story #945 -New!

There is this reaaallly ANNOYING girl in my class called Leah, who thinks she is absolutely amazing! Leah thinks she is great at singing apbut she absolutely sucks!! She likes to get ALL the attention! She has an agent cos she is pretty but she also thinks she is amazing at acting but she sucks but she is sooo confident and thinks herself above everyone else she shopping sorta has that attitude that is like I know I'm amazing but I'm go no pretend I'm not just to annoy then after she admits she's amazing like I am so annoyed at my mom who buys loads of designer clothes and bags and shoes because we are going to our house so I can't be in this opera that I could have been in, she is also super skinny and soon vain! I HATE HER!!!

Story #944 -New!

we should have known not to trust her, but we did, and now she's doing what we thought she was gona do, we were losing our closeness with her, now I hope to never get close to her again! I hope to make her pay, and make her loose whatever relationship she ever wanted with me. You,ve lost me 4ever! Your gona regret this, and shoulda thought about this b4 u opened your tiny ugly mouth. their were many times I could have spoke my mind with u and made u feel horrible, but I didn't, but not u, u just let it rip, sometimes I think u just want drama in your life, at the cost of relationships, well, u just lost this 1. don't even try any more, u lost this 1. goodbye

Story #943 -New!

I have a friend who I met 15 years ago, when I was four. Lately, she's been a horrible little b..... When we're alone, she acts like my best fiend and I can be myself around her. When we are with other people though, she comes up to me and TELLS me not to embarrass her. I'm an introvert, I don't talk unless I have to. I HATE HER SO MUCH.

Story #942 -New!

Her name is Tamar. She is the most elegant, divine, and heart breaking girl I will ever meet, and I hate her because I'll never get to proclaim how I yearn for her. She'll just laugh, and though she may say that she's cares for me as a friend, I know how she will have someone a million flaming times more flaming perfect for her waiting. I can bear not seeing her ever again, being cast aside, or even be sworn as her deadliest foe, all I wanted to hear was her hair sway, and voice tinkle as she smiled back. Not a vile, unintentional, but still repulsing sneer of amusement, those ruby lips so utterly deceiving. Because I may never have her as mine, I'll hate her even more, with the bitterest gall I can muster. Sour grapes.

Story #941 -New!

Okay I'll start by why I love her it will warm me up before I completely destroy her into Hades. When I first laid eyes upon her the world literally stopped... or started, nothing else mattered but her It was the most magnetic polarising heart wrenching thing that has ever happened to me. It was as close to soulection as you could get. She was EVERYTHING! At work I wanted her. 24/7 I wanted her I don't know what that is but it was mutual just the communication was hushed like it felt too good to speak to her, it was irritating so we kinda just ignored each other on checkout. I tagged along with her gfs a few times to the shops as friends but slowly with moving house and changing entire suburb *4th time again* We lost touch and I lost my mind a little bit. Serious infatuation or maybe it was the Twilight Imprinting thing on 'your best possible bet for survival mating chance' Myth or not. it felt like that experience. I kinda believe it too for when humans only lived for like 40 years~ it must have been necissary thing. Anyway she's beautiful, she doesn't know how beautiful she is. And I hate her passionatly. At a club that I help run with friends I was punched in the back alley car lot, I lost my front tooth it was freezing and she left me in the cold on the ground, walking away with the dude who did it.. all the drugs and alcohol erased her of me. She was standing smoking a fig, I mean, I've never been so hurt cruelly in my life and she leaves with the dude who did it. Like memory wasn't even a thing and he was the winner for being so cruel... It's the biggest mystery of my life so far and I've got a permanent scar missing tooth and she won't reply to a single message because she thinks I'm creepy while I think she hurt me by hating on me to this guy like I was never in her life. And this was an attempt to get me out of it permanently. I've never done anything but say the truth to her and wanted to include her in knowledge I've been gaining through Facebook without her saying anything like 'Leave me alone' or 'Stop talking to me' because I would have. in fact we shared 'likes' on that drag. She loves attention but as soon as this happened she doesn't care anymore. Blocked me from every possible way to her, Facebook, Instagram. I know where she lives obviously I want to go there and see her everyday and love her ash, cause lets face it crazy girls need it the most but... when I needed her, as a friend she left me bleeding in a pool of my blood on the cold cement. Toothless. Yelling 'Go away!' when I asked her to help me.. Could have hit my head and died this is pretty bad, even worse she later said to a guy friend (because I filed a police report) she wants me to kell myself, blaming me for all the unhappiness in her life. So technically I did... 'don't have kids, you drunk retard how about +1000 for an ash so fat. 'cause she always would get pluses into the club' and sent her text abuse in a paragraph which stung me badly, her as well and I wish I hadn't but I'd do anything for this girl and she asked for it. Its natures cruel entrapment of the male species. 'This is the girl you love. Think about her every minute of everyday. Obey. Protect at all costs - Sorry no rain-checks.' I did not sign up for this! So here I am just wanting to squeeze her with a hug 3 years in the making but at the same time she has a bf or hundreds by now all who know my name. I know we're all alone in the universe and I've never found the words to describe to her how much she meant to mine in person. So I didn't even try embarress myself to her. If you're reading this you are beautiful - its the mirror that makes your ash look fat, everyone loses their teeth eventually, I was just scared for you when you probably just wanted to humilate me and see me hurt well you got it.. and i'll take it. Like an overly protective brother I'll never hate you as much as I love you right now, which is a lot more heavier then hate. It's free and stronger as well. And one day when there is a more effective way to communicate to you how I feel other than six and mind melding, I'll somehow let you know.

Story #940 -New!

I was avery successful man , happy , educated, empathical and was seaching for a life partner few were asking me to become but I saw one of them as she loved me deadly .she ask me to marry her I was agreed but not my family they think she is wicked eviled and psychopath, thats true we all have some issues. I choose her my family just cut of any contact with me. Some how three year passed one day she told me that she want divorce when I ask her why you know what she said there is no reason for that.i was just creeping for sake she had nothing to do with that , I dont know what wrong I have done to her but now I decided to do what ever she deserve I hate her, I hope so.

Story #939 -New!

Man every day I eat mayo carrots for lunch and she steals them. I hate her cus she took my bf and eats so much mayo with him. I invented that food! Mayo carrots Is like tuna salad but with carrots and not tuna. I made it up and she's using my food to steal my bf! I want to just yell at both of them but I know the foods to good that they will allways be in love. I'm so mad!

Story #938 -New!

I hate my ex girlfriend. We were together for 2 years and she is a single mother of 2 beautiful smart kids (5 and 6). She's been having six with her more attractive ex. She's a narcissist and dropped me like I never existed. Thanks for posting this.

Story #937 -New!

I told her about this crush i had on her 'best franndd' and she told me that it was cute. 2 months later she tried to force him to say that he loves her. Next period she told me that i should give up on him cause i had no chances with him and go back to my old crush (who is a jerk). I hated her for saying this and Later found out that she has a crush on him but didnt tell me. All this could've been avoided with her telling me. My crush clearly told his friends that he doesn't like her and sees her as a friend

Story #936 -New!

First of all, im in 8th grade. So my best friend Ariell walks home with this group of other people. I have had problems with Sydney, who walks home with them everyday. Sydney's best friend, Arizona, came to my school this year and as I started walking home with them and hanging out with them, I became a little bit more close with Arizona and she was nice to me. For about two or three weeks I hanged out with her and did school projects with her in Social Studies. Then last Tuesday, we were walking home and these girls were behind our group and Arizona whispered to Sydney, I don't like those girls, or Savannah. Ariell heard that and me and her left her, and she told me what she said. Two days later, in gym class she kept on staring at me and I heard what she said to Sydney, I hate her. So, as I was extremely mad, I said to her I don't f... with fake b....... I just wanted her to know that I was not a rag doll and that she can't push me around and mess with me. I heard her say to Sydney that day in social studies that she was gonna say something to me on Monday. I am not scared though because her words aren't gonna hurt me. I just want her to get out of my life. What should I do?

Story #935 -New!

I hate her... But I don't know why. This girl... Her names Chloe, I had lots of feelings for her, I really liked her, her smile brightens up my day, gives me a warm feeling in my heart.. She's beautiful and great on the inside.. But I love her so much it hurts... I really don't know if she liked me, she told me she was unsure but given me gifts, she was a really good friend when I needed her but... Aargh we kinda ended it, cos of studies... She was struggling a little while I am good at studies, well I offered her help in studies but nvm she didn't come to me . I really don't understand... She is talking to other guys, she doesn't know how I feel, she doesn't know what she is to me. This is why i kinda hate her, and love her at the same time. It's just so sad... (Victor's story...)

Story #934 -New!

So there is this girl I go to school with and we have been friends for a while now but ever since last year things have really changed. She has dated almost every attractive guy in our school. She always needs to know what's going on and if she doesn't know she gets mad. She always need to be the center of attention, and she over exaggerates everything whether it's screaming or jumping up and down to get the schools attention. I feel like she always has to be right and she thinks she's right all the time and she also thinks she's the best at almost everything. She brags a lot about her life and her achievements. I have classes with her and I'm gonna try to be nice but what do I do???

Story #933 -New!

Okay so there is this girl (I'll just call her Sally) and I can't stand her. Everytime I hear her name I cringe and get annoyed. She dated my boyfriend last year for 3 weeks. Then they broke up and stopped speaking. Well they got SUPER close like they told each other everything. I've been dating my boyfriend for 10 months now and they have a few classes together but they still talk and call each other all the time. She cussed me out one time and called me mean names. She later apologized and hugged me but my boyfriend didn't even take up for me. He acted like he took her side. And she cussed me out because I apparently control him and I make him miserable. She's so pretty and LITERALLY EVERYONE thinks she's precious. But she isn't. I don't want to hate her. I really don't. But I can only feel that my bf loves her or at least likes her. He tells me all the time they're just friends and he's never loved anyone like me and I believe that. I just can't stand her and I feel that I'm constantly going to battle with her over my boyfriend. And I mean he's mine. Not hers. She's one of those pervarted type of girls and she likes to be really touchy and junk so I can do nothing but picture them flirting a lot. I just want to get over this hatred I have for her. I needed to tell someone because one of my closest friends LOVES her and is blinded by her evilness. So yea.

Story #932 -New!

My mum Hates me because I would not come down to her I keep on telling her I had to work but she has keeping on tell me that don't have to you work have to work pls come Down I tell her no way she keep on upsetting me that is why I hate we so much she is upsetting my dad too. He hates her too they where married but they over now. My sister and brother hates her too

Story #931 -New!

I hate her! I had never hated anyone so much !!! I'm not a violent person but when it comes to my husband and say comes almost touching my blood boil, I hit throw and then kick it and say that is a where that I do not deceive me, I know, I vast only a moment to know it was an old urged, desperate for affection. I told my husband and did not believe me, after a while began to go meet with a mutual friend who is married and was there when I checked all my doubt is what I thought and worse. For a while I could show that he had no intention of nunguna be friends and not notice! Today when I see facing the turns around and enjoy it, I like to be loved and liked by the people but to me it is not so and that the hurt and I am so pleased to do so that I will continue doing until dessparezca of our lives . Today I saw something saying my husband and he said it quietly stood in front of him and let him know when I get my husband to upset me and when she returned to her place began to move his foot and it I do when she gets nervous ... ahhh want to do something but that karma exists and do not want anything happens to me or my family ... ahhh I do ... I say something it! eh weighing on that but ahhh! the hatred, ooodiooo ' Note- Auto-translated from Spanish. -John

Story #930 -New!

There's a girl in my class. This may sound like I am a total wimp...But I am scared of her. Two Years ago I became friends with her Because everyone in the class ignored her. She was nice to me until she visited my house. I dunno what changed her..But after that she started causing me trouble. Well I am not bragging about this But our house is big ,not exactly that big and is very clean compared to hers . I am sad that she is causing me trouble just Because of that . I tried asking my parents about it. They said the same that she is probably jealous... and thinks that I am showing off my things to her bragging about them. to tell the truth I love sharing my things to others and being friendly. 1- she tried to blackmail me indirectly by writing letters to principal about me stealing her pens. (I nvr did that) 2- she is trying time use me as her tool. For ex. There is a museum my papa handles Which she visited with me. She is trying to take me come to her birthday to the museum Because If we go there they will us free tickets. I don't like accepting free things except gifts. But she is trying to use me to go for free. 3- she even tried to copy my stories Which I wrote. 4- she is trying to create misunderstanding between my other friends and me. 5. She even said things like i(myself) like him(one of my classmates) or anything like that . I dunno why she thinks of me that way... My parents told me not to be friends with her anymore. But i cant seem to stop myself when someone tries to bully her. I still help her because thats my nature. I have to be careful whenever she is with me. Like she can cause such a trouble from which i cant ever get out from. Can you suggest something? Should i break my friendship with her?? Should i ignore her like the others do?

Story #929 -New!

Ive never hated a girl so freaking much in my life. She has ruined my school year and second term has just began. Shes a prefect I pass by everyday and Ive never been so annoyed in my entire life, I feel like transferring schools. With her status, she expects respect from everyone which is totally fine with me. And you know, one day she disses my off saying I need to pin up my bangs. I did ignore her warnings but it was an honest one as Im a really forgetful person but WHY IS SHE MINDING MY HAIR SO MUCH. There are many people with their bangs literally across their face and she JUST IGNORES THEM AND TELLS ME OFF. Does my bangs disrupt your lifestyle in school or does it distract you from studying like HELLO. There are people getting bullied out there and you dont mind them but YOU MIND ME. Its today that she had enough of me forgetting and basically...she escorted me to the principal's office JUST BECAUSE OF MY BANGS. I WILL NOT PIN IT UP. And you know whats funny, SHE HAS BANGS TOO. I had a dry throat today and coughed every 5 seconds so it made me hard to argue. So I stood there as this prefect just stands there with the pride on her face that she got the principal on her side while I wait as the principal writes a note to my parents. JUST WOW. And theres this girl in the other section who has way longer bangs that really isnt bangs anymore but she still keeps it on her freaking face. When she passed the prefect, they laughed and hi 5 like it was no big deal. This sounds really silly but no way im pining up my hair. It isnt even in the school rules.

Story #928 -New!

This girl in my school always lies to me, my friends, and me and my friends formed a group in a corner by the library... She says that the librarian heard us saying that we hate her.. Idk if we should believe her but I don't wanna get in trouble!!! Gosh I hate that girl

Story #927 -New!

I didn't think I would actually admit this but it's the only way to express myself. I'm a just a guy in high school, no big deal and been single all my life and I've dealt with it just having friends and having a blast. However, what my friends don't know about me is that I've had crushes on girls way to often in my life and I've always imagined them being with me and all that typical boy stuff (I don't m......... to them, I'm not that pervarted).That all changed in the beginning of sophomore year where I had the biggest crush I've ever had- Her. She was a seemed like an ordinary girl but I didn't care and holy molly did I think She was cute. At first I thought 'ehh it'll go away, next week I'll probably forget her and move on,' I was wrong. I actually got to know her, unlike my previous crushes, in October of last year when it was her birthday and the reason I talked to her was because I heard she got asked out by a guy named Dylan, and I was really curious and that's where it went very good. She had a boyfriend now and at the same time I was getting to know her and I thought 'this isn't bad, we're just friends' and I liked getting along with her and slowly liking her a lot. Over the next two months I couldn't stop thinking about her (again nothing pervarted) and each month She was getting more friendly and friendly even giving me goodbye hugs, which were by far the best hugs I've ever experienced, not even joking. But in the middle of December all of a sudden, She broke up with Bob (I'm calling him Bob now because Dylan is way too long of name) and Bob agreed and it was a mutual breakup. It was funny because all of her friends including me didn't like Bob and liked to make fun of him and teasing him, even She too would make fun of Bob. Did I feel sorry for Bob? Of course not, I thought this was my chance to get to know her and finally get my first girlfriend. It's not only because She was pretty, She was also funny, She was sarcastic, She was amazing, She gave the best hugs (again they were really good), She was a huge fan girl, She even played a little bit of video games She understood me, and I understood her. I thought She was perfect. We even received each others numbers. I knew She also cared because she would brag about me and even text after I took a hard test and tell me good job. However, Christmas Break had come and we weren't going to see each other for another two weeks, and I would have to wait and we couldn't see each other because I was going to another country the entire break. She was the only person I had actually missed in my life and I even bragged to my cousin Pablo that soon that she and I are going to be one. I even had planned to give her a bracelet for a late Christmas gift give her based on one of her favorite movies 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and it was only two dollars including the gift box. I was ready and happy when I actually went to the school for the new year. I had expected to see her and have a great big hug since we haven't communicated, that's not what I got. Instead I got a simple hello and 'you're back' with barely a smile. I thought she was having a bad day so I waited till the next day to give Her the bracelet. I did. Of course I couldn't give it to her in front of other classmates, since I'm shy like that, and decided to give her the gift in front of her stuff and walked away as quickly as possible during passing period, not seeing her reaction. I wished I could've seen it. When I confronted her later that day, one of my friends said she was blushing and said it was cute so I was confident, but when she talked she said nice things and said 'you didn't have to give it to me.' That's when I realized, she never said thank you in that whole conversation. Then the next few days she stopped talking to me and when I do talk to her I felt like I was annoying her rather then having a good time. If you actually read this far don't stop and say 'this guy is just reading the signals wrong, give it time,' I did and I realized what she was doing to me and what she used me for- a tool. I realized that all those friendly gestures back in October to December was just temporary and was just to pass off her boyfriend, because she would always turn her head before talking to me, seeing if Bob was around. She kept the act of liking me even if he wasn't around just for me to stick around and I did. I felt for it. I thought we could be friends or something higher but I was wrong, I was used. It made me angry and sad just thinking about her, and I thought about the how the gift I gave her was the worst two dollars I ever spent. I didn't tell anyone and I got over it, its been three weeks into January we don't talk as much and she barely acknowledges me when her friends are around, and the thing is, people still like her and tolerate her. I hate her. If only classmates knew the sudden drop of confidence and trust I had in people due to her... I really thought she was the devil giving me pain but in reality she made me realize that I was stupid and now I won't fall for it again, I learned from that mistake, and I eventually got over it and matured a bit and became aware of the 'crushes' I had were not anything special, only list. The day before I left to Christmas Break She surprised me by all of a sudden hugging me when I was walking behind her, and I didn't think She noticed me but She did and She was smiling and I was smiling. I still question if that was real or not, and now it looks like neither of us are smiling now. I Hate Her.

Story #926 -New!

I hate her because she pretended and actually got me to believe she cared. She would call me her best friend but her actions spoke louder than her words. Best friends don't ditch out on plans and lie about the fact they would rather do those things with other friends. Best friends don't laugh when someone is hurting you. Best friends don't say nasty things behind your back. Yet somehow, even when the truth was in front of us, I was the horrible friend. I did nothing but love her and and treat her like a best friend should but it was still all my fault. I hate her even more for the trust issues she cursed me with and the lies she told people about me. I have since lost friends and haven't been able to feel secure in a friendship because of her. She spoke as if she really cared about me to other people, so I ended up looking like the crazy one because I was hurt from all the pain she had been putting me through. It's not fair that she is doing so much better than me? She makes me feel like I'm crazy and I don't deserve to be happy. I hate her because if it weren't for her declaring us best friends and myself expecting the loyalty that comes with that title, than I wouldn't be so messed up. They were never my bullies, it was you disguised as a friend all along...

Story #925 -New!

My best friend ditched me for no reason at all. She was one of the 'popular girls' and she suddenly asked if we could just stay as friends. But I think she hates me now She talks about me behind my back And now all my other friends are starting to hate me too. I feel that all the people I trust are going against me I luv her soo much But I'm angry at the way she treats me now Like she's the queen and I'm some slave that really wants her I don't ! I hate her.. but love her -( what do I dooo!!!???

Story #924 -New!

me and my bff were always together and i wanted to start talking to more people so i start to hang with this one chick she is o nice and popular so i got more friends well the chick i am friends with now had a friend that was being rude so they stop being friends now that brat hates me and my old friend does 2 they sorta teamed up and me and my bff now started hangin with this other chick who is totes awesome and she introduced us to an awesome chick and so on and so on now about 30 girls and 15 boys hang with us well the 2 brats hate like every one that i am friends with haters ya so thats my story

Story #923 -New!

I hate my friend so much because well we just had a fight because of a game i was happily playing the game online with her and suddenly shes breaking my world that i build so perfectly i know this a dumb issue but i hate her so much!!!-(

Story #922 -New!

I HATE HER! So my sister got in a fight with all of her friends and now none of them like her anymore. So I let her hang out with me and my friends (my sister is the same age of me) after about a week of hanging out with my friends she fricking steals my best friend and now my best friend likes my sister more than me -.- my sister used to HATE her. Then later she starts flirting with the boy THAT SHE KNOWS I LIKE AND HE WAS STARTING TO LIKE ME BACK and now he likes her too. My sister is taking EVERYTHING from me and all I've done is be nice to her, when she had no friends, I told her she can hang out with me and MY friends and instead she steals them so now I have no friends. I f...... hate her for stealing my life! she's such a b..... did she not even think about how she would be hurting me?!?

Story #921 -New!

So this girl hooked me up with one of my good friends and we dated for a month and she s..... his d... in her car at the McDonalds parking lot when he was on break so I broke up with him and she flaunts it in my face how she's always f...... him but the sad thing his she's just using him

Story #920 -New!

She was my love. My whole universe. I loved her so much. I just couldn't stop thinking about her all day and night. I'd have done ANYTHING for her. We were close, and.. in love. But this little B.... started acting like I didn't even exist. I tried to ask her why.. but she would give me ZERO replies. I'm so disgusted. I hate her so much. She doesn't talk to me, she cheated on me, and treated me like a piece of s.... She broke my heart into little pieces, and I'll hate her till the end, for that.

Story #919 -New!

So there's this girl from my church I used to be friends with. Well she turned into a complete b.... so we stopped being friends. She never looks at me and she's always stuck up. The only reason we stopped being friends was one night I was at pour youth pastors house and and she was like oh my gosh You're such a hoe. Then one time she was like yeah you don't have the body to be a stripper. Like wtf. Now my moms inviting her mom, her and her little brother over! Now I have to show her my room and be a nice person. Ughhh!

Story #918 -New!

Ok. There is this f..... girl i hate (Lets call her Emma). So we are both in highscool. I barely transferred to the highscool my sophomore year. We met like the 3rd week of school in English class. When we first met she greeted me by saying, 'hi (my name)'. She was really nice and I thought she was a good person. (I am a student that takes classes seriously) later on the year, she began to talk to me more in class, I tell her to stop talking to me, but she kept at it. In class we working in partners for a project, of course she told me to be her partner. 5 minutes in, she kept talking and didn't stop. I told her 'can we began' then she gets an attitude with me. Another 5 minutes pass, she kept talking. And this is what f..... frustrated me. She then had the urge to ask me what is my p.... size. I didn't answer, Emma laughs. After that day, I didn't even reply to her talking or looked at her. She did the best to communicate me, but I ignored her. One time she ask 'are we still friends' I reply 'You tell me'. We didn't talk since.

Story #917 -New!

I hate 'Hers'. All of them filthy manipulative wheres highly trained psychopathic puppeteers who cries they are being treated as objects when a rap occurs but allows themselves to pull anyone's strings by their emotions like useless socks!! They deserve to be rapped and their souls shattered in million of pieces!!

Story #916 -New!

There is this girl at my school, let's call her Missy, and she is such a liar and a brat. She was a jerk to my best friend and she's a jerk to me. So Missy, in third grade, was my best friend and I met a new girl that I liked as a friend. Apparently, Missy couldn't handle that I was hanging out with someone else, even though I still hung out with her. She didn't let me hang out with anyone except her in the first place so she believed that it might have been the end of the world. Soon, though, I drifted away from her. Missy's attitude was unrealistic so I just stopped hanging out with her. She was always mean to me and my new friend, calling her a 'friend-stealer' and telling lies about us. Just this year, Missy told one of my friends that I called her fat and ugly and no one believes her. Everyone knows I would never say that to someone, even her. I guess I'm just a good kid. Missy always talks behind my back, I can just sense it. The girl that became my new friend was sort of like her. Let's call her Laila. Laila introduced me to another girl, let's call her Angelica. Angelica was the sweetest and most kind girl. She was sort of tomboy with a hint of girly-ness. I loved her more than any other friend, ever, and she's still the love of my life today. Well, Laila didn't like that I was friends with her. Laila only wanted to be Angelica's friend and only my friend instead of Angelica and I becoming friends. Laila lied about things but never talked behind my back. Angelica was really good at soccer, I was great at gymnastics, and Laila was a swell swimmer. One day, Laila told me that Angelica said that she was better than me at gymnastics. I knew Angelica wouldn't say that because she knew she was the best at her sport and I was the best at mine. Then, Laila lied to Angelica, saying that I told her that I was better at soccer than her. She knew I wouldn't say that, as I said, she knew she was the best at her sport and I was the best at mine. We got together one day, just Angelica and I, and I told her what Laila said to me and she told me what Laila said to her. We agreed to get revenge. We both hated her by now, so why not? Laila always said that she was 'deathly allergic to grass' so I put it to the test. I grasped a chunk of grass from the field and went to 'hug' her. Instead I said, 'Let me give you a big hug!' And put the grass on her back. Sure enough, nothing happened and, once again, she lied and said she got hives from it. ON HER HAND. By the way, those 'hives' we're already there so don't try to back her up.

Story #915 -New!

I hate her because she's his ex, not just because that... Because he chooses her over me. He 'secretly' still texts her and calls her. He gates having his photo taken but he will have it with her. I hate her face because she smiles like a Cheshire Cat on smack. She talks in a babyish voice despite the fact she's 30 and calls her mum 'mummy' (really?). I hate the her because he thinks so much if her.

Story #914 -New!

I met her in 4th grade and we became best friends but she was always a complete b.... to everyone. She would do little things that were b..... but if we did anything to her she would get mad. She treats everyone like carp and over reacts at everything. She hangs out with a bunch of older class men at her dads neighborhood and they are all stoners. This year she has been doing s..... work in school and she didn't go to school for over a month cause she has anxiety... That is fake b....... she is the most outgoing care free person in the world, she stays home cause she's a lazy f.... She fakes to get out of gym and no one really likes her anyone. I honestly hate her guts

Story #913 -New!

We used to be friends... but things got complicated and i did not know what i did wrong! She dropped me like hot potatoes. Her sorry is so superficial. And i hate her!!! I trusted her and felt that she was a friend but i guess not. It is as if our friendship never existed. it is so sad. I feel that i was put in a position that i am like begging for friendship or what... I don't think that was ever fair.

Story #912 -New!

When I divorced their father, my two girls were 6and4 yrs old. We moved into a apt. It was ruff the first year, but I was determined for them to have a great childhood. Out of 20 yrs of raising them I only dated a man for 3 yrs. I brought no one in on my children. They came first. And I loved our life! We were all close, my youngest daughter clung to me literally for years. My oldest daughter wanted to be a Dad's girl. But he was to busy. I begged him to spend time with her. He was so angry for years cause I got the divorce, I didn't realize then but it's like he transferred that hate to my oldest. To be in his graces she would do anything. Long story short, only after my eldest left home, she became hateful, rude, nasty, spiteful, jealous etc... I began to notice my younger daughter becoming distant an changing. My oldest in secret was turning her against me also. It became unbearable. Now I had two horrid hateful, loves of my life treating me like dirt. It was like my eldest was so worried we wld be close or she just didn't want me to have anyone, I don't know. After younger one graduated, eldest talked her into moving out w/ a cousin. She did. My eldest wld butter me up if her b-day ws coming up, an afterwards turn back into a demon. This went on for years. My youngest just cut me off. Never no words or argument... Just faded... My oldest loved this... After marriage an a grandbaby, I really worried this wld be her new pawn. It was. She even jumped on me one day cause I sd, ' now u give grandma a hug everyday, so I can go home happy ! ( I picked him up from school). She jumped all over me an sd you don't force him to do that!!! I told him(5 yr old) he doesn't have't to ever hug you again!!! My grand an I were very close.... He didn't know how to act around me after that...when she picks him up, he clams up, scared to even look at me... She needs me to pick him up .... When she doesn't anymore... I may never see him again... I started looking for another state to move to. My grand, I love more than life, but she is so toxic, cruel, angry , envious, pure hateful, I got to get away... She seems to be good to him, or I wldnt leave him. I am a thread from hating her more than anyone ever..... My other daughter is a puppet, whatever eldest says, she will think, talk, feel. If she ever stops an asks ' what has my mom ever done to me'? Nothing...but until then... I'm childless an soon no grandchild either...

Story #911 -New!

I hate her so much. She pretends to be hot s... and that she's too good for all of us and she dresses like she's a tumblr girl but she isn't. She was a nice person before who had kind thoughts but now she's just a b.....

Story #910 -New! name is pooja... my BFF's cheated on me. Ever since I entered this college I met one girl whom I found very decent and polite..she was having all the qualities I've been looking for in a best friend. But I was wrong. She made a fool outta me..she played with every emotion of mine. Somehow I managed to move on from this nightmare. Thn another girl came into my life to whom I've hd given all the things. And this was my biggest mistake again. She fooled me every single day. What I'm suppose to do with this situation here??

Story #909 -New!

Me and e were best friends then thr was this girl called g knew her longer than me. E kept ignoring me n kept chatting with g. Then one day g n e fought n e was so angry n stuffs i was thr for her all the time i helped her n stuffs n then that one day she was frnds with g again and kept ignoring me like i was a replacement shes sucha f...... b.... dog

Story #908 -New!

So my boss thinks she is smart in everything she does, but she is a dumb show off who understands and knows nothing about life. She has bad manners and she is very rude/disrespectful to everyone. I never wish for anyone to lose their job or to just get lost, but this weirdo needs major help! I hope she quits and goes somewhere else. We don't need her negative manners daily! I just wanna have a good day dang it!!!

Story #907 -New!

I been with this chick for about 10 years and I ready to called it quits she is uneducated heartless lazy put on about 350lbs sleeps allday don't cook clean bossy I just want to leave my co workers say I can still be a good father and not be with her I am ready for that

Story #906 -New!

I use to be best friends with this one girl, yet people where telling me that she lies a lot...and I finally found one she is. Just recently she called me a mistake because I was raised by my mom or in her words 'that thing'. You don't bring up my mom like that or say anything rude. I REALLLLY HATE HER!

Story #905 -New!

She is the most annoying person I have met in my life, I really want to see her body. Let's call her R. R was a transfer student to my school. She teased me a bit about a guy I hated, but I didn't know how manipulative she was. So I told her about the guy I hate and then she said the classic baby-ish 'I'm telling on you!' Long story short, this didn't end well. Since then, R has been fake nice to me and acts like we're friends. She pulls my hair and when I tell her to cut it out she acts like it is my fault. I think R will grow up to be some random little where who gets tossed in jail for publicly groping and trying to hump some random guy.a

Story #904 -New!

I like a guy and I told my friend. He liked her though and she said too me that if he asked her out she would say no that time came and she betrayed me and my friend ruby (we both liked him) even though she said to us she didnt like him. Anyway she said sorry and said that she would dump him for me . She did and blamed for it when she didnt even like him. He asked her out again and she said yes again and to this day I hate her , I like him and she hates me . I hope she gets dumped by her other boyfriend, yep she is secretly going out with another guy . I HATE HER! Have your guy and leave mine alone Kyesha!

Story #903 -New!

I've loved my boyfriend for three years before recently getting together with him and he apparently returned those feelings for most of the time apart from a short relationship he had in the summer. Me and him are and where best friends I guess, we talk every day and we used to back when he first met this girl. One day when I wasn't in he said he found ''my name'2.0' as she looked and acted similar to me. I just laughed it off and stuff because it was funny, however just under 2 years later I go away for three days with a school trip. I had a s... day and I was looking forward to talking to him, however it turns out she'd completely replaced my life and that they where now dating. I had been replaced by my own gooddang 'clone', it was so pathetic. Sure they've broken up and he's with me now but I still think about it to this day. She just keeps popping into my life and I keep seeing her hair out of the corner of my eye and I hate it so much. As well as this, now I've got with him she's going around calling me a b.... for being with her ex and she's blocked me on instagram, while she was the one who pretty much ruined my f...... life. It sounds so stupid in words but hey love makes small stuff seem bigger.

Story #902 -New!

This girl or harlet more over just keeps making me so depressed. She uses me and sneaks back into my life in some form or fashion.

Story #901 -New!

I sit next to her in English and she is never willing to contribute ideas, but criticises me behind my back when I do contribute. I hate her so much she is a b....

Story #900 -New!

When I met her right before my mother had died at the time like every other guy I felt like she was great in reality she was a know good so an so who never cared about nobody but her know good useing's been twenty years and each year it get worse and worse .I have lots of friends all of whom told me to cut my loses and move on,and in my heart I really hate her she's a low life that so far has ruined mine and if I never see this b.... again that's fine with me.

Story #899 -New!

Okkey...I she is smiling at me...I just smiled back...I jus didn't spoke...because I f...... hate her...! As a normal kid ...she can't come to college without me...she requested...or begged me to come to college...!! I knew she is a bad luck for me... Although I like her lot...and I loved it ...when I thought she is there... First ...second day...third day...weekend!!! I love her she love me...(I felt it in my mind) ...long pause (we didn't see 4 next 2 weeks) What hill she is not looking at me... Hill...I don't know...she used to talk me a she is not.. I went to her at afternoon ...she was chat in with another boy... Cooolll... Days passed... Even after 3 month ...she won't make a convo with me... Next I will she her...I just smile...I won't wave a hai...coz I f...... hate her... Dang

Story #898 -New!

So there is this girl let's call her C so C and I have been friends since we were in 4rth grade we are currently in 11th so me and her had an amazing friendship we had our ups and downs but there was this instance in 7th grade that always left me doubting if she was my best friend or not the thing was that there was this girl who I hated with all my might because I believed that she was taking C away from me she didn't like me either the girl , she will always pretend to like me and stuff but deep down we both knew we hated each other so C knows all of this and she herself told me that she hated the girl to and was only friends with her because the girl had money okay so one day I couldn't take being all phony to this girl so I kissed I guy I liked in front of her and surprise surprise she said she liked him too and I was just thinking what the hill the guy thinks your a total creep (she texted him a lot I later found out) but she got all mad wanting to fight me and stuff and I got mad and I was willing to do it but she backed out and went with a bunch of my so called friends to a corner I stayed with a very loyal friend and guess which side C my so called best friend goes to yes the other girls side I was beyond angry with her like really anyways I didn't talk to her for a while month I completely ignored me and she ignored me but eventually we settled out of it when she found out what a huge p.... the girl was okay so now that experience left me kinda always doubting her and now in 11th grade I barely know who she is anymore she barely talks to me she has these new friends who she always hangs out with and this girl who on god I hate so much let's call her N I don't know why the hill they're even friends she literally told me she hated her because N went out with C ex bf when N knew that C still had feelings for him anyways I don't totally dislike my friends attitude towards me know it's like she's only there with me when she needs something out of me I don't think we're best friends anymore she barely acknowledges me I don't know why but I feel even if we were hanging out and stuff we would still be two different people she's a f...... b....

Story #897 -New!

i hate one of my friends. she makes me sick to the stomach and she makes me wanna puke and cry at the same time. i hate her so much that i wish i had never became friends with her. i never really liked her much. we met in 7th grade on the bus. when we first met, she was a little mean to me. that clouded my perception of her forever and i was indifferent to her for a while. eventually, she became much nicer to me and for a little while, i liked her back. last summer, all hill broke lose when she got mad at me for saving one of her pics! on her side, no perminent damage was done, but i went back to hating her, but now it is much stronger than ever. in 7th grade, i was indifferent to her. now, she makes me wanna puke. id rather listen to the wiggles (wiggles are annoying) than to spend time with her. however, she doesnt hate me. she loves me but its one sided.

Story #896 -New!

So I'm in the 11th grade. I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year now, and I really, really love her. I always try my best to help her through tough times caused by anxiety and depression, but I absolutely despise her BFF and she hates me too. when I hang out with her and her friends, this b.... Is always around, waving stuff in my gf's face and trying to drag her away from me, cutting into our conversations and constantly texting her even when they are together so her friend can b.... without anyone else hearing. They have been friends about a year longer than I've been dating her, and hated each other previously. I was learning to live with this however, and was beginning to accept their closeness after I talked about it with the gf. However, this absolute piece of s... Started really hurting my girl. On purpose. They know each other's deepest secrets, and I could see how huge of a betrayal it was when this happened. Her friend never apologised, but my girlfriend forgave her and they were back to normal, even though I now didn't want to be around her friend. Then it happened again, and the whole s........ started back up and for reasons I cannot comprehend, it ended the same way. I seriously don't get it. Her 'friend' is a total cow! The things she did to hurt my girl were so despicable, I'll never forgive her. She even caused me and the gf to fight on one occasion, when she was upset and went to her friend for emotional support before me, then tried to tell me what a great friend she was. I was really angry at how blind the gf seemed to be to the two faced-ness of this total b....! That's been over for a while, and we're in the school hoIidays days now. I have made a point of organising gatherings without this friend, and haven't seen her once for the few weeks I've had off so far, but when school starts up again, I know I won't be able to cope with being around this embodiment of evil. I really really love my girl. She had a really bad past, especially concerning male figures in her life, and I've made it clear I want to be the first real rock she's had, to keep her grounded. I care about her so much that it really cuts deep when she keeps going back to this girl, no matter what she does. It's an emotionally abusive relationship. When they aren't talking after a fight, my girl is feeling much better all the time, but was markedly more affected by anxiety after they got back together. It's a really toxic friendship, and I've explained it to my girlfriend, but she still refuses to cut this leech free, and makes excuses for them to stay together that I find disgustingly pathetic. I'm not going to be physically able to be near her when school gets back, but I don't want the b......... of her friend to drive a wedge between us, which is what I'm afraid might happen. Did I mention she hates my guts for pointing all this stuff out, and wanting to spend time with my girlfriend? If anyone can help at all, please reach out to me, I desperately need a hand with this. Thank you

Story #895 -New!

I have a sister named V. She is so perfect and pretty. When she does something, and I do the same thing a year later, she's the one who gets all the praise from everyone. When I did the same thing it was noting special. She acts like she is so freaking important and everyone has to wait on her hand and foot. She kisses my mothers a.. and then then when my mother isn't watching she calles me a b.....

Story #894 -New!

I have a 'Best Friend' who always makes fun of me. She complements me about my outfit one minute, and then laughs with all th popular kids about how I look. I want to punch her in her f...... face and call her a b.... in front of everyone and tell them about how she's a two faced liar and a b.....

Story #893 -New!

I love her. She is living at CA. Too far from here. Her name is Meadow. So beatiful, isn't it? But the problem is, I fell in love with her and I know, I will never get a chance to meet her. So, I hate her best friend. Justin Bieber. Yes! Her best friend is Justin Bieber. AND I DEFINITELY HATE HIM! He stole my future-dream-girlfriend... I hope Meadow Walker is going to read this one day, and try to reach me with something else. I love you, M. And if you are really best friends witg Justin Bieber, there is one thing i can do. I can be friends with Justin Bieber, and I will not hate him! (If you want of course.)

        > Note- Standard policy for and is to never identify specific individuals. Justin Bieber (obviously) and Meadow Walker (after a quick bit of googling) are both public figures and the story submitter indicates that they don't actually know Bieber or Walker, so mentioning Bieber and Walker by first and last names does not in any way identify the story submitter. -John

Story #892 -New!

Let me begin by reiterating that I've done nothing to deserve what you've done to me. I have been the most honest, giving, and loving person that you will ever meet. I was content with living within the walls I built myself to keep out fakes like you. It's a solitary lonely life, but it's safe. But you knocked and begged for someone to look after you, someone to make you feel wanted, someone to love you. And I responded. Wholeheartedly. With no regards for my own welfare I threw all of me into what you once called your 'drama of a life'. I offered you a future that is not free from struggle and pain, yet a future where wonderful things will happen if we invest in it. And for a while, you led me to believe that you and I will take the world together. But you had other plans. You are still susceptible to fleeting fancies, thinking that you can still afford to revel in these distractions. So you shun a future of stability for whatever catches your eye right now. I will be the first to admit that I was at fault. And that fault is that I believed you. So, enjoy yourself now. Experience the joys of this moment. Keep telling yourself that you deserve this. Just remember that you never had the decency to let me know of the schemes that you've been plotting behind my back. Or at least the courtesy to say goodbye. And that, in my opinion, makes you a very ugly person. Hate you? No. I'll defer that to the next person you deceive.

Story #891 -New!

It began a few years ago wen I met a girl and she was really special for me and we began to chat with each other and we liked it but one day she said to me we can't see you anymore and I asked her why and she said nothing and I reaped my question why? She said because I have heard things about you. An than I was interested so I asked her witch things and she said I can't tell you. So I said to my self there are two possibilities or she don't like me and she is lying to me or she said the truth. So I said lets talk about it please and she said Oke I was waiting for het but that soab didn't come so I was angry and I text her and she said leave me alone... And she blocked me so I thought Oke if this is what you won't Oke but I do not wanna see you again. She said Oke. Few months later I was at a party and I saw her but I didn't give a f... to her and she was p..... off. Than I few days later she came at our bus stop bored ( I don't know how to say it in English so sry) 4 school and normally she is 5 stop boreds of ours but no she came to mine why I do not know. She told me to stay away from her but she didn't do it and she was still watching me but I didn't care. What do you think I should do I m right or not. Thanks for reading this and I'm really sorry 4 my grammar, vocabulary fails

Story #890 -New!

She claimed to be my friend too, but as soon as I and my partner had some problems, she leaped in to 'help'. Soon our problems escalated with someone else getting all the details about what I should be hearing. Next she is telling my partner that she has loved them since forever, and the b was just waiting for a slip up on my part to wheedle in. We were married, but she dropped all to get us apart. When we chose to exit her from our lives and work on our relationship she suddenly decided to move over a whole state to live near us is a super small town. Me, being nice, decided to allow her to ask forgiveness and move on, she said no, but was fine taking the job I was offered but declined. Nice me, Im the one who told the boss she might be interested. Now, she will be working at my kids school. I just want to move. She is two faced, manipulative, and fake.

Story #889 -New!

I just went to a Scientology appointment in hopes of finding scientific answers after a lifetime with arbitrary Mormon bishops declaring whatever they wanted without backup. I took a Scientology 'personality' test, this woman called it, which was actually titled 'capacity test,' and had my answers analyzed. The analyzer did not state how the results were determined, leading me to believe she simply made judgment calls herself, which is no different than a Mormon bishop. When she found out additional information about me, she indicated she would have differently scored me, but stopped short of saying so. If new information alters her perceptions, how is the test scientific? My score should be the same regardless of background information. Her behavior led me to believe she had an agenda. Moreover, her analysis of me was almost 100% negative. How can one expect a pupil to want to stay and learn if one is saying, 'You are worthless, but you have cute hair'? She did compliment my hair. I hate her because I left the Mormon church and sought solace elsewhere and only met similar hatred. My mom only ever showed love. Where are those people?

        > Scientology is a scam. It is a cult designed to take peoples' money. Bunch of stuff on Scientology at Operation Clambake. Here are a couple of pages about the personality test. -John

Story #888 -New!

I Hate the girl that I used to like at the first time. After 1 month she changed 180 degrees on me and started to ignore me, and after months she texted me( I'm sorry , it was ok for me to talk to you , but my friend didn't like it and she didn't even let me to apologize to u when I felt sorry). Now she pretends to be a good friend No way, f... u I can't be friends with u anymore after u did that to me and u have a boyfriend !

Story #887 -New!

I hate this girl so much. She is my boyfriends ex from like 4 years ago and she is constantly trying to act all harmless messaging my boyfriend telling him 'oh I still care about you and hope your happy' etc. Every couple weeks or months or so. What's really happening is she's bouncing from guy to guy and every time she gets her ash dumped she messages him hoping were fighting so she can sixy text him and I'm so fed up. We live 1200+ miles away from her and are very happy, not to mention we have a son who is almost 2. She recently messaged him the other week because she was dumped again to get his sympathy. I don't buy that carp for one second... and if she was why your ex who is completely moved on with his life? Why not your sister or friends or other family? She works at mcdonalds and drinks and drives and does drags all the time and needs to stop f...... with my family. She's been in so many accidents from partying and driving that she should be dehd by now. Also I should point out that when I was pregnant she told my boyfriend that she hopes I have a miscarriage or that both our son and me dye during labor. Say something about me dyeing sure, whatever I don't care, but wishing dehth on my beautiful innocent little boy? No. F....... Way. I firmly believe she deserves to rot in hill for speaking such awful words. I don't hate ANYONE except this girl. None of my boyfriends other exes bother me at all, then again none of them are messaging him really. Which further reinforces the idea in my head that she has other motives. My boyfriend is like no it's harmless. I call b........

Story #886 -New!

My bestfriend is such a b..... She backstabs about me to my boyfriend and says really mean stuff about me. My boyfriend is really religious. And since we're muslims, i do head scarf and hijab where ever i go. But in school, i sort of unwrap my hijab when male colleagues arent around. My boyfriend doesnt like me being stared by men when my hairs arent covered. Shes aware of that too. So she snapped my picture without getting my picture and sent it to him. He was really mad at me but i confronted him with my side of the story. No harm done but i still hate her for doing this.

Story #885 -New!

We used to be kind of.. close, kind of like friends lets call her margaret, but ever since last year a new girl came and Ibecame best friends with this new girl , you can just see the look of jealousy on her face when me and my bestie are talking . she talks to my bestie more and always wants to be her partner. She invited her to her house and all these other things . I get so p..... off I Cant stand it. I even went to tell marg about it but she got all bitthurt and she started ignoring me a bit. The worst part is I think my bestie talks to her more than me

Story #884 -New!

I hate her, but I don't, but I do, but I don't. I always thought, let her be, she's responsible and she's telling the truth. Maybe it just isn't meant to be, I tend to be very dedicated in another person, she does not, I'm not content with sharing my spot with how ever many other guys, if this doesn't stop, I'm going to leave you, I won't care how you feel, because you didn't care how I felt.

Story #883 -New!

Okay so, I'm in 9th grade right now. I had a friend,(let's call her Abbie) she started being my friend in about 6th or 7th grade. After she befriended me, she texted me EVERY single day. It was out of the ordinary if she didn't text me at least once a day, she usually said good morning. We started being best friends about 2014, (it's 2015). This year, she started being friends with my OTHER best friend. (Let's say her name is Haley). Eventually Haley and Abbie became really close, and started hanging out without me. Which was totally okay but I started to get the feeling I was being replaced, so I told Abbie that I was getting replaced and she reassured me 100% that I was not getting replaced. I went through depression because of Abbie. She made me cry so much, she started showing care less and less, she stopped texting me first and the only way we would have a conversation is if I texted first or if we were on the bus. And even when we were on the bus she would be texting Haley. (Abbie rides my bus and that's actually how we met). We started getting in fights about how Im getting replaced, and she'd yell at me and say I wasn't. This year, Abbie Haley and I all stayed at Haley's house and went to the carnival that was in town. We all had a lot of fun, and I remember Abbie and I went on the zipper and she actually threw up and we laughed our butts off. But when we all went home, I texted Abbie. She didn't answer four hours, so I texted her again, no answer. Eventually I texted Haley and asked if Abbie has texted her today and she said yes, like 10 minutes ago. And I didn't understand why abbie was ignoring me. I didn't do anything!! She never did text me, and now bus rides are really awkward for the both of us. She always looks at me and I don't even know why. I did nothing to her, and yet she hates me. Like wtf? Now her and Haley and Abbie are still friends. I wish I never would have met either of them because Haley is obssesed with Abbie and talks about her all the time and it makes it really hard to not think about Abbie when Haley is bringing her up. Every second of the day. I told Haley that either she never talks about Abbie to me again or we aren't friends, is that bad?

Story #882 -New!

I effing hate her. She took away my post by bribing people to vote for her then she took away my guy best friend and she took away almost all the girl friends and now the guy who I almost had a crush on . I hate her so much . shes a manipulative b....

Story #881 -New!

There are some people that I just don't like. Few, but some. I have never liked her weak, mean, weasel ways. I hate her shaky voice and her slouchy demeanor and the way she can never look anyone in the eye. She puts herself in positions of leadership, even though she is a terrible example of a leader. She comes into my house and says loudly, 'It smells weird in here.' She sees a younger photo of me and says, 'That looks nothing like you. I mean, not even close.' I offer to pay for drinks for her and others and she says, 'I don't need anyone to pay for MY drink.' So stay out of my house, don't look at my photos and don't drink my drinks. And the next time you insult me, look me in the eye. You can't.

Story #880 -New!

I just hate her for no reasons. M jealous of her every achievement. She will soon b my relative. I need to live and respect her Dan hate. She has nvr done anything bad with me but I just hate her. She is a NY person. Please hlp me rid of dis feeling.

Story #879 -New!

She's an idiotic b.... who should really act her age. She's a slat. I'm just so fed up with her b........ She's so fake and annoying. She'll probably become a f...... math head who lives on the side of the road. Guys will probably just use her to knock her up. I wish her the worst in life. Maybe one day she'll open her eyes and notice how ugly,pathetic,and stupid she is. Stupid fat ash strapping down how.

Story #878 -New!

Hi long story short my x slept around owe hole relationship then her mum died she started drinking turned into a alcoholic went too rehab twice both times left early went on a bender with another rehab reject kicked me out for the 8th time I walked away moved on left her alone but still too this day 4 years on will not leave me be now she is a junkie and a paid where / prastitute too top it off now has taken a hit out on my head through her pump also has tracking devices on my phones no rest for me but it is what it is I married the wrong lady

Story #877 -New!

This is my story since 3 grade i had transpered into a new school.I was really lonely cause I don't know anyone but there the people at that school was eally nice. Execpt for 2 girl they alway gossip about me let't call them A and B. A was a b.... B was a really nice girl she just got uses by A but time can do impossible things. One year later A and B became my bestfriend at least that what A think, I hang out with B more often and turn out she hate her too. My memories is kind of fuzzy now when I think of it but all I remember is back then everyone know she b.... and hate her so she kept clinging to me and B. Now I'm in grade 8 B got into another class so A only have me left but 3 girl had transpered into my class and we became a group. I changed I put make up on and wear cute oufit we are like popular girls, A is ugly af she got double chin and everybody dislike her. They called her pig and she like-'I'm not fat I'm just chubby my mom told me I am adorobal'

Story #876

I hate my best friends friend I was gone from school 4 days before a break I came back and the little b.... had weezeld her way into her life she stopped hanging out with me and is always with her I want to tell my best friend but I don't know how

Story #875

Knows that he's married, not that I forgive the husband, but is such a where that she passed on two std's to the husband, which passed them on to the wife, which caused two miscarriages.

Story #874

I f...... hate I awensered my f...... phone and it was her client and she had like a coronary

Story #873

I need to let my anger out. Me and this girl were friends for so long.. I say friends but she was never a friend to whole life she has been a complete b.... towards me and secretly tried to put me down and it's came to a point where I have so much hate for her it's unreal!! Previously she kissed my ex boyfriend right in front of me at a party and she never even said sorry about it even though she knew I had feelings for him.. she's b...... about me behind my back, tried turning people against me, lost my things I let her borrow. She only cares about herself and nobody else, I wish she would move out the country and never come back she's is the most pathetic, unoriginal, backstabbing, girl I have ever met in my life raa I hate her

Story #872

Ok so it all started off with when Lynda (enemy) and I (Natasha) were playing twiggy in grade 3!!! I never liked her either way i was only playing with her because she wasn't even fast enough to tag me! And then my worst nightmare was she ended up being in my class of 2012 in grade 4!! AAAhhggh and then... Lynda copied everything that Rachael (bff) and I were doing, to be honest I just so hate her!!! anyway grade five came in 20-13 and it must have been a miracle that she ended up in another classroom!!! yaya i finally said to myself!!! however even though she was in a different class it didn't stop her from copying Rach and I!!! Ok well she still copied us like for example- Rachael and I would be making up a dance or joke and she would come and ruin it for all of us!! p.s even for the teacher! ok well it is now the year of 2014 and boy is this the most wonderful year of all!!! finally idk why but she is now a loner out of the whole grade and she thinks she can blend in but no one like her coz she's just a loner and no one hangs out with loners!!! so anyway instead she just manly walks into our group and sits while my back faces her!! and she's sitting outside the circle!! Well i ignore her anyway and she deserves it so this goes out to all the girls who have copycats on their backs and they won't stop!!

        > The world is a big, lonely place. It's hard to see that in an artificial setting (school) with a large number of other people the same age, but people can feel lonely or left out even in large groups. Most people are just trying to find somewhere to fit in. Some people don't know how to do that or aren't very good at it. I feel sorry for her because it sounds like she hasn't yet found a group where she really fits in. I worry about you because it sounds like you're defining yourself in terms of causing pain to others. Some people go through their whole lives like that, and it sucks. The question you might want to ask yourself is 'in the story of my life, am I the good guy?' Not 'am I successful?,' not 'am I winning the game?,' but 'am I helping the people around me, making their lives better?' I know it may sound like grownup nonsense to a 6th grader, but it's something worth thinking about. -John

Story #871

Okay, she is one of my friend, not actually my friend! We use to be so close at first cox she didn't had any friends and she always talks to me and hangs out wid me n now she literally stole all my friends! She would ignore me and hangs wid othr girls in our group. That really hurted me at first but now m doing the same thing back. I still hang out wid her doe, (m being two faced) n she totally knows tht I hate her. Okay so, I started going to a youth program for my volunteer and now she is coming there and ruining my time at the program! She's always like 'I don't wana go to volunteer, should I not go?' But always ended up going... If I make a new friend, she has to know it too, like she has to know everyone I kno! Ths is f...... insane. I totally hate her!!! We had same class before and if I do well in particular class she has to do well too, n if I do bad she does bad! wtf is ths?? n she Always shares her annoying family problems wid us, everyone has problems!!! 'They don't go around blabbing their problems and gets attention from othrs!' I just hope she move to other country or something! This may sound ridiculous but m a guy and most of my frds r girls and i get so many hatred from the boys in our school.

Story #870

You make me look so freakin' dumb, b..... I'm NOT dumb. I know what you do. You're all nice and sweet and attention seeking, always siding people away and making them feel 'special' 'cuz they're the one you've chosen to b.... to. You're manipulative, always twisting things around to it's you in the right, and everybody else was the nasty bad person. You're argumentative. Grow up and be a f...... adult! One little thing that 99% of people could move on from (or ignore completely), but for you, it's the f...... floodgates. Do you enjoy wrecking friendships? Making people feel bad with your petty little comments? Don't give me carp about 'I was ignored in high school and that's why I can be controlling', playing the g...... sympathy cards to condone your stupid ash behaviour. And honey, you ever wondered why you got ignored, huh? I know what happened. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think you got jealous. You had no one, 'cuz all your own friends were pretty and popular and you're not. You're pasty and fat (and you continually ask people if you're fat! Quit that.), and you felt alone. So you swooped in like some big ashed crow, and it's like you 'forgot' how much you used to dislike my friend, and suddenly you're f...... besties. Only problem- me. So instead of hanging out with us both (ever heard of that, f.....?), you ignored me and made my friend do the same. I'll never forgive either of you. Whilst we're all nice and all friends now, I'll never forgive you. I'll never forget how you made me feel, and I'll never forget what you did.

Story #869

I want to not hate her. I can't change the way i feel. I just hate her. She's the only person who i want to just tell them off. She, lets call her Lola. For a million reasons we were best friends. I told her everything she told me everything backed each other on everything hun out almost everyday anyway.. She was the only person i trusted after being friends for yeaaarsss and just going together through deaths of friends, family. We knew eachothers deepest secrets. I still do, and i will forever keep those secrets safe. It was Back in 8th grade. I had a boyfriend.. After a couple months he himself told me that he liked some one else. So were in freaking 8th grade i said okay well wow that hurts me but I'm not going to be someone who doesnt like me. Hahaha so i broke up with him. Yes i did cry. A couple weeks later i found out that he had kissed someone.. Lola. And that that kiss happened.. The day after i broke up with him. wtf. Why didnt she tell me?. Anyway as you can imagine lots of drama. Excuses she made etc. she claimed he kissed her but we all know that a man will only go to kiss a girl if he thinks that the girl is into him too or if she lead him to it or flirted with him. So years passed and i forgot about it forgave her whatever no need for more b........ So now i'm in 11th. I have been with my bf for a year now. This guy takes my breath away. He is the only one that gets me. I have never in my life been this happy. I know, in my heart he's the one. This boy goes out of his way everyday to make me smile. Txts everyday coming over introducing me to his whole family being hilarious helping me in everything listening understanding he's my rock. I love him. He means the world to me. A couple months ago i found out that at a football game me and bf went to a football game. There we met with lola and my sister. I was cool with lola back then. But we never ever went back to being the way we were, that tight, nor even good friends. We were just cool with each other. No more drama. My sister's the best. My bf and lola were talking he was telling her about him and i and how long etc stuff like that. He was saying how amazing it is and how amazing we are together. Then lola said to him 'Haha. No. She only wants you because of your money'. When i heard that she had said this i was in shock. What in the hill. Calling me a gold-digger? Everyone knows how much this boy means to me. Why would you say something like that to him. That is simply f..... up. He knows that was not true. So ever since ive been hating her. The feeling she gives me makes me want to f...... punch the walls. That moment brought back what she did on 7th grade and how that summer of 9th grade she had hooked up with a lot, i mean, a lot of guys. She even lost her V-card in 8th grade. So, i hate her. She is a major slat. I will not let this b.... do the same thing to me again. This guy means the world to me and just the thought that she said that and wanted to hurt our relationship p..... me off. I have no respect for her. I dont want to feel this way because i dont want drama i dont want to feel this way or hate. But i cannot control her. When i see her i find myself flipping her off and giving her the finger or giving her looks. Just trying to ruin her day or get her as far away as possible from my bf. and i know that is wrong. I dont want to be this way. I dont want to hate her. ughhh but i really f...... do. How do i stop? Am i wrong?? Is anyone even reading this? I needed to get this off my chest since ive kept all of this to myself. Only two people know i this, my Boyfriend and my sister. Help me stop.

Story #868

She f..... my boyfriend then went around and told everyone about it right in front of me. I hate her.

Story #867

Hi. I'm 17 years old and I've been in the same school since I was in 3rd grade. And I have mostly the same people, some left but not too many. I have a group of friends I hang with, 3 people. Were the bestest of friends, no one can break us apart. We constantly facetime and skype and talk about boys, girls at school, just about everythuing you can think of. There's these three girls that are popular and I really want to get the courage to be their friends so I'll be popular. I'm not very popular and used to be lonely so. One time one of the girls sat near my group of friends but I didn't really say anything to her. I kinda just stared at the ground. While my other friend was chatting away. Did I mention I'm shy? Well anyway she seems really nice buti don't want to say the wrong thing and have an awkward conversation. Sigghh. The second girl just gets me so mad I wanna rip all my hair off. Literally. One time iwas walking back to class coming back from the bathroom, (class was in session) and she had a half glare half stare look at me. Which p..... me off. I've never said a word to her and apparently people tell me she thinks I don't like her. Which is not true. I want her to like me, but that glare stare p..... me off. The third girl I know for a fact doesn't like me. She's overweight but somehow popular. She kinda glares at me. We go on the same bus so when I get on in the morning she stares. My face is all 'the f... you want??' . Anyway I don't wanna make this too long so i m gonna go to bed. I hope you enjoyed my little rant.

Story #866

For so long I've been heartbroken. It's been about four months now,and it still hurts. What she did to me was unforgivable. I met her in school and for about an entire year we were best freinds. Even then she flirted with me and made me think she felt the same way that I did. I told her I loved her and got the same reply,witch made me think that we were a thing,a couple. Hahahah but I'd always here about how much she loves this mystery guy and never felt about anyone the way she felt about him. It broke my heart so many times,and she always acted as if what I said to her about it being f..... up was blasphemy. One night (Long after she broke up with him.) We started talking again,confessing feelings,witch felt great. She told me she loved me and I was never happier. She fooled me,had me think that I was loved for so long until one day...she basically told me that she didn't want me anymore. She left me devastated,crying all night. I felt emotionally numb,but even when I told her she didn't even care,again with the blasphemy card. Now she has a boyfreind,and I barely found out today. I don't want to go unnoticed in her life anymore...

Story #865

Let's call the one I hate onion. Let's call me best friend potato. Let's call me bestest friend Eggplant. When I was in a younger class Onion was the one I played with a lot if. When a new girl came it changed. I played with the new girl and then we played all together with Onion. Onion stuck her leg out in front of the girl and the girl ripped her leg. Onion started crying to not get in trouble. (Eggplant told me so,) We continued playing but then Onion wanted individual play. The new girl was like ok. Onion started more and more taking the new girl away and I just left but when Onion got bored of the girl I came back and we became better friends. No hate yet. Onion took away a girl from a smaller class and I don't think the little girl even knows my name now or a bit ago. Little hate. But big hate from her side. When I got mad. I had a cool best friend Potato. She was interested in a lot of things that I was into as well. I went to play with Eggplant for .sometime but Onion took Potato while I did so. When I joined in on a game Onion made herself better than all of us and when disagreed that the character that we had just can't have any anything she started p...... about it. Potato said she had a bad day while I was just enjoying my happy nearly two weeks long . . I told Potato everything about Onion but until Potato felt something bad about Onion herself she didn't leave her. Potato left her and took one of her friends too. But I had to choose between Potato and Eggplant and chose Eggplant. (I didn't include details why.) But Eggplant talk to onion a lot and when I talk to her when she talked to onion she made a angry face although I chose her over Potato because she hated her like I hated Onion. I never thought I would remember so much. I really hate her with every germ on the planet.

Story #864

She was my best friend. Everyone has a soul mate, and when I first met her, I'm like we have a lot in commons. We do everything together. I've never trusted someone that deep that it hurts to see her doing other stuff with someone else. She is always in club activities. I never think that the club would bother so much. Well, it did. I let her be what she wanted and what she loved. She loves finding new friends and hanging out in all sort of activities. But... I didn't thought that she put me as a 'friend' even a stranger now. She's always there for me in the past. Not anymore. She is always caring for her club members, and even her best friend now. I was so depressed, figuring out what have I done wrong. Until I saw the conversation between one of my bestfriend and her. The time I read the conversation, tears fell from my eyes. It's been 4 months since I know everything. I can't focus on anything. Those words haunts me everyday. All those words, stabbing through my heart, fake, annoying, immature, etc. She was complaining everything about me, to my best friend. 'All the girls here are so immature, can't stand them anymore, you're the only girl that I would like to hangout with' I wasn't having a bad time when she told my friend this. Until these words came. 'including (me), I have a big issue with her attitude, oh well, they just need time to grow up' I was brokenhearted that time. I barely can breathe. And she started complaining. 'If you spend five days in a week, 8 hours a day, you'll know her, I have to face her everyday and I'm kinda fedup with her attitude.' I'm literally crying now. I always tell myself, no, she wouldn't do this. Maybe it's just some misunderstanding. But that's the proof. I can't deny it. She was lying all the time. It's been 4 months. I can't forget a thing she say. It's all in my head, my heart. It's no using for me to shout and scold her here. I just wanted to tell everybody, my grandma is right, don't trust your friend too much, you can't even trust your own family, how can you trust a really close stranger? That's my story about why I hated her, no... it should be, I hated me...

Story #863

Well there's this girl in my form called Grace and she's sooo anoyin what ever you say She copies she's just agh anoyin Grace and I have been friends since yr7 But not actuall friends,anyway that's not the point I hate her She also acts so uptide and hangs all the time with my boyfriend she always try to be the best in everything !! She ruend my life ! I don't have any friends because of her! She took them away from me because she was jealous and afraid that I will get more populer then her!!! I hate her she took everything from me!!

Story #862

I hate this b.... so much. She never did anything to me directly, but before my boyfriend met me he had six with her. (About a month before we started dating.. ) it never meant anything, he just drove her home from school one day and she where'd it up and they had six. She has had three abertions, and has had six with at least 20 guys. It's pathetic. My boyfriend didn't know this until after they had six, then he met me and fell in love with me. I just hate the fact that she was the last person to have six with my boyfriend before me. I hate the sight of her, the thought of her, I really hate her.

Story #861

I seriously hate her so much. She's a bipolar idiot and she says she hates a boy and the next thing u know she's literally kissing up on him. And the boy she kisses up to hates all the girls that like him either as a friend or actually likeing him. She even abandoned me at lunch just to f...... sit with him. I hate her she's not a friend.

Story #860

There's a girl who I used to be friends with, and now I despise her. We'll call her K. I have two friends who are competitive cheerleaders, which is basically gymnastics and dance mixed together, and K. was telling everyone how it wasn't a sport. She said that everyone can have their own opinion, but that it wasn't a sport. We found cheerleading in the dictionary and it said it was classified as a sport. Then she lost her s..., turned red and slammed her chair in. I was laughing the entire time! Then she told our two mutual friends (non-cheerleaders, was also extremely possessive of one of ten until she stood up and said enough) a lost of stuff she's better at than me, like how she has lululemon and I don't (I don't want any because she wears it. And it's for dancers/ people who do yoga, and I'd feel like a poser. Not my style), however prettier (nope, and her horrible personality would ruin any possible looks she possessed), how much more rich (nope), skinnier and better (lol no) she is. Nobody agreed. She also thinks that all the boys like her. I avoided her all summer but I was forced when she was with a group of people at the county fair. Me and my best friend left as soon as possible. As soon as the school year started she set her sight on my best friend, and started controlling her, which made my hatred grow. There are 5 girls in my class that are all 'best friends', like the same guy obsessively, and all talk s... behind whichever girl isn't there at the moment. K. is in it. Finally it all blew up, and I hope she is cast out for being such a horrible person.

Story #859

hi, in this story I have changed all the names of the people and of myself. this is about a girl (evie) who came to our school and basically stole one of my best friends. hope you enjoy. It was just before the Christmas holidays when evie arrived and I was with my best mates- holly, neve and poppy. at this point she didn't talk to us and went around with the other girl group in my tutor but before long they chucked her out coz she was too annoying. she then started to tag along with us and we all thought it was ssooo irritating and we just ignored her. she then became best friends with a girl in another tutor called sarah and she basically became best friends with her. it is now the first half term of yr 8 and evie has started to hang out with us loads and became really friendly with neve. she began to take her off for these private chats which was just about her family and stuff like that. most of it wasn't true anyway. we hardly got to see neve because it was every breaktime and this annoyed us. evie said she wanted to be friends with all of us but seriously, we could tell she just wanted to take neve away for herself and break our friendship up. when neve isn't there she goes of with someone else. holly and poppy feel the same way to although they sometimes talk to evie but not too much. whenever we try too talk to neve about this she says that we should stop being b..... and why can't we just get along with evie but she can't force us to be friends with her, can she? anyway, evie started to hang out with this other girl in my tutor called sophie who didn't really have any best friends but everyone liked her. she did this for about a week but then decided to come back to us again and this time neve started to have a go at us. ok it gets quite confusing here. at lunch time holly went to find her boyfriend and it was just me, poppy and neve. evie then found us and persuaded neve to spend lunch with just her and kind of chucked us out (I don't really want to hang out with evie anyway but I would have liked to stay with neve). me and poppy walked away and found holly and spent lunch with her instead. at tutor time, neve wouldn't speak to me and i had no idea why. she eventually said she was annoyed at me coz I apparently told poppy not to hang out with neve at lunch, even though I didn't. she kind of spoke to me for the rest of tutor time but then started to ignore me again in the next lesson. I don't know whether it's coz evie told her not to or what but she really didn't talk to me. whenever I got holly to ask her she just replied with 'she already knows why im ignoring her' even though I don't. she didn't talk to me for the rest of the day but spoke to holly and poppy but not me. I honestly don't know why and im so upset I actually feel like crying when im in school. how can I get evie to leave us four alone but still remain best friends with neve without her thinking im being b......

Story #858

Ever since I met her I had been in love with her. She flirted with me, talked to me, hung out with me, and we became good friends. I thought she liked me to, but I was wrong. I was friend zoned. Then just when I thought I had gotten over her she hooks up with my brother twice. F... my life. I have never had anything hurt me so bad. This one tops it all, and man did it hit me like a train. It took so much work for me to keep myself from crying, and I never f...... cry. I tried for two years to get with this girl, and my brother got with her in one night. F.... I f...... hate her and the s... she has put me through. I have been through and emotional roller coaster because of her. F... her. I hate that piece of s....

        > I've been in the friend zone and I agree that it stinks to be there. However... Why would you wanting to get with her obligate her to have to get with you? It's not like this for everyone and it's not always like this for any one person, but to stereotype in a very broad sense (disclaimers, disclaimers, disclaimers), guys are frequently looking for six and girls are frequently looking for emotional and social validation from guys. It was used more in my grandparents' time, but the old phrase was 'why buy a cow when the milk is free,' meaning that if a girl is willing to have six before marriage, that encourages the guy to not marry her. The girl is giving away the milk for free (having six with the guy) without the guy having to buy the cow (marry the girl, giving her a commitment and support). The girl is causing her value to decline by allowing this situation to happen. The friend zone is the gender-reversed version where the girl is getting the milk for free (emotional and social validation from the guy) without having to buy the cow (have six with the guy). In this version, the the guy is causing his value to decline by allowing this situation to happen. If the guy also just wants to be friends, then everything's ok because the guy and girl both have the same goal (just be friends), but since your goal is to be in a more serious relationship with her, you're undermining your own goal by sticking around in this situation. -John
        > P.S. *I* have an 8-cow wife.

Story #857

My cousin and i ..we were in the same class for 8 years . Evreybody lovess her amd she treats everybody good exept ME !! When we used to fight evreybody used to blame me cause evreytime we fight she cries -_- Even my bestfriendsss became her bestfriends over the years evreything i ever wanted... guess what??? she hass ittt !! So after a few years i got used to her treating me that way and hoped each day to move away !!! TO LONDON !!!but of course what happens??? her dad gets a job there and she moves there to the place i wanted to go to !!At first i was happy that i will be treated in a nice way again after she leaves butt nooo her ex-group treats me worse than she used to And now i see her pics on fb of her and her english friends. People telling her that they love her and that shes perfect & beautiful on fb and twitter And the sad part is that i know nobody would ever tell me they love or that they think im beautiful Soo i rly hate my life

Story #856

So there's this girl and we started out as best friends but then she turned into a total brat she bosses me around I don't have any other friends because she asways pushes them away and I'm that type of girl who doesn't know what to say and one that doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings and she's the type that starts drama, rumors and gossips if you do somthing that she doesn't like and nobody knows about this except my brother and sister and a guy named ean I just can't take it anymore it just makes me wanna cry please someone help me

Story #855

I HATE my best friend shes so uptide and hangs all the time with my boyfriend she always try to be the best in everything !! She ruend my life ! I don't have any friends because of her! She took them away from me because she was jealous and afraid that I will get more populer then her!!! I hate her she took everything from me!!

Story #854

I used to be very close to my mother even through almost all of high school. But things have taken a drastic change. I can't even stand to be around her anymore. She likes to pretend to be all close and friendly and the next minute she calling me names and being rude. Not to mention her ignorant views on race. She tried to raise me to think interracial coupling is wrong. Going to a diverse school has taught me the opposite. She is a hateful human being. She purposely ruins any plans I have and winds up making me feel horrible and guilty like its my fault. I feel like my mother is so unhappy with her life that she aims to make mine just as miserable. She belittles all of my problems and verbally abuses me calling me names and making me feel low and worthless. She judges me for ever choice or mistake I make instead of being there for me when I need her. And I hate her with every fiber of my being.

Story #853

Yeah so it's true I bloody HATE my cousins best friend called Jassy. My 2 cousins are called Taya and Tegan. Taya is 11 and Tegan is 8. When we see each other, me and Taya hang around together and my sister (Tiffany) and Tegan hang around together. Anyway, this is the true story of how I first started to HATE my cousins best friend- My Uncle had recently got married a few months ago and Taya and Tegan got to invite a friend to the wedding so they invited their best friends. Taya invited her best friend (Jassy.) When I tried to hang around with Taya and talk to her I couldn't because I felt that Jassy HAD to be there and never gave me space to talk to Taya and whenever i tried to speak to Taya, Jassy would always interrupt me because i guess she was clearly jealous. So I obviously had to leave them alone whilst i was in sadness and anger because I couldn't be with my cousin (Taya) as Jassy was always there and kept interrupting me cause I guess she was jealous. So I walked off obviously pretending nothing ever happened. And I met a friend at the wedding and she's called Hannah and that day we became friends, then close friends, and then finally best friends. So I hung around with Hannah as I couldn't with Taya because of her stupid best friend. When I walked past Taya I obviously smiled and tried to talk to her and when Jassy wasn't with her that made me really happy because that meant I could talk to her without being interrupted and being confident and happy. So that was basically the only way I could talk to Taya BUT when Jassy came back, she gave me the impression on her face as if to say 'go away who ever you are, your not going to ruin mine and my best friends friendship by stepping in and talking to her so just go away you freak.' Jassy didn't say that but the expression on her face looked as if that's what she was trying to say to me. I'm not jealous of their friendship but it just really got to me and made me angry with Jassy for me not being able to hang around with Taya, seeming as she's my cousin. I absolutely love my cousin Taya but absolutely hate her best friend Jassy. On Instagram, I am following Jassy for no reason just for the fact that I hate her and for it to be easier to find her and I have actually noticed that she doesn't post about Taya being her friend, let alone best friend. Jassy only posts about a different girl being her best friend which really confuses me and annoys me because if she didn't let me hang around with Taya then there weren't any point if I can see that they're not best friends.

Story #852

I freaking hate her so bloody much. She used to ny bestfriend then she just forgot about me when she found herself a new boyfriend and then became her husband. I hope her child who she carry looks like monkey. I try to forget about her, tried not to hate her but I can't. Maybe because I treated her like a very good friend until she dump me. I hate the sight of her. I hate her hate her hater her hate her!!!

Story #851

I hate her because she's a where. I liked her at first when she was the carefree hippie chick. Then she met some guys in a band and after crewing all of them decided she'd like to live the where life. She enjoys dugs, 'making music' (aka sleeping with different 'musicians' until they let her have a 5 second background piece in one of their songs), getting free tattoos by sleeping with the tattoo artists. She hated anything 'normal'. She was so obsessed with being different that she turned herself into the epitome of what stereotypes Los Angeles girls. She was the most unoriginal person I ever met. Partying, dugs and sax. Oh yeah, so original. Meanwhile us 'normal' people go on with our lives, meet people worthy of having good relationships with, get good jobs, and are happy. I'd rather be normal than be a where.

Story #850

Ok I hate her! Lets call her, Savannah. Well, I really love my other friends brother. We will call him, Matthew. He loves me too. Savannah knows I loves Matthew. I asked Savannah who she liked and she said she liked Matthew. I started crying because I love Matthew very much. However, I feel uncomfortable being in a relationship with people because I'm uncomfortable with kissing because I have only peck kissed people. My other bestfriend, lets call her, Theresa. Theresa thinks it's okay for Savannah to like Matthew even if I love him. I told her that if Savannah liked her boyfriend of nearly 10 months it would be the same, Theresa disagreed. Now Savannah and Theresa are hanging out. I am the one that made them even become friends. I love Matthew I just don't want to be in a relationship with him. This was my last chance he was going to give me because he has liked me for two years. However, I have only known that since October 2012. I started liking him November 2012. Isn't this wrong of my so called 'best friend'? This is messing up my head just thinking about them beig together.

Story #849

I hate her because she betrays me, then expects me to make up with her. I didn't even do anything, she just stole a bunch of the things I wanted for herself! And then she has the gall to say that she wants to be friends again! Thanks but no thanks, I'm done being someone's 'I only want you around when you benefit me' person. And people pushing us to talk it out? Go crew yourselves. It's not your issue so stay out of it! I was content to just not talk to her ever again but now I'm all riled up. All of your secrets and lies will be on the table. It's about time I stood up for myself, and here's where the line is drawn. I don't even care that I have to sit with you at prom.

Story #848

my grandma i hate her so much im glad this website asked me to do this so i can let my anger out she tells me to get skinny and she gives me mashed bananas for breakfast and havent lost 1 lb since that, in fact ive only gained weight also she keeps saying oh youre doctor should have known you had some type of problem which i even forgot the name i am so tired of this carp and this has been happening ever since she got here from brazil

Story #847

I HATE her. She got my fiance drunk and slept with him! I wish I could tell her boyfriend, but idk her personally and her fb has all her information private. She doesn't deserve to be with anyone- especially someone she cheated on. My fiance told me about the incident and I've been devastated ever since and it's been almost 2 years. I don't know how to get over this. I just want some justice! Ughhh! I HATE HER!

        > If he was at all aware of the alcohol, then she did not get him drunk- he chose to get drunk. More to the point, his sleeping with her was not the result of her getting him drunk. His sleeping with her was the result of him choosing to get drunk and place himself in a situation where that would happen. You're experiencing a thing called 'cognitive dissonance,' trying to hold 2 contradictory ideas at the same time. Your fiance is a bad person because he slept with another woman, but your fiance is a good person because he somehow didn't knowingly do so. You're trying to deny the simple fact that he cheated on you. If you do end up marrying him, chances are there will be a lifetime of other women in his life or you will have to spend your entire life wondering whether there might be other women. This is what a guy hears- If I was in his position, you blaming the other woman for me sleeping with her would tell me that I have free reign to sleep with as many women as I want, just so long as I have a good excuse. -John

Story #846

I hate her. They say 'hate' is a strong word but in this case, I am not afraid to use it. Let's call her D and her boyfriend V. V and I became the best of friends after we both joined the same school last year. D and I lived together in boarding while V went back home. I introduced them and the three of us became really good friends. I could feel the chemistry between them and I let it grow because, hey, that's what a good friend does, right? And then they got together Ė which was GREAT! Then the trouble started. I became third wheel everywhere, every time. And then, it came to a point where she completely ruined my friendship with him and now we don't talk... or hardly do. I hate her because just by getting the tag of a 'girlfriend', she got to exercise 'rights' over him. I hate her because she is too possessive. I hate her because she's too stupid to realise that V and I were close only because all the times that she picked fights with him for stupid things, I was listening to him. I hate her because I lost my best friend here and it's all her fault.

Story #845

I hate her with a passion! I gave everything to her. I put my life on hold for her. Yes, she was married at the time, but it was love - true love. I still love her, but I hate her much much more. She put me through hill the past 2 and a half years. She said yes to my proposal, then took it back. She told me she was leaving her husband, then changed her mind. And then changed her mind again. And then again. As the divorce was in the last stages, and she was to be a free woman for the first time, she asks me for some space. No mention of dating anyone else. No mention of anything but just time to herself. I go over to see how she is doing, and I find out she has a THIRD guy (other than me and her soon to be ex-husband). And has been with him for FIVE months. HER NEIGHBOR told me this, she may as well have spat in my face. In my attempt to find it out its validity, I get sent to jail. For 2 and a half months. Her doing. She is NOT human. She is not a person, she is without character. Without feeling, guilt, or remorse. She belongs with the other monsters of the dark. I HATE HER! I gave her love, she gave me misery, and a felony charge. I hate her, the mere mention of her name, her height, her hair-color, her style, her laugh, her smile. I hate her more than I hate myself for allowing this to happen.

Story #844

I hate her/them. Please help. There are these two girls at my school. They act like they are my best friends for one day, and the next day, they are excluding me, and they ditch me or they don't want to talk to me. They always seem to be having a 'private' talk with each other, and when they say 'I'll tell you later' to one another it always means they are talking about me. We are in this friend group of six, and they always say 'lets be honest, we are better friends with her', and stuff like that. The other 3 of them are super nice, and very supportive, but they always want to hang out with these two girls. I try to tell them, but it is not that easy. They always try to make me notice them talking about me, and I have learned that the best thing to do is to pretend I don't see them, and meanwhile tell someone what they are doing. They call me names sometimes, and it makes me pretty sad. They are really secretive about everything, and they are going through a total teenager phase. They lie all the time, and they laugh at me. One of them has been bullied before, and she knows what it feels like, but she does it to everyone anyway, and those two will get really mad if you make even the slightest remark, yet they do the same thing to me. Please help. Thanks

        > The way a pack of alpha b...... work is they have to have an omega (in their group, the lowest person on the social totem pole) to teat badly in order to feel better about themselves. In this case that person is you. If you leave the group, someone else will be the omega. The good news is this only happens if you allow it to. The decision making power lies with you. They're responsible for being mean to you, but you're responsible for putting yourself in a situation (associating with them) where they are able to do so. I know it's the annoying parent/adult thing ('if they're mean to you, don't hang out with them') to say, but that's what it comes down to. It's up to you to choose whether or not to continue exposing yourself to their meanness. -John

Story #843

In the beginning, I hated her because of her successes. I hated her because of her beautiful angelic voice, and her impressive resume, and her popularity making just about everyone. I hated her delicate, pointed little face and barbie blonde hair, I hated her perfect tall, lean body and how she could wear anything and make it look great. I hated how much she was loved by everyone. But I got over that. I got over the jealousy and began to try my hardest to love her as a person. And do you know what? I can't. I try so hard, yet I can't. I hate her because of the way she looks at me, as if I'm a booger smeared across a child's face. I hate her because she won't even smile back at me, even when I smile first. I hate her because I've tried so hard to not hate her, but she's got me trapped in a corner. I want so badly to like her. I wish I could. But she won't even acknowledge me, it's as if I'm a ghost to her, invisible. Many of my other friends don't like her. They call her a b...., say she thinks she's better than everyone else. And even though I defend her, I just can't help but agree. I wish I could like her, I wish we could be friends. But I can't. I hate her, I hate her so much...

        > She doesn't have you trapped in a corner. You have yourself trapped by choosing to stand in that corner. -John

Story #842

I hate her because despite how nice everyone says she is, she keeps making that extraordinary boy feel like dirt, and watching that makes me sick.

Story #841

I hate her so much, she already caused problems between me and my boyfriend and then she was out of the picture. It was wonderful. Now she springs back up by running into him and telling him that she has been having problems and needs somebody to listen. So of course he does. He is an amazing man and a wonderful friend to everybody. He always wants to help if he can. But i hate her. she has no reason to pop back up into our lives, which he has made it clear to her that we are solid but still, she should have enough respect to just say hi and nice to see you and turn and walk away. she has no reason to invite us to her halloween party or try and be friendly towards me. I hate her and that will never change. I wish her the worst. She is a where and a liar and can't keep her legs closed. I just elfing hate her!!

Story #840

I hate her. Rather, I hate them. The worst part is she has never actually done anything to me. However, she is my boyfriend's ex, and second love. I have always been jealous of her, as she is more petite and I have always had body image issues. I have to say though, that I am about 1million times more attractive, and have a bangin bod anyway. She also seems to like everything I like, and do everything I want to do right before I f...... do it. I have always felt like she is a smaller, cuter version of me, and couldn't understand why my boyfriend didn't stay with her. The second stupid piece of where snot is a girl he used to mess around with and really had feelings for. They used to talk on the phone for hours all the time, and were very close. When he and I were talking more, and I really liked him, he invited me to a show he was playing at. When there, I didn't see him much, but I thought it was just because he was busy with setting up. During the whole show I was so nervous because I really wanted him to like me, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. That same night he asked me out at like 3 am in the morning. Here's the kicker... about a year later I accidentally find a blog he wrote on the day of the show, that pours out his feelings for this where. She was also there, but I didn't know at the time. He talked about how he couldn't stay away from her that night, and was upset because after three months of not talking with her, she wasn't as into him. She started making out with another guy, and my boyfriend 'still f...... loved her', in his words. At the bottom of this long confession, he wrote that I was there, and that he liked me a lot, but he ignored me the whole night because what's her face was too distracting. So he basically called me on a whim, as a rebound because this stupid ugly cant wouldn't go out with him. By the way, she literally is so f...... hideous I can not understand why he would ever go near her. Ok, why is this coming up after almost four years of dating? Well, I started working a new job (40+ hours a week) and going to school full time. My boyfriend works about 12 hours a week at most, and goes to school one day a week. I have been feeling like he's been a little bit less interested in pursuing sax, although we don't have nearly as much time to do it lately. I know he j.... off, and I got over prawn a long time ago. I even enjoy it myself sometimes. B.... #1 recently cut her long curly hair short like a boy cut. I was literally going to do that two days after she posted a picture on face book. I told my boyfriend that I felt a little jealous that she beat me to it, and left it at that. He just laughed. So, I recently have heartfelt tearful discussion with my boyfriend, confessing my submissive nature. I told him how far I wanted to go with it, that I want to be his and have him control my life, like most dims/sups do. We have always been open about it, but I wasn't ready to admit it to myself or him fully until now. The next morning, I wake up and open his laptop. There is a picture of a mexican chick with huge tats and a downs face staring back at me. What is this I say? As I say it, I'm realizing how much it looks like B.... #2. He takes his computer and exits saying 'nothing'. I take it back, and go into his recycle bin where I saw him put it. Huge folder of nackered chicks, and the first picture is B.... #1 with short hair. So this is his ex from like 5 years ago, and he is hiding a fully clothed picture of her face to j... off to. The first picture I saw of B.... #2 is utterly disgusting, and is not the real girl, but rather what she would look like with DD bibs in a push up bar. The other pictures he admitted to me were girls he found on the internet that looked like them. Seriously? Can I say what the f... really? There wasn't even prawn in there, just girls he loves. I don't know how I can trust him when I asked him before if he had a folder with nudds, and he said no, never. He still denies ever having one these last 3.5 years. I feel like I can't trust him to be my Master any more, and I feel like there's no way to know if he's really attracted to me. The only reason he told me was because I found it. Oh yeah, my boyfriend and I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in theatres, and he didn't tell me B.... #1 was going. Everyone else, he had mentioned, and then I see her there at the front of the line waving at him all cutely. She can suck my fictitious c.... Because this was before I found out he fantasizes about f...... her, I kept my cool when he wanted to sit next to her. I kept convincing myself all night that he wasn't even looking at her. God f....

Story #839

She's my satin sister in law. Paranoid b.... always says terrible things to me and never to anyone else. She makes up carp about me and turns who ever she can against me. Then she's freaked because everyone else still likes me. How can they tolerate a person like this? How do they over look what a terrible person she is? Shes a freak of epic proportions and if she f's up this time off then I will call her out for what she is.

        > Gooble gobble. Or, if you like, the complete movie (public domain).  Or, if you really like, the wiki page.  -John

Story #838

I love a girl A too much , that I put up with everything she does . I have hurt her a lot , by not letting her go . But is it necessary that as repentance I have to suffer this much ? She tells everyone that she hates me , yet , she shows me that she cares . She has humiliated me in front of others a million times and tells that I do not give her freedom . So I decide to give her freedom , and do not even look at her , and put on a happy face , but when I do this , she cries , and when she cries , of I try to do something to make her feel better , she gets so terribly angry with me . She has a hot temper , but she is so soft inside . And I love her too much to let go , I love her to an extend , that I do not mind getting humiliated if she is happy . If I ignore her , she gets sad , so I look at her during class and all , then she tells to all her friends that I am disturbing her . And if I do not she cries . So I let myself getting humiliated .. Why can't she stick to loving me , why does she change everything every two days ?? And she is extremely popular , with many others guys too . I do not stand a chance with her , I do not want to let her go , I will never get someone like this to spend my life with , but the whole thing is so much torturous .. I can't even concentrate on my studies and my final exams are coming up soon .. And she too is affected by all this , not just me .. I read in bible that , love is supposed to forgive and forget , not to be proud and stuff like that , am I supposed to follow that ?? And bare with this , or should I let her go ?? I do not want to let her go , but I am willing to let her go , if she thinks of me as a nuisance , I do not want her to be sad , but when I do this , she becomes sad . I am confused , does she love me ? Is she does then why does she say bad things about me to her friends , which are my friends too ?? I am suffered enough , but she has too .. It will be better to end this na ?? She might get sad a bit , for some unknown reason , but she is a very strong person , she will deal with it . But me ? I can't love anyone else but her , this is something that has been going on for 4 years . Well I will live my life without anyone's love , it can't be that hard is it ?? Do not get the wrong idea about her , she is a very good person , it is just me hurting her .. I wish I did not even start this whole ordeal .. It would have saved us both a lot of tears .. And she has had to suffer becz of unwillingness to let her go .. I should let her go would I not ?? Someone pls tell her something

        > Simply put, you're her whipping boy. She likes having a whipping boy, so she's not going to change. You're not in love with her. You're in love with how you wish she would be. There will always be people who want to treat you this way. The decision you need to make is whether you are willing to have enough sense of self-worth and self-respect to avoid people like this. My general view of life is that everyone is responsible for their own actions and choices. In this case she is responsible for treating you like a whipping boy, but you are responsible for staying around her and letting her do so. Ultimately, because you can only change your own choices and actions (not hers), so it is up to you to stop putting yourself in this situation. -John

Story #837

I hate her. I hate her for being everything I ever wanted to be since I can remember. I hate her blonde damaged split ended hair, I hate her big blue gaga eyes I hate her sunflower tattoo on her scrawny little back. I hate her boy friend stealing backstabbing habits! I hate when she chews on her straw trying to be cute. I hate her effortless carefree, I don't care look. I hate her! i hate her! i hate her stupid yellow halter top she always wears! i hate her! i hate her with all my heart.

Story #836

I hate her but I love her. She has horrible friends, l her girl friends are slats and b...... who think there s... dosen't stink and her boy friends who are all complete a...... pretentious dutch bags. And they are all extremely stupid and dumb. And she changes when she is with them. And she dosent make her own opportunities and she complains. But when she is alone and with me she is awesome! So frustrating!!

Story #835

Ok so everybody else puts stuff on this website an how I actually found it is a funny story. I was n computer class n typed in google 'I hate her so much!' to my friend talking about my b.... of a teacher! Then she was playing around and hit enter and I found this website and I think itís awesome!! So to hate a teacher is stupid. But spend a day with this women... Every 2 seconds sheís like 'quite down. You should not be talking. I should hear nothing. Our voice levels are at 0' does she know no one give a f... Like seriously she needs to shut up! thank you for letting me share my feelings.

Story #834

I hate this girl, lets call her G. I hate her because she wont let go of the boy I love. I've known this boy for years and I've always liked him, but I never got a chance to get to know him more then just as a friend of a friend. At the beginning of this year, our senior year, we had some classes together and I found out that he really likes me too. He flirted with me relentlessly, and of course I caved and flirted back. We even went out to dinner and saw a midnight showing of a film, with other friends of course-because he was dating G during all of this. He told me he was going to break up with her. A few days later he told me that when he tried to break up with her all of a sudden shes pregnant apparently and he needs to help her sort it out. I waited. A month later she accidentally admits that she faked the pregnancy to make him stay, so he manages to convince her to take a week apart instead of breaking up. He spent that entire week with me, and it was heaven. I've never fallen for someone so hard, he is everything ive wanted in a man and more. At the end of the week she begged him not to leave. I hate this little cant so much. Shes really stuck up, immature, rich, and her whole goshdarn world comes crashing down the second she doesnt get something she wants. Our senior year of highschool is almost over, I mean its freaking April now, and she still wont let him go. He told me she makes him miserable, and I can see it on his face after hes been around her! It's krilling me to see him like this! And at the end of this summer were going to separate colleges at opposite ends of the state. At the very least we'll be a 9 hour drive away from each other. He's tried breaking up with her 3 more times since, even in front of other people, and she will not drop it! She's constantly by his side, and I can't even see him after school anymore because she'll wait for him in his car. I hate her so much. She's really pretty too, its not like she couldn't get anyone better because she could-but she wont. But even at this point if we were able to actually be together, we only have so much time before we'd have to break up because of our college choices. I've lost hope. Meeting my long time crush and finding out he liked me too was a dream come true, and she turned it into a 9 month long nightmare. Congratulations G, you have successfully ruined my senior year and crushed my spirit. I f...... hate you.

        > You're not in (or trying to be in) a relationship with her, so she's not the problem. There will always be the 'other girl' out there. No matter how many you ever drove away, there would always be more 'other girls' to tempt the guy. A problem closer to is the set of choices he made. The moment you know a guy is flirting with you while at the same time dating someone else, that is a demonstration that they are capable of cheating on you. No matter what any guy ever tells you, if a guy is capable of cheating on another girl, he's capable of cheating on you. Next part (she says she's pregnant)- it was good of him to stand by her and not run from his responsibilities. Even if his reasons were questionable, it was the right thing to do. The critical point- the point at which you should have decided to never have anything to do with him again- was when, knowing G had faked the pregnancy, he chose to stay with her. It's not giving up in the sense of the goal (being with him) being something you can no longer reach. It's giving up in the sense of realizing that he's not worth it and that you deserve better than him. -John

Story #833

Well, yeserday she sent me some ' challenge' to my blog. I have two blogs, and i asked that can i answer to my other blog. So i did! 5 minutes passed. I send her a message, and she answered 'you can't answer in the other blog! I have linked your second blog to my blog! GOSH understand?!?! I answered 'well i'm not doing that again so that should be enough! It took 15 minutes! Then she said 'Do not bark me some f...... genius. If i'm a genius then you're fat. And you've got some serious problems such you don't know what school blog means. I answered and o, before that i said you can write everything that you want you genius. Then after raging i said 'ououch, ,your trying use same way to me as same way to my friend. surprising.. She answered ' you don't even know how mutch she has teased me and now your listening her!? Uncredible! And i said'No wonder that she doesn't want to speek with u!!' she answered hahaahhahahegwgeheehheh!!?? you caps rapper! You are just a fat, noisy fatty! I said'remember, that i and my two friens can make you banned from our homes 4ever! Then she was quiet.

Story #832

I have loved this girl Anna for years. She started to seem to like me back, but all of a sudden she starts being generally cold and distant. I still love her more than anything, but I hate her as well, because of this dramatic change. And now she's being way to liberal about talking about her other guy friends. I told her nicely that I didn't want to talk about it. But she acts like I don't have feelings. I mean, the least she could do is just leave me alone. So then I started drinking. A lot. It kills the pain of every day but I fear it will bring greater trouble later on. But I can't bear the pain each day brings.

Story #831

I hate my cousin. Shes only 23 shes younger than me by 3 years but what she has is way more than me. I hate how everything i always want seem to end up with her. my aunty moved overseas for work so she lived with me since i was 16 year old. She got the job that i was dying to get and i hate how she will get the perfect life i always want. Her boyfriend is rich and they are getting married soon im going to feel like f...... s... watching her live such a perfect life. She just moved out to her boyfriends house yesterday and i threw out everything that was still in her room cause i was just so f...... mad. She is also a b.... to her bf in my opinion. i went with them to dinner once - she was a b.... to him and then suddenly got super sweet. she got mad at him for the tiniest crap like looking through her bag and then next minute shes all sweet again. At home she backchats about him and criticises him i sometimes just want to record what shes saying and tell him so i can at least take away something in my life. I cant believe he puts up with a f...... s... like her. I am still single i dont know if ill ever be able to get away from that and i will never be as rich as her. My parents make it harder by always comparing me to her and i feel like they are rubbing it in my face. I think they know i dont like my cousin but I have to pretend to be nice to her and happy for her because i dont want to start s.... Everytime ive tried talking to my close friends about how i feel they dont understand and i stop because theyre not interested and they just think im a jealous c... and i am. She is just so perfect and i know i will never have such a good life - it makes me feel hopeless and life is unfair. I got better grades than her at school and i cant believe how much f...... better at everything than me she is now. People can be lucky but not this lucky its just f...... unfair. i want to see her life sack and everything crahs down for her and ill be f...... happy if that happens cause that b.... needs to get some s....

        > I'll get the obvious, cliched parts out of the way first Life isn't fair. There's always going to be someone who is more successful and less deserving of that success than you. There will always be people who do things you don't like. It doesn't change any of those things, but it may make you feel better if you can get to the point of accepting that those things are inevitable parts of life. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make things fair, to become more successful yourself, or to let people get away with doing things you don't like, but you would benefit not spending your time worrying about things (in this case, the fundamental nature of people) that you can't change. You shouldn't be putting so much of yourself into being angry at her. You should be putting all of that thought and effort into making your own life better, more successful, etc.. -John

Story #830

I hate her because she's bipolar and won't admit it, won't seek help. I hate her because she charmed me into falling madly in love with her. I loved her (and still love her) more deeply than I've loved any woman in my entire life. I hate her because showed me pleasures I'd never dreamt possible. Things I still can't get out of my head, no matter how hard I try, not matter how much I try to move on. I hate her because for 5 years she batted away every compliment I ever paid her, compliments I meant with all my heart. No matter how strikingly beautiful I told her she was to me, she only saw the fat, the wrinkles. (And if she saw those things in herself, then I must be lying to her. I must be full of s.... But I wasn't.) I hate her because I spent literally hundreds of hours over the last year and a half, spending most of my evenings and weekends building and maintaining for her a website that netted her over $5,000. I didn't get one penny of that. Nor did I expect to be paid. (Because she's bipolar and not on meds, she spends money on clothes instead of paying her mortgage. And all I wanted to do with that website was help bring her more income.) What I can't live with is that, after all that time-- time I'll never get back-- I didn't get a word of thanks. I hate her because she frequently stalked me, hoping to catch me in an affair, and unfortunately found me at a local hotel with my thespian sister and her partner, having coffee one Sunday morning. I'm sure it looked bad to her. And I can't blame her for being upset. But when I told her why I was there-- that my sis and partner were in town hoping I could give them some money (which I did-- $300) for an operation my sister needs, or she'll die (and she's not covered under her partner's insurance)-- she accused me of being with a 'bimbo,' which I wasn't. Once she decides that someone is lying to her, or is out to get her, a trainload of irrefutable evidence to the contrary could not convince her that she's wrong. I hate her because she judges others and sees only the worst in them. I hate that she can be so sweet and charming, charismatic as hill, but then turn on a dime and yell obscenities at those who love her-- not just me (when I was with her), but her family members, too. I hate that in her fits of blind rage she verbally abuses anyone around and has slapped every member of her family (and me) at one time or another. I hate her her because no one will ever be worthy of her trust or respect. No one will ever measure up to her impossibly high standards. I hate her because she's now spreading nasty rumors about me to my friends about what a and%$# I am, what a liar I am, etc. Which I'm not. I'm a nice guy. Probably too nice. I hate her because she'll never allow herself to accept real love from others, and she'll never allow herself to find happiness. And finally, I hate her because-- despite all the love, the time, the money, the gifts, the kindnesses, the praise, and all the energy I invested in her-- she hates me.

        > I have some experience dealing with bipolar people. It's sometimes harder on a bipolar person's loved ones because if you're on the outside you see the crazy, but if you're on the inside (you are the bipolar one) you don't see it. I do my best to hold the bipolar person I deal with to the same standards of behavior I would expect from any non-bipolar person. That is the best you can do for your bipolar person- don't let them get away with anything. Part of the problem for you is the challenge of dealing with a bipolar person. Another part of the problem is that you seem to be describing yourself as somewhat of an enabler / sugar daddy. You should have had a written agreement for the web site and you should have held her to that agreement. The situation with your sister's operation doesn't sound right either- If there's an immediate, life-threatening condition that needs treatment, a hospital has to treat you, even if you don't have the money. $300 might make sense for a copay, but you said your sister doesn't have health insurance, so that doesn't make sense- a life saving operation for which total cost (not just a copay) is $300. If I was in that situation and I wanted to provide $300 worth of help, I would have offered to pay $300 to the hospital, but I would not have given her the $300 in cash.

Story #829

well this is about a girl who gets everything from jobs to head girl i have been dreaming about head girl since the age of 7 and quite recently she got it she gets everything and i can't take i and then my bff takes her away when the girl who gets everything aka hd girl WAS my bff she never is nice anymore i used 2 tell her everything but now i can't tell her where i got my kl hair band from i hate her and why is she doing this is she trying to hurt me???

        > There are 4 possibilities, least likely to most likely- First, she could be trying to make your life miserable. This isn't impossible, but if I had to lay odds on it without knowing the people involved, I'd say this is the least likely possibility. Second, this could just be how the dice are rolling for her in life. It's not that she's out to hurt you or even that she's *doing* anything at all. Who wins the contest? Who gets the platinum ultra-rare foil trading card? Who (do you youngun's still read this?) finds the golden ticket in the candy bar? It may just be that, as things happen in life and the coin is flipped each time, she's winning the toss more than you. I'd guess this is the 2nd most likely possibility. Third most likely possibility is a bit of a cop-out on my part- it could be something that neither of us is aware of. This is the 'anything else' category. The fourth (most likely) possibility is that she is doing things to make herself more popular in the social arena, but is not doing things to make you less popular. Some people are more skilled in the social arena and gain more popularity not because they are putting you down, but because they are better at the game in building themselves up. A good question for you is whether or not you want to have friends that can be gained and lost in this manner? Do you want to have friends who like you because it's good strategy in the popularity game to like you, or do you want friends who you actually like and who actually like you? -John

Story #828

I hate that little batch where slat. Like what the foul your f...... 13 don't go around all the guys you can holy f...! Ok, wow! No just no. And then you go around hugging everyone pressing your 4 push-up brays against the boys.. k wow?! your so f...... fake just stop starting s... then playing dumb. 'what the foul did you steal that picture from my tumblr?!' That's the holy mother f...... good point of the So um can you like, f... off?

Story #827

I hate her because I don't think she deserves anything she has. Let's call her B. She used to be such a good friend but ever since she has moved into my school she thinks it's cool to throw away a friend just so she can be popular. I hate how she decided to never talk to me again after I told her I was not in the popular group at school. I hate how she has so many friends not just at my school but also from other schools. I hate how so many people admire how she looks - my friend once told me that she thinks B is the most attractive girl out. It really hurt me. I hate how she treats my friend - B stopped talking to my friend after my friend broke up with the most popular guy at my school. I hate how I haven't worried about popularity and s... at all before she came to my school and now I realise how much that stuff actually matters. I hate how I can't talk to anyone about her because what can they do? I hate how I can't tell everyone s... about her. If she ever dies I have no idea how happy I will be. Yes, I'm jealous. Yes, I freak out every time she talks to one of my friends or makes a new friend. Yes, I freak out every time I see she's been invited to a party. Someone who hurts other people to get what they want doesn't deserve to get what they want. I wish one day all of her friends will turn against her. For now I'm just waiting for uni so I can storm the world with my own business or some s... and watch her life rot away.

        > See my comment under story #829. You're describing B as a person who wants to win the popularity game but is willing to do so by hurting others. The question for you, like the person in story #829, is whether you want to play the popularity game yourself? If you do want to play that game, then the answer might just be that, tough, she's better at the game than you are. There will always be someone out there who has more friends, more money, is more attractive, etc.. You need to decide if the popularity game matters to you and what kind of friends you want? If you want to play the popularity game then ok, but do you want to play light side (do things to build yourself up without knocking other people down) or do you want to play dark side (build yourself up while also knocking other people down)? It sucks to see people play the dark side and gain the benefits of being popular when you don't have those same benefits. It also sucks when you're younger (high school or earlier) because the popularity game seems more important than it is.
        The marines (USMC) (I've worked with them but never been one myself) have a saying- 'I would go to war with him.' This is the single highest compliment one marine can pay another. It means someone you trust, absolutely, even in a life-threatening situation. I've got plenty of friends/acquaintances, but I've got exactly 3 friends that, were we marines, I would go to war with them. Those are the kind of friends that, after everyone grows out of the popularity game, are worth having. It will either take many years of history with a particular friend (or, well, being in combat with them) to know if they're the kind of friend that fits this category, but they're the ones that matter and the ones you want to stick with. They're the ones you'll never have to worry about losing to the popularity game.
        You said 'if she ever dies I have no idea how happy I will be.' It's a matter of character (yeah, yeah, grown-up old-person expressions), but if you have character and end up being a good person, you won't be happy if this ever happens. In my life (I'm over 40) I've known 3 people who have offed themselves. All 3 did some bad things in their lives and I'm glad that those bad things can't ever happen again, but I've never been happy that they've gone. The light-side response is to be glad their bad actions are gone, but to wish they could have lived on and made better choices. I wouldn't say you should feel this way or that way- that's up to you. What I would say is that, when someone dies that you don't like, even someone you hate, how you feel about it will be one of those big life moments that will tell you what kind of a person you are. -John
        > I feel sorry for your 'enemy' because I know what it's like to be lonely and have no friends. The worts part is that you're dealing with this situation in a wrong way. Instead of help her to fit in your group or even in your class, you're acting and being absolutely mean and a bad person. Think about it.

Story #826

I hate her because all the following negativity I have about her seemed so easy to recall and write. I hate her because she was my first and worst love and high school sweetheart. I hate her because I still go to that place under the tree where we first met. I hate her because she had the cheek to openly cheat on me with somebody who I wrongly thought was a good friend. I hate her because as a result she made me lose many good friends and nearly ruined me. I hate her because I was stupid enough to 'take her back,' meeting and dating in secret. I hate her because she then tried to break my heart twice Ė I guess you canít break whatís already broken... durrr! I hate her because she grew up and changed into somebody who was no longer her. I hate her because she is materially spoilt by her parents and always rewarded for doing sweet-fa. I hate her because she is easily influenced by others and bends to peer-pressure (heavy drinking, smoking, drags, tattoos, piercings, etc...). I hate her because she seems to always 'need a boyfriend' to function normally and feel socially accepted and jumps from one poor sucker-punch for a cute smile to the next. I hate her because she could have done so much more with her life in terms of achievement, education, work etc... I hate her because she only comes around when sheís broke and then leaves when sheís rich. I hate her because lots of my favourite 'old-school' music reminds me of her. I hate her because she was such hard work to keep happy and wasted years of my time when I was young and in my prime which I could have spent with another, much better girl. I hate her because I have only just recently managed to go complete no contact with her. I hate her because now (years on after our relationships have finished) Iím still really bitter and finding it hard to move on and forget about her. I hate her because time and distance seem to be the only cures for my hate.

Story #825

Okay so I have this friend, and our parents are always comparing us to one another. I hate it because sometimes I feel we aren't friends we are in a race. I'm starting to hate this friend because I'm not gonna lie, I am truly a good friend to her, but I never get treated like that back! Unlike her other friends who treat her like crop. Let me give you an example about what kind of friends she has. It was her birthday two days ago. I unfortunately could not make it to the surprise birthday dinner one of her friends made for her. I had a family reunion. I did however gave her sister my present to give to her the day of the birthday dinner. Later that evening my friend had called me and told me what happened. She said none of her friends gave her a gift. And they did not pay for her meal. She payed for herself. What was the point of taking her out on her birthday without paying or handing her a present? That right there shows how tacky they are. They ended up ditching her to hangout amongst themselves after the dinner. I love my friend but I'm starting to hate how she treats me like s... and I'm really a good friend to have! And about the comparison thing our parents do, we are both gonna be freshman's in college. I'm not that smart in school I'm like a C average. She doesn't study sometimes and gets A's easily. When all night I studied my a.. off and achieved only a C-. She wants me and her to take a class together, I'd love to but I'd rather not do it because I really don't want any competition. I wanna go to class and learn not have to be stressed out and worried about who's better in the class. Her mom always comes over lecturing me about how amazing her daughter is and it kinda p..... me off. Sometimes I wanna tell her I don't care! I don't mean to take my anger out on my friend but I wish she'd wake up and stop bragging to me all the time. Her and her mother need to stop that. I wish she'd wake up and see what a good friend I am to have instead of talking about me behind my back to the fake friends who use her. I really wish she'd wake up and really stop comparing me to her. Oh and one last thing, she's not that great looking. Everytime we go out guys usually look at me instead of her, I don't think I'm good lookin either but I take Time sometimes to do my makeup or hair or dress nice. She just walks out in a bun and basketball shorts. If she sees a guy hitting on me she will embarrass me in front of them so that they immediately don't wanna speak to me anymore. It's hard because I've only had 1 bf before and that was a year ago. I wanna try and have another one and I can't if she keeps doing this. Sometimes I just don't wanna be friends with her anymore, but I can't dump her cos our moms are friends. It's difficult.

Story #824

I hate my mother. She is always right. Or, she is always approximately right, but does not understand, some people might want a little atypical things. I hate her for living in my head, even after I do not live with her any more, and for being my strongest internal critic. I hate her, because she genuinely does not understand why and how she hurt me. I hate her for ruining the joy of fashion for me. I hate her, because the world is on her side, no mattter I hate to wear things she likes. (Actually, I hate other people who 'understand! fashion). I hate her, because I learned from her, that the rage like this is just pathetic and disdainful and makes no sense...

Story #823

Let's call her Jamie. Jamie been my friend for a while then she starts being friends with someone else and me and her were always saying how we hate her then she told her every thing so then the girl didn't want to be my friend oh well right NO I was like to Jamie we shouldn't be friends with her Jamie0 No she's my friend what the foul!!! So I drop it we stay friends and such now she is treating me like crop she ignores me hates me makes me look like the bad person for showing my opinion so now I am not her friend forever!!!

Story #822

I need a name, not just her... lets call her Annie, for the sake of it. I hate Annie more than any person in the world! I have my group of friends, we are all 18-25 years old, and I have known them for years! I am the only girls there, they are all guys, but they are like brothers to me. And then comes this little f..... up slat and thinks she is such a b....., and thinks she is sooo cool, but she is just a pathetic attention where! You know, there are people who are f..... up, who drink a lot, and yes, a few of them are pretty young, but its, to some degree, who they are. But she just drinks and does cake and smokes whee and takes dude photos of herself and throws herself at every single guy that crosses her way, and starts whining around when a guy does not want her any more after f...... her! Of course no one wants to stay with her, she is just a dirty, slatty, lame, pathetic attention where who needs all the attention! She just keeps bringing these random other slats to our meetings, and they are all just like her! Its not like I dont want to meet new people, or that I dont want to share 'my guys' with anyone else, on the contrary, I love meeting new people, but I just hate how she needs all the attention of everyone all the time! She keeps inviting my friends to all kind of stuff and she never tells me to come along! I am loosing my best friends to this little cant! I hate her so much!

Story #821

I hate her because she thinks she is so great. I hate her because one day she is smiling at me, and the next day she is having a text-fight with me and asking her to call her. She always comes up to hug me, and i hate it when she hugs me, so i always try to walk away, and she gets all mad and doesn't talk to me for the rest of the day. I hate her because she is always bragging about how much money she has, and wears this way over the top watch to school every day, and these way over the top shoes, and she walks around like she is the best. I hate her because she goes around spreading rumours, and she is always upset and for some reason- like dropping her phone. I hate her because she steals my friends who also hate her. I hate her because she is always telling me i love you so much, and she always wears these shorts that make her behind look really gross. I hate her.

Story #820

I hate her because I love her... I hate her because she loves me... I hate her because weíre best friends... I hate her because we say 'I love you' every day... I hate her because the pain hurts... I hate her parents for limiting her race options... I hate her... for... not being free...

Story #819

I hate her because she's such a child. I understand if its your first time going out with someone but no where in hill means that it justifies you kissing another guy behind my back and then to have to the audacity to joke about it in my face the same day it happened and then actually get p..... at me for breaking up, really? Really? And the fact that when I take you back (I never should have) you literally don't change at all and if anything you get worse. But in the end I hate you because I still love you and I hate myself for loving you, why do I still love you?!?!?!

        > Just wondering if you could take down story #819 ASAP? Regret posting it heaps and even though it was a long time ago it's caused a bit of trouble for me recently. Thanks for putting up a site like that though. Was really good for me to vent it out.
        > Normally I would, as a matter of general policy, say no. One of the reasons I filter out any personally identifiable information is to prevent this sort of problem, unless someone else does something to link themselves to a particular story. If you submit a story, the story gets posted here, you put 'hey, story 819 is me' on your Facebook page, and then problems happen, the problems aren't happening because the story is here. The problems are happening because someone did something to link themselves to the story. So the general answer is 'no, stories do not get removed.' I understand regret and I know what it feels like to wish you could take back something you said or wrote. On a good day, on a case by case basis, purely as a matter of my own personal choice, I might choose to remove a story if requested. In this case the original story and the request for removal came from different email addresses. If you want the story removed, I would suggest re-sending the request for removal from the same email address you used to submit the story in the first place. -John

Story #818

I hate her, yet is still love her like a sister. So *Ava was my best friend since the second grade along with *Lea who I met in kindergarten. Ava and I did everything together: sit next to eachother, talk as much as we could or sat in a comfortable silence, and spend time together constantly. Once we got into a different school, I understand you get new friends and we didn't do as much as we weren't in the same class along with Lea. We were still the best of friends, though. In fifth, I almost cried when Lea moved across the country, but Ava just shook it off. Once we hit middle school, Ava and I sat together in math as we only had that class together, but a new girl came and they became new bet friends, and this annoying girl thought we were best friends (which we were not) so Ava after a couple months, just had to become popular! For the rest of that year, we never hung out after school except for IMing. If I sat at her table during lunch she would talk to the other girls about their plans to see the latest movie or have a sleepover. Something Ava and I used to do. All Ava cares about is making her way to the top... And if I can't do that with her... She'll ditch me. Which she already did. She used to hate the popular girl *Mimi and whenever I got close to Mimi, she would give me a 'look.' Ava pretends that never happened, though. If only she realized Mimi was once Ava to me along with the other popular, Jenna. And how another athletic popular, Grace, thinks I have the best style. I used to dance with two others. And I could've been popular, but I decided I should stay inbetween to stay friends with the less popular people. She's a b.... now. I miss Lea a ton, and I miss the old Ava. But for now, I hate her. I know she's in there somewhere, because when I broke down after my pet dying, she hugged me till I stopped crying. People change though, so you can't dwell on the past.

Story #817

I hate how she sees all my weakness, doesnt leave, but instead does her best and protects me. I hate how she talks - shes sweet, but honest. I hate how she wears sweats and still look good in them. I hate how I notice these things and cant help but do. I hate that mischievous glimmer in her eyes whenever she's up to something fun. I hate how shes brave. Braver than any other woman I've ever met so far in my life. She isnt the type to sit and take s.... Shes the one to take responsibility and face it. I hate how I feel electricity running in my skin whenever she touches my arm, even the slightest of skin contact. I hate how I can't stop thinking about her. I hate how she's always on my mind. I hate how she proves me wrong every single darn time when it comes to knowing her. I hate how im getting too close and attached to this girl. I hate how im curious to know more about her. I hate how she keeps up a tough act on me...She's soft inside...I hate how she lies to me, tells me that she's alright when she's not. Her eyes tell me something else. I hate her...she seems to want more of me, and yet...she pushes me away whenever she thinks I'm getting too close to her. I hate her for making me feel insecure. I hate how I like her hugs. I hate her for kissing me back and not clearing the air about why. In my defense i distance away. I dont like playing games, only to lose in the end. I dont like the danger shes puttin me in. And i dont like how deep inside me, i like whats goin on. I hate how she still cares for me even though I've been a jerk to her for so long. I hate her kindness. I hate her for making me feel this way. I hate her for she makes me realize things without even saying anything. Or maybe it's just my conscience screaming at me whenever she stares at me. Most of all...I hate her for making me incapable of hating her. I hate her for not even trying.

Story #816

I hate my sisters beat friend so much! She always has to be with my sister, and treats me like a stupid child!! We had a special family gathering for my uncle... And guess who showed up!! She never even met him! Also, my brother is visiting but he asked my sister to come over, so my Sis asked her to come over and meet my brother! I only see him like once or twice a year. And I really want to just spend time with him not some random girl! I hate her!!

Story #815

She was really a source of immense affection and friendship in my life for three years and I did anything and everything for her. We were very close friends and could have remained so. However, she ended up being extremely cold and reserved with me afterwards and god only knows why but our friendship really fell apart, painfully so. I tried very hard to pick up the pieces but nothing can be rebuilt through only a one-sided effort. I met her in October, but she treated me terribly. I was so glad to see her that I would've done anything to change our circumstances. Now, however, I am through with her. I have been insulted enough. I don't ever want to see her again, I don't ever want to think of her again, I don't ever want to talk to her again, I don't want to hear her name again. I feel so affronted and insulted by her. And I have never even spoken harshly to her in my life. She's made me lose my faith/trust in good people...and in goodness...I hate her for that.

Story #814

I hate her because she's a b.... but she still gets everything she wants. I hate her because I fight with my boyfriend because of her. She's his sister and he doesn't seem to understand the liar she is and how much wrong she's done to me. I hate her because she's talking carp behind my back and everybody believes her. I hate her because every time I dare to tell people that it is not true, or how mean she is, nobody believes me and I become the evil person in their eyes. They all believe she's a saint. I hate her because of what she represents, the triumph of injustice... I hate her because she practically demonstrates that manipulative persons allways win and even though you have proof of their nature, they can still manipulate others into thinking that they've done no wrong.

Story #813

she used to be my best friend. she used to be that one girl that i told everything to. she used to be the girl i trusted. she used to be everything basically. We were really really close, like a clique, she didnt have many friends in school because no one liked her, she was from year 6, so yeah, she skipped a year, thats how she landed in year 7. After a month, we became best friends. We were together 24/7, it was memorable, as i didnt really know who she was yet. A few months passed, she became someone i didnt know, she would lie and lie and lie about everything she does, and she would exaggerate everything, she's a drama queen. She would cry in front of the whole class just for attention. it's so annoying. she would laugh so loud just to get attention. Just a few days ago she was crying in class infront of 30 pupils, majority of my classmates said it was fake, (which now is starting to make sense), they said she was doing it for attention (which is true). She changed so much, she's a b..... Even her best friends are staying away from her, she has no one, she's a loner. She went home and told her mum all about this, and she told the principal. I know im going to get into serious trouble but yeah, like wtf man? So what if people dont like you? It's your darn attitude, skink. I didnt know why so many people hated her, but now i know the true side of her and i regret so much for even being one of her 'friends'. She could tell her mum and her dad or whatever s..., i dont care, i dont give a f..., i will never like her

Story #812

We had relationship since 4 years. We had a strong relationship. But when I was in 3rd year in b-com. I have decided to do MBA for better future for us. I went to delhi for study. We have decided to go with our distance relationship. but day by bay our relation getting worse. I didnít know what was the reason. She left me by saying that her father was not well. So she has to move on. She didnít call me since 6 month. I faced lots of difficulties without her. I called her so many times. But she didnít respond. I have cried so much. On that time I thought really she has a problem with her family. So I left her. I never ever enter any other relationship because I love her so much. I had a believe that she love me. And thatís become true. She called me after 6 month. That was 1st January of 2012. I was to happy that she called me and tell me that she love me too. I went to home after 9 month to meet with her. We spent lovely times together. But I have to come back to delhi for exam. And she was not happy that I was come back to delhi. After finish my exam I went back to West Bengal to give surprise to my loved one. She was too happy on those days. But one day she came in my home. I have found a msg on her phone. When I called back. Then this person says that he having relation with my girlfriend. When I asked she ignore me. When I forced her she agrees that she had relation with that guy for 3 month. Not only one guy she had relationship with 2 boys. She changed totally. She lied to me over the time. I believe her. But she broke my trust. How can I overcome? How can I move on? I have loose my confidence. I donít know how I can I get over? I cant concentrate on my studies. She called me 10 days back. And I forgive her. But still she playing with my heart. I thing I cant move on due to broken of trust. What I need to do? I love her. I cant hate her.

        > I normally filter info more specific than first name or state. Delhi, being a city, would usually be filtered out, but since the National Capital Territory of Delhi 'more closely resembles a state' (Wikipedia article here) and has over 22 million residents in the overall area, I left the city in, in this case. Also, 'b-com' appears to refer to 'bachelor of commerce,' MBA notwithstanding. -John

Story #811

Well, here it is. Lets call the person i hate 'D' This only happened a day ago. D used to be my friend, but i ditched her for someone else and didn't talk to her for ages. It made me feel really bad so i tried apologizing to her on Facebook but she just said i was sucking up and that she doesn't believe me. I basically apologized to the ends of the earth but then she got all rude and said i was b....... and that she won't believe me. She also kept saying that I've been taking the mick out of her height, cause she's incredibly small to me cause i'm really tall. I ain't talked to her in ages so how could i be taking the mick?? Apparently, when i was in the canteen at school i stood up and took the p out of her height which to that i said 'no i didn't' and she was like 'B.......! you are lying!!' to which i responded 'lying?? correction, clueless to what you are going on bout' and then she got all mean and said 'can't you read???' and i say 'can't u realise i ain't been lying to you throughout this whole convo??!' this convo carried on for ages and ages through Facebook one of her messages where 'your a pile of sh..! i wish i had never been friends with you!!' then she defriended me, which i wasn't so phased bout cause who gives a flying f... if she delete me? oh look you deleted me, my life will never go on *sarcasm* and then on twitter she posted a tweet bout how this 'person' (who was obviously me) that keeps making fun of her height can shove there where it don't belong. I was like 'B.... I can see ur tweets I know it's directo to me!!! I don't even take the micky out of ur heigh u stupid f...... b....!!' and then she messaged me on twitter, bout hour ago, saying that cause she hates me, she doesn't want to see my posts and that she's unfollowing me. I was like oh well, i don't really care. Then she was all yes u do blah blah fricking blah! then she said that i'm horrible now apparently (this is so ironic cause i was the actual one who wanted to get this all behind us and be friends before the convo between us became heated) and then she said something like 'fa.....! go back to your fake world hahahaa!' so i blocked her on twitter but sent her a last message saying something like 'i could say the same to you, i am blocking you so don't even bother replying' she is a b.... and always will be. The person i ditched her for was a girl just like me, nice random funny, and she shared the same sense of humor as me too and she would always believe me if I told her something! She wouldn't say I was b.......!! Friends believe you, not think you're lying to them, she's got some serious trust issues. lets just clarify, i know i ditched D for someone else but i wanted to make the situation better again and i apologized about a gazillion times, told my side of the story and everything so that we could still be friends! But she became a total b.... and didn't believe a word i said so i don't ever wanna speak to her again. Thanks for reading this, it has made me a bit better knowing i have let this out, cheers!

        > I had to look up 'taking the mick.' It's British slang, sort of like 'to make fun of.' Here, here, and here. -John

Story #810

i hate her for what she has done. I am going to hate her, no despise her, for the rest of my life. She set me up! She was my boss and said that she would support me and that I was a valuable member of the team. But when things got hard, she f...... bailed and made me responsible. She lied and manipulated me and made me the fall girl for her, so she could save herself. She got me fired while now she still has a job all because she lied to upper management and set me up. She was the most f..... up one there, yet she made it look like my fault that she couldn't manage. I will always hate her and no one should trust that b..... I hope that she gets hers in the end. I hope that karma bites her right in her lazy, lying, fat f...... ass. Diane, you ticked up b...., you'll get what you deserve some day. I just hope i'm there to see it.

Story #809

I hate my best friend. We have been studying together since ages, and when she changes her school to a co-ed, she changes too. Being around boys gives her this sense of superiority that I have never received in my life. She's rich, very wealthy. All she dreams of is a future with a good looking, wealthy, intelligent boy. She's been forever pampered and her demands have been always fulfilled. We both had scored the same percentage in our exams, but she gets an iPhone 4S. I only receive some cake slices (this is no tv comedy i'm referring to, I was given cake pieces). In all her assignments, her aunts and relatives help her out, whereas, my parents don't give a darn to whether my assignments are even completed or not. Now, she starts behaving like a b.... once she goes to this co-ed school. She calls me up at odd times (around 1am) to narrate how the charming boy who sits in front of her answers in class et al. What am I supposed to do? Be happy? Of course I was. But there's a certain limit to everything. Once, I finally snapped back and asked her why she was behaving in such an aloof manner (my grandma had passed away and she hasn't offered condolences so far, because she's engrossed in a comfortable life). She said she doesn't feel the need to justify anything, and if I wanna stop talking to her, I'm free to do so. That's not exactly how a best friend behaves right? She hasn't apologized either! I have such an amount of unfathomable hatred inculcating within me. You hear me girl, I hate you.

Story #808

I hate her for so many reasons. I hate that she went after a married man, that she acted like only she mattered. I hate that they worked together everyday and thought people were not picking up on their flirting and other carp. I hate that we live only a few miles apart and meet on the road, it is all I can do not to run her off the road. I hate that even when my husband asked to come home that she still kept e-mailing him. I hate her with every fiber of my being. I hate her for all that she has done and I am sure will continue to do, she is a looser and a tramp and a poor excuse for a human being. Karma is a b.... and I hope one day she gets what she deserves. So much for being raised by a minister. Classy white trash!!

Story #807

She is wealthy. She and her smart husband own lots of stuff and I don't have much. She pretended to be my friend and I liked her. She is younger than me and better looking. She has great hair. I have bad hair. She decided that I was 'wrong' about something and stopped speaking to me. I reacted and cut her off of something she had pretended to want. Then she involved other people by running to 'mama' to 'tell'. Now there is a split with those people too. I hate her and I can't help but hope karma deals with her. She never had to judge me. It was never her place. She is a baby who desperately needs attention. I hate her.

Story #806

Hate is such a strong emotion, but I hate her for what she has done, and the pain that keeps me looking for sites such as this to vent my anger. After twenty-five years of exclusive devotion, and purchasing all that my financial reach would allow, she finds another pathetic man that she describes as 'I never met a man that made me feel the way that he does'. All of this deceit and lies, acted out behind my back, while her friends knew and became not only co-conspirators, but also became members of the 'other team'. The final insult to me was 'you ruined my relationship with him, and now he doesn't want me anymore'. Sadly, this man's wife was also hurt by this affair, and finally left him. I use the biblical reference of 'thirty pieces of silver', as a metaphor to describe how little a value was placed on our relationship. All I can say is, keep the change!

Story #805

I hate my best friend. Of course at the same time i love her but she is so annoying. To no fail everyday she would talk about her boyfriend. She just blabbers her mouth. Im thinking b.... Shut the f... Up! No one gives a dang. There is no point in having a conversation with her unless its of course, about her and her boyfriend who she dated for 2 weeks. Come on now. Im so p..... im gonna go crazy. The b.... Practially thinks her dreams come true. Im like are you f...... kidding me?! Everyday she says- dude i had a dream. Wtf?! Are you martin luther king?! I dont think so. She says i had a dream that something good happen. Oh i had a dream that this happened. Seriously?! Sorry to burst your bubble but its not gonna happen okay?!?! So stop talking!!! I can never talk about myself because at one point she will talk about him. Please please please! Tape yohr mouth shut! Thanks for reading!

Story #804

I hate her because she's everywhere. There's pictures of her in my boyfriend's drawer and on the walls at his parents' place. Her paintings are on the walls in my boyfriend's room and she knows all of his friends really well. She's a poet and a painter, she loves traveling. She's outgoing, cute and funny. She's really friendly to me. I hate her because she is supposed to be where I am. I hate her because everything in my life stinks of her bloody sweet smile.

Story #803

I hate her cause she's a fake, a liar. I hate her cause she's messy, she manipulates people and she's a total b..... My story is going to involve some other people, so let's call them M, B, V and K. M is the mean one. In fact they all need to stop being idiots. Anyway, I hate her cause B, V, K and I all used to be best friends. I hate her cause she slimed between me and my three friends. I hate her cause now when I need them, they aren't there. She went to my first school, she was the 'new' girl, but everyone liked her. I had misgivings, but I treated her like one of my closest friends. I hate her cause I was wrong. I hate her because I moved schools, and on my first day it turned out she had too! I hate her cause she acts nice around other people, but alone she chews me up and spits me out. I hate how her dad's death is an excuse for all the f...... stupid stuff she does. I hates her cause everyone acts like she's a goddess or something. I hate how K and I used to both hate her, but K started being a b.... too. Ditto V and B. I hate how she's got inside their heads and how she comes up in every conversation. I hate how she b...... about me behind my back. I hate Hate HATE how she laughs at me anytime I talk. I hate her! I hate how B and V keep trotting around after her, acting like she's a celebrity. I hate her, I hate her, I hate how she brags about the buckets of money she's got, and I hate how she think's she's got my crush wrapped round her little finger, when he already has a gf. I hate how my friends would rather stay at her place than at mine! I hate how she is a mean, vindictive, spiteful, horrible, nasty, pig-headed, thick, stupid b....!!! I hate her so f...... much!!! I hate her!

Story #802

I hate her because she is a manipulative b..... She got me to fall for her by pretending to be cute when we first met. I hate her because she destroyed many guys heart before she destroyed mine. I hate her because she called me cheap even though I gave her over $5000 in gifts within 1 year of us being together. I only make minimum wage, yet I still spoiled her with everything. I hate her because he breath stank. I hate her because she constantly cut me off when I'm talking. I hate her because her voice sounds hella annoying. Dang I hate that b..... Warm Regards, Minh

        >There's this one trollface comic I saw once but can't find now. It's about the 'let's be friends' line applied to something like buying stuff at a store and how ridiculous it sounds when a store says the store-version of it. I'll post a link if I ever do find it again. $5,000 is a lot on minimum wage...should be about 1/3 of your income. I wonder if anyone's ever done a serious cost-benefit economic analysis of dating and marriage? -John

Story #801

I hate her because she acts like she is my friend but then goes and gossips about me. She apparently hates me because I told her to do her work so that she wouldn't get bad grades. She talks about all of her 'friends' and pretty much brainwashes them. She has followers. People at my school call them 'The Group.' She is a total fake but the boys still drool over her. Everyday I catch her staring at me with this hateful expression on her face. When I see it I usually put a big grin on my face and stare back at her. That, of course, provokes her to hate me even more. I have scoliosis and she makes fun of me because of my deformity, one of my friends is larger than normal so she makes fun of her, another friend of mine is really annoying but gets waaayyy better grades than the mean girl could ever hope for. She relies on her friends to give her answers on homework and expects us to 'bow down' to her. I could really care less what she thinks but she has gotten so mean lately that I just ignore her even more. Which obviously brings on another attack. She also says that my mom protects me from everything when I barely tell my mom about what happens with mean girl. Someday I hope that she will realize what she has done. But, then again I don't.

Story #800

I hate her because she wants to keep her love for me as a friend, and this will never change. She keeps texting me, treating me as a friend, and wants to go out with me, but I canít do that, beacuse I know that there wonít be more, because sheís already with someone else. And I hate her person, she always wants to be at the center of attention by spitting out every thought she has, and is more sociable than me. I hate these things, and I hate the fact that I donít know why Iím attracted to her.

Story #799

i hate her because i don't truly know her. i see her everyday in class. but she never looks at me, i hate her because my heart hurts when ever she is around. I make fun of her and am mean to her only when she can hear so she will stay away from me. if she gets to close my heart feels like it will burst. I always get girlfriends who look nothing like her, total opposites the one i have now is super tan dark haired and brown eyed like they all are. They cant look anything like her or i hate them. I hate everyone, but they all love me. that's fine. i had to go on a 7 day d.c trip with her, it was more painful than i could bear. We were alone in a store, one time and she did something cute and no one was around so i started laughing. she saw and even after everything i had said about her that she is ugly and mean and a weirdo, she still smiled at me, a beautiful smile. i hate her because when i am around her i know it will and never will be anything. My girlfriends throw themselves at me while she always sits alone. sometimes she glances in my direction. When she dose her blue eyes are always stormy and cold, so cold. I hate that, i hate that i must hate her i must control my horrible feeling for her. so in some truth yes i hate her and her sunshine hair and soft white skin i hate those lonely eyes the most. she always looks happy when she is with her friends but when she walks alone she is the saddest thing i have ever seen. i hate her. I hate that i have to be mean to her. If i am not she will get hurt. I try to protect her but i am not nice about it. when we were on that trip she did so much stupid stuff like when we were on a ferry boat she was throwing coin into the water i was sitting with this brown haired chick she was hitting on me, but i kept looking over to were she was. she was standing next to her friends she was in the middle gazing at the ocean. the water reflected off her eyes she seemed to be getting closer each time she looked in she began reaching her hand out to touch the water slowly her hand went out i seemed like forever and during that forever i thought she was going to fall in. I pushed that ugly chick off of me and grabbed her back and pulled her away from the side. Cussing her out a lot. and calling a stupid s... because lots of other loads of crap. in response she said. thank you but i wasn't going to fall in i promise. you better get back to Rachel shes waiting and she dosent look to happy. like i care what what ever her name was idk Rachel thinks. i hate her. i hate that in truth our eyes are the same. we our both in truth lonely. we were in middle school together for 9 years. we don't live that far apart. we both live in the country. i am just allot richer than she is. in middle school new kids would always mistake us for twins if we stood next to eachother. when people would say that she would look in disgust. ME TWINS WITH HIM GROSS . haha those were good times. then i met this girl named lets call her Kelly was obsessed with me. and everyother male she thinks would improve her popularity ha if i told her i could bring her up popularity wise if she slept with me she freckin would that girl is a where. she spread lies about her all the time even though she was to afraid to even talk to her. She told me she saw her as a threat being the only girl in the school almost as pretty as her. I lied and kept telling her she didnt need to do anything to ky--- since she was not even close to as pretty. that dumb brawd belived my everyyword only spreading gossip if i said it was ok. kellys pretty evil but i am a master mind. i hate her so much that i would do anything to keep her safe just so i can see her and hate her even when i die i will never tell her why i hate her, no matter how many times she asks me. Robert she says why do u hate me i dont remember doing anything to you she says. she didnt. I being stupid am like . You being born is the ugly problem you b..... and turn around. she sighs and looks out the window. of the bus she always says that if we are close by eacchother and alone not in a crowd. She always looks into the clouds which are normally stormy. so they match our eyes. sometimes when i look in the mirror i hate myself for having blonde hair fair skin and blue eyes just like she dose cuz it makes me hate her more and more untel i cant stop thinking about her. The girl i have never even had a conversation with. yet we have this constant battle. So theres my story in a nutshell. I hate her so much that i will never admit my feelings to even myself. I will just accept the pain. The pain will become my heart and my heart will cover itself with one dark haired chic after another until it forgets it fate. I hate Kylee.

        > I think you need to calm down and reevaluate the situation. I don't know the whole story but admitting your feelings for her will probably make your life easier. The only thing holding you back is how mean you are to her now. Sounds like you really want this so go for it and stop out with the teenage b....... Life is too good to go on with these emotional mind games, when you get to be a bit older you'll see how silly this is. Tell her, be nice, best of luck.

Story #798

I hate this girl- letís call her R. I hate R because she broke my boyfriendís heart before I met him. He spent 2 years chasing around after her, and she did nothing but lead him on. I mean, I get why he liked her. Sheís pretty, has long hair and is something like a size 6, but she was such a b.... to him. It just makes me so angry! I hate R because when I arrived on the scene and my boyfriend and I got together, she started hanging off of him. Heís mine. I hate R because she sent me b..... texts and facebook messages. But most of all, I hate R because she hates me, despite never having had a proper conversation with me before.

Story #797

She cheats on me.' f..! Even though were broken up i hate the feelings i get

        >If she cheats on you, then you're not broken up. If you're broken up, then she can't cheat on you because you're not together. It is impossible for anyone to 'cheat on you even though you're broken up.' -John

Story #796

I hate her. She is on my lacrosse team. She looks so nice but she isn't. She is very shy, quiet one but a little jealous of me because im pretty popular. We were playing a game, she is much much taller than me, i was behind her and she looked back and on purpose stepped on my foot. She is heavier than me. Then i get accidently hit in the face by a ball really hard no one laughs cause everyone knows it hurts like crap. She starts laughing like ccrraazzyy. When ever i pass her she gives me this im better than you glare, even her sisters at this. if i have known this was going to happen i would have joined another team.

Story #795

I hate her sooo much. I hate her because she's going out with the guy I like and my best guy friend. I hate her because she's making him change for her. I hate her because she's pretty and he will do anything for her. I'm waiting for the day when she tells him to walk faster in the hall and he just won't do it. I hate her because I wanted a chance with him after he and his previous girlfriend broke up. I hate her because he likes her.

Story #794

I hate her because the boy i like likes her, i hate her because shes everything im not

Story #793

i hate her because she is something else without a heart. she has a boyfriend and she's been with him for almost two years now, but she cheats on him sometimes. she always puts him down and hits him. she says she loves him and she does i know the truth. she cheated on him last night with her brother's friend and he's also her boyfriend's brother's best friend. she also cheated on her boyfriend for three months. her boyfriend lives with her due to the facts of his parents. her boyfriend loves her so much and would do anything for her but its like she puts on a show. i hate her because she can't see what she has.

Story #792

I hate how stupid she acts, I hate how ignorant she is, I hate how selfish she is and how she thinks she's good when she's not. I hate her annoying voice. I hate her. -Jolene

Story #791

I hate her because she befriended me but at her first opportunity jumped at what she really wanted--the boy I love. I live in a small town with tight cliches (which I hate) and it is very difficult to meet new people. I thought she was a nice, funny, smart girl that I had a lot in common with. I was excited to make a new friend, as corny as that sounds. We, the boy the girl and me, went to parties, on camping trips, and concerts together and it was obvious that he was supposed mine. Within a week of me leaving for a summer volunteer program, she went after my man...and he went for her too. I hate her because despite what she did, and even though he and I are still together, all his friends still love her. They think she is amazing. She has a degree from a prestigious college, a solid job, and a 'free' spirit. I feel like I am the only person that see's her for who she really is- selfish, manipulative, and a down right horrid, awful b..... I hate her because I feel like she used me to get what she really wanted. What she (and he) did broke my heart, and no one, not even my boyfriend, seems to care that their 'fling' was the most betrayed I have ever felt.

Story #790

I hate her for being so incredibly needy and clingy and desperate 24/7. I hate her for liking tens of guys at the same time and trying to get every guy we meet. I hate her for intentionally getting drunk just so that she can hit on those same guys who happen to be really good friends of mine that I actually still want to hang out with without awkwardness. I hate her for acting self-righteous and trying to make herself sound different, and then turning around and contradicting all that with her actions because she is actually the same as everyone else. And for having incredibly warped values and a self-deprecating race issue that she won't admit to. And most of all, I hate that I have to put up with that, and more, and live with her for at least one more year because no one else would.

Story #789

I dont hate her. Im new to a school n ever since i saw her, i just thought how beautiful she is. I need her in my life. I dont talk so much with her but she will use any excuse to talk to me. She will glance over at me in lunch. She ditches her friends in the lunch line n kinda just stands there, waiting? To talk to me? Shes beautiful n should appreciate her life. I want to tell her that shes hurting herself and me. That i have feelings for her

Story #788

I hate this girl let's call her E. E is a total b..... She gets every boy and thinks she so beautiful but when you look at her she's not even that pretty!!! I wish she would just grow up!! She absolutely hates me and I've done nothing wrong to her infect we used to be best friends!!!

Story #787

I hate her. She always touches me and steals my chewing gum and paper. I hate her cause she wont leave me alone when I give her the silent treatment she just doesnt go away. I hate her cos she distracts me from my studying to go for drinks with her hoe friends 'who she stole from me' but then when we met then it changes and theyre going for coffee. I don't drink coffee! So i didnt do any studying and had to just go home. She is sooo dumb and calls people names like s..... when she doesnt even know what it means. Its not my fault I got to stuart first and she's so jealous. Thats why i hate her.

Story #786

I hate her because she told me that guys only like me because of my sister, because my sister is really pretty.

Story #785

I hate her because she represents a past that I want nothing to do with. I hate her because everything that I've heard that she has done reminds me of a person I could never be nor never was. I hate her because she makes every moment that I've shared intimate with the person I love seem like just another girl she's had. I hate her because she still looks like the trash that she once was. I hate her because she represents a person I don't like to think about my love 'loving'. I hate her because she represents something that I work so hard for my sister not to grow up to be. I hate her because she had something that I've had. I hate her because I can't take back what they did. I hate her because I have to still see her. I hate her but I don't even know her. I think I hate her because I don't want to know her.

Story #784

I hate her. I don't even know her, but from her Facebook posts on his wall, her constant texting with him, and the fact that she calls him her best friend, I know she likes my boyfriend. I tried telling him I wasn't comfortable with them being around each other alone, but he said she liked someone else, and that they are just friends. Posting 'I love you' on his wall when he is in a relationship? Not just friends. He goes over to her house a lot because she needs 'support' after she went through a bad relationship, and he doesn't even tell me. I learned it from his friend. She likes him, and I have worked for four years to be with him, so she is sure as hill not going to take him. I hate he for being prettier than me. I hate her for seeing him every day at school, when I only see him once every few weeks. I hate her for being more talented than me. I hate her for acting all pathetic and needy towards MY boyfriend. I hate her so much.

Story #783

I hate her so much. One minute she's laughing with me, and the next minute she's hating me for something i didn't do. She's really fake, and brags so much and she thinks she's so great and that she's loved by everyone. Let's call her F. I was sitting down, and a friend came up to me and offered me some cake. I accepted it, and sat down and was eating it. Unfortunately i didn't have a fork, and was eating it with my hands. Then F comes up to me, and she's about to tell my friend about my secret boyfriend who she happens to like as well. I shake my head and stare at her and she looks down at my hands which are very messy. All my fingers are covered in cake, except for my middle finger, so i go to scratch my eye with my middle finger, and then she goes- 'Seriously?!' and I'm like- 'what? - oh, just kidding.' I thought she was still talking about how she wasn't allowed tell my friend about my bf, and so i meant i was just kidding about how she couldn't tell my friend. Then she walks away, and ignores me for the next ten minutes, and i'm wondering why, so i go up and talk to her, and she's all like- 'I'm not talking to you. You just flipped me off!' and i say- 'what?!?! no, i was itching my eye!' F- 'You even said you were kidding, which confirms you knew that you flipped me off' I try to tell her that she is wrong, but she ignores me, and goes around telling everyone how mean i am (i am definitely not the sort of person to flip someone off BTW). Then i see my mom, and she picks me up and i go home. That night on chat everyone was asking why i flipped F off, and telling me i was so mean, and so by the end of the night pretty much everyone hated me. I went to school the next day, and everyone was being really mean, and being such b......, and at lunch, i went to sit down with my friends, who hated F, and F was sitting with them, and all of a sudden they had become her friends, since she told them i flipped her off. Now i had nobody to go to. All my friends had turned their backs on me. So i went to the councilor to tell her, and ate my lunch with her. She gave me some advice so i took it well. I went back down to the cafeteria, and i walked up to F and her 'friends,' and she says- 'Are you back to flip me off?' and then everyone in the cafeteria stops and stares. Me- 'No. I'm here to give you some advice.' F- 'Give me advice? Yeah, right.' then she laughs, and everyone follows. Me- 'Yeah. I just thought you should know this.- Next time you make a friend, don't go spreading rumors. You've been really mean, and it shows. You told every single person in our grade that i flipped you off. Why?' F- 'speechless' (I am usually very quiet) Then my friend stands up. We'll call her S. S- 'Yeah, F, you don't have to be a b..... and tell everyone that you think she flipped you off' Then we all leave, and for the rest of the day, F is crying in the bathroom. I go in there and i say- 'How does it feel?' and she scowls at me. I won. Now everyone hates her

        >No, you still lost. You used the stick but failed to follow up with the carrot. You had a moment of control in the cafeteria, but you used it to turn the anger around instead of changing the situation and coming out of it as the good guy. -John

Story #782

I hate her because she dumped me for no apparent reason and for the past 4 months i have been subtely been trying to get back into her good books. Her friends recently spread some pretty nasty rumours about her and i helped her when she was down, but now after all my sympathy and concern for her she rejected me and tells all her friends about how im a 'bad person'. I hate her

Story #781

I hate her because she lies to her friends and family about me, then tells me about it. I hate her because she would rather watch TV than touch me. I hate her because she makes me feel old and tired. I hate her because she hastaken away all the fun from our relationship. I hate her because everything is a big f...... deal. I hate her because she shouts and screams at me about the smallest things. I hate her because she sulks like a spoiled brat. I hate her because I have to second-guess everything I do and say for fear of upsetting her. I hate her because she is never wrong. I hate her because I am never right. I hate her because she is a hypocrite. I hate her because she never actually listens to what I tell her. I hate her because she makes me feel like both a child and a ghost. I hate her because she says things that hurt for days afterwards. I hate her because she always has a 'reason'. I hate her because she is never ever sorry. I hate her because she uses her eating disorder to make me feel guilty when I remind her I deserve to be treated well. I hate her because she sees any confidence I have in myself as a threat. I hate her because she has destroyed all the positive feelings I used to have about myself. I hate her because my friends and family are worried about me. I hate her because that p..... her off when it should really make her think. I hate her because she decides when I do and don't get to see her. I hate her because I never get to see her enough and now when I do all I can feel is resentment. I hate her because I know that she is using me to get back at all the men who ever mistreated her. I hate her because she won't admit that. I hate her because I now don't know if I can ever love her again. I hate her because she has worked so hard to make me hate her. I hate her because my patience is finite. I hate her because I tried so hard and my best was never f...... good enough.

Story #780

I hate her because she's a bad, eyeglasses-wearing chemist. She pretends to be young and innocent but in reality she seduces married men. She flirts with them when sheís out of town doing field work. Sheís an ego-tripper. She just wants to feel sheís pretty. She wants everyone in that state-owned power-generating company to think sheís cute thatís why married men like her. No! Of course not! Sheís just seducing them! We know how men are! She got her position by flirting. I see her all the time flirting. I pity the wife of every married man she's flirting with. She's always the subject of the gossips in the whole office. She's not ashamed of herself.

Story #779

I hate her for making me feel the world had ended, I hate her for making the beaches and seas seem like a graveyard of dead dreams. I hate for loving me, then not. I hate her for making me hate her, I hate her for stabbing that cold ice pick through my heart, I hate her for making everything taste of ash, I hate her for letting me be sweet to her, I hate her for not being able to touch her skin again. I hate her for these tears down my face, I hate her for the sorrow and loss which surrounds me, the pain, the agony and utter silence which fills my days. I hate her for being beautiful, I hate her for leaving me.

Story #778

I hate her. i hate her because she is the girl that my ex-boyfriend wants. i know i was the one to screw things up and then a couple months later i finally got the courage to ask him back (during those months nobody would let me speak him him --legally). and he is still seeing me and wanting to spend every night with me and still tells me how much he loves me and wants to be able to be with me (all his friends and family hate me now, but then he reminds me that he wants her. i hate her because the man of my dreams/love of my life wants to be with her. i hate her because the first time she met me (while we were still officially together) she was staring at him the whole time. i hate her because he told me while we were together that he has previously wanted to date her. i hate her because every time he reminds me that he wants her i cry and get a little more broken everyday (i'm now in the infinite numbers range as to shattered pieces). i hate her because tonight he called me when he was drunk and told me that he doesn't know about me and that he wants to be with her. i hate myself for still coming over here tonight to take care of him and take his dog out. i hate her because if we get back together he is still going to ask himself 'what if' which is what wound up getting into my head--cause of me breaking it off and screwing it up in the first place. I hate her name, i hate that she exists, and i hate that he ever met her.

Story #777

I hate that I have fallen so hard for this girl. I hate that I fear I'll never be good enough for her even if she tells me otherwise. I hate that I get so lovesick at the thought of her that my stomach shuts down and I can barely eat. My knees get weak when she gets close to me and my mind goes blank. I hate the never ending quest to try and impress her. Her long hair and soft skin paralyze me with lust as my insides crawl with sax-driven guilt. I hate that my emotions belong solely to her now. I hate that I could be so confident and in command around previous boyfriends and other men... but this brilliant, beautiful girl enters my life and I melt into a sad little puddle of apprehension.

Story #776

I hate my wife, Ms. Smarty Panties, because she is so much smarter than me and always seems to be three steps ahead. I hate that she doesn't take any crap and always calls me on it when I try to B.S. her.

Story #775

I hate her because she is ruining my life. She cyber bullies me and gets other older girls involved. She doesn't stop and when I get help from counselors she accuses me of harrassment. I Just want her to leave me alone.

Story #774

Let's call her Gemma. Gemma pretends to be your best friend, but will stab you in the back. You can't trust her at all. She stole all three of my closest friends, and she picked a fight with me, just so she could show me that all three would take her side, which they did. She treats you like dirt, she's really ugly, she loves herself. Gemma was horrible at a friend's party, tramping all over it and being nosy, and she threw her drink all over my white shirt, completely humiliating me. She told everyone about my crush who (as I later found out) accidentally deleted my number, make me look like an idiot. She twists your words, uses her single parent background as an excuse for everything and is generally a b....!

Story #773

I hate her. Her name is Rebecca. I used to go to school with her, and she seemed okay. She was spunky, and had a crazy style! So one day, we decide to have a sleep over. We did makeovers of course, and she couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror going off about how hot she looked. At first I tried to ignore it, but then she started talking about how popular she was gona be once she went to highschool, and how she doubted I would get friends. Then she proceeded to bring up the boy I liked at the moment (Aidan) and said she could definitely see herself going out with him, and doubted that he would ever go for me. And she talked about how she could wrap boys' brains around her finger blah blah f...... blah. Well guess what, b..... Last time I checked, Im the one aidans in love with (buttt i rejected him) and your the one who goes to an all girls school and everyone hates you. So you can get any guy you want, huh? Look around you, Rebecca. No one even wants to remember your name. She talks about how she doesn't like me now because I wear sweats and don't care about how I dress. Yeah okay. Because that's a valid reason to not like someone. Sorry I'm a senior and don't give a s... about what a scrawny sophmore with no friends and life thinks I should dress. You think your such a Goddamn queen? That eveyone loves you? Well your s....... yourself b.....

Story #772

I hate her. It's been my dream since I was 10 to go to art institute college to be a photographer. I was homeschooled for five years and terribly lonely. She knew this but she kept me homeschooled because I would become 'corrupt' if I went to public school. She assured me I could go wherever I wanted for college. Then once I got accepted she told me no, she would not back me up financially. I hate her because she saw how unhappy I was and am, I tried so hard and she brought me down. I hate her because she's miserable and seems to make it her goal to bring me down with her. I hate her.

Story #771

I hate her. No that's an understatement. I despise her. She started out as just another person I knew, but little did I know her mind had the inner working of a crazy psychopath. All I had to do was ask how her day was, and that was all it took for her to go off about how miserable and sad her life is. Like any other human being would react to the 'poor rich kid' schtick, it would tick me off a little. But she got so much worse! Bragging about boys hitting on her because she's hot and it gets annoying, telling me I should be a Wiccan every f...... day because it's so amazing, talking about how she's not going to college to be a bar tender and everyone should do the same, basically acting like she's a dang queen. Then she goes ahead and tells me I'd be cute with the ugliest boys, and I couldn't even be a p.......... First off, she's overweight, and looks like a monkey. And I'm not ugly. She's a b...., and hopelessly dumb. If she got mad cow disease, it wouldn't even make a difference. i hate her so much.

Story #770

I hate her because I was the first person she called when her boyfriend broke up with her. I hate her because she led me on, saying that I was better than him. I hate her because she slept with me several times before she implied that she was just using me to hurt him. I hate her because she then told me that sheís not ready for anything with me. I hate her because she stopped touching me, holding me, kissing me, though I often sleep next to her at night. I hate her because she still tells me that Iím the best person for her. I hate her because she told me that she isnít going to sleep with anyone Ė and then takes home a stranger not even a week later. I hate her because she tells me that she needs to date other people before ultimately being with me. I hate her because Iím always the one there taking care of her when she has an emotional meltdown. I hate her because she doesnít reciprocate, not even a little. I hate her because I feel as if she expects me to be perfect, infallible. I hate her because she picks out the littlest things that I do wrong, and tells me that those little things would stop her from loving me when sheís been beaten, abused, lied to, and cheated on by other lovers. Am I really as bad as they are? When all I did was calmly tell her that sheís hurting me? I hate her because her flaws far outweigh what I like about her. I hate her because she is so beautiful and wanted by so many people. I hate her because she makes me feel as if I could never measure up to her one night stands. I hate her because she stopped calling and texting me. I hate how she could spend every waking moment with me and then simply let me go as if none of that time mattered to her. I hate her because she still leads me on with the little smidges of hope that she spews at me when sheís drunk. I hate her because she told me that she might need to leave me because I love her too much. I hate her because I know I should leave her, but I canít. I hate her because I love her so much... so much more than any other jerk that sheís ever loved. I hate her because she only falls for a....... and since Iím not one of those, sheíll never love me. Most of all, I hate myself for loving her.

        > You're backup. You're booty call. Your choice. -John

Story #769

I hate her b/c sheís taking his attention away from me. Itís been 8 months with my boyfriend and now heís suddenly making plans to hang out with her when he wouldnít have a few months ago. I hate her b/c he speaks so highly of her, and I donít see him talking that way about me. Ever. I mean how could he ever date that? Sheís not even pretty, sheís fat and has a big ugly nose, and seems like a total ditz. I hate her b/c she represents something I donít have here Ė real friends of my own. Iím new here, and alone. Heís all I have, and now he spends forever texting her, playing games over their iPhones. its making me sick. I hate how I canít talk to him about this, b/c then Iíll be the 'crazy girlfriend'. I trust him, but I donít know her. How can I trust her? I hate her b/c she also represents the girl I was hurt by in my past. History tends to repeat itself... I guess weíll have to wait and see. In the meantime... I f...... hate her.

Story #768

I hate Her because we were best friends. I hate Her because I spent money on her. I hate Her because she lied about being pregnant having cancer being wealthy Her varginaty owning a yacht living in France. I hate Her because I fell for it. I hate Her because she never apologized to me or anyone else not once. I hate Her because she ruined her friends lives and her own. I hate Her because she still has friends. I hate Her because she thinks I made it all up. I hate Her because she cursed at me and called me petty. I hate Her because she's ruined my year. I hate Her because we're no longer friends. I love Her because I've learned my lesson.

Story #767

Her name is Brenda. I hate her because, she's the competative type of girl, who just goes after the guy you like, for the sake of winning the competition and the guy. I've been with her on vacation twice, she has great humor, and an okay body. She has an ugly face though, with no chin, a big nose and small eyes, I'm way prettier and way smarter than she is, thoug I might have smaller beasts and a bigger butt. Still, she stole my date this night, because i wasn't forward enough, and she's in the game for scoring, instead of a genuine liking for the guy. That's why i hate her she's just playing the game, for playing the game, while I actually like the guy, but am too shy to make a move. I hate her because her actions painfully show my inability to be assertive and step up and get what I want. I'm mad, and disappointed in boith of them. I'm scared that I'll never get someone.

Story #766

Her name will be Penny. It all started in kindergarten. I was a grade older than her, so she was still in preschool. We both wanted to be friends with this girl, (her name will be Wendy) but Wendy preferred her over me. The two of them made fun of me and bullied me. Also, Penny just moved into our neighborhood, so our family welcomed her. Mom and I went over to her house and knocked on the door. She quickly saw me and said, 'I don't want to play with her...' Elementary School She wouldn't talk to me in person. Only online, although sometimes she would invite me over to her house. She would mainly cyberbully me. She would go and make several fake accounts so she can make me say things I wouldn't say to her in person. I always knew they were fake, but I just went along with it. Also, when we got into online fights, she would copy and paste all the bad things that I said and send them to all our friends to make me look bad. So I sent all of them the real chat so they knew she set me up. One time she made a fake account of me, and I automatically blamed her. She told me that it wasn't her, but later I found out from her friend, that it WAS her. Incidents She invited me over for a sleepover. I brought my sleeping bag, but it wasn't needed. We had to share a bed. I shrugged and said okay. So when I woke up, I didn't have any blankets and I was freezing cold. I tried to grab some blankets from her, and she screamed, '......! Stop hogging all the blankets!' I told her that she had all the blankets in an equally raged tone but quieter voice. We then had a little tug of war over the blankets until she finally grabbed my arms and scraped them. My skin peeled off. This time I shouted at her what that was all about. I forgot what she replied but somehow I forgave her. We then drew some dresses on the whiteboard because we were bored. So I said sure why not. She said the minimum we could give each other for the dresses was 60. I gave her an 80, she gave me a 40. Now I even more p..... because I love drawing, (which by the way now I'm in extended art and she isn't). So I scribbled over her board rode my bike home. I told my mom what happened, and Penny called me a crybaby. Now, she says she's 'changed', (she hasn't. she still lies to me as always) and that I should let go of the past. But after all she did, and for ruining my childhood, I don't think I can. There's more to this story, specifically on her dad, but I think I've said enough.

Story #765

Ok I had my 2 best friends and we did everything together but 1 of them (Lexi) called me a brat and we weren't friends after that but I still had my other 1 (Hailey) so now me and Lexi tried to be friends it worked until hailey was mad at me and I told Lexi I would leave her alone that recess so she would cool down but I found out lexi had said 'I wish I could just be us 2' to Hailey now none of us r friends Lexi is being a mean thing I can't say and yesterday at recess we have a lil tower thing And she said hailey doesn't want 2 come up there and it's not cause Emma and now I hate them both I need to get hailey back!!! Help me!!!

Story #764

My story starts with three best friends-A and B and C.i am the A and the person i hate is C.i hate her because she leaves B and me to laugh and have fun with others.i hate her because she doesn't notice when i don't go to school.i hate her because high school changed her.i hate her because she doesn't help me when i need her advice.i hate her because she pretends to be someone else for the pleasure of others.i hate her because she only calls me or talks to me just to ask me to help her in exams and homework.i hate her because she prefers popularity on her bff.i hate her because we were three inseparable girls and because of her now we are not,we are only two.i hate her because she comes at morning and says hello to everybody except for us.i hate her because she allows to others to insult us without stopping them.i hate her because she mocks of B to make others laugh.i hate her because i don't know why she is doing this...does she feel shame of us???did we do something wrong???did we hurt her or something like that???what i know is that i didn't leave her alone,not even once...that i did so many things for her...that i considered her as my sister...that i was the first person to tell her happy birthday...that i defended her every time...that i accepted her as she is...that B and she and me were 3 parts of one sold.maybe she will change and maybe she won't.i can't talk to her because we will fight-she considers that she is always right.But i will try,and if doesn't change it won't be too long before i end this fake friendship and i swear i will never look behind...

Story #763

I hate her because she went through my stuff .she doesn't trust me. I have a note from my bestfriend and in the note it talked about some struggles my friend went through in the past. I hate her for reading this note. I hate her because now I can never hangout with my bestfriend again. I hate her because she doesn't understand what I'm going through i hate her.

Story #762

I hate her because she took my bestfriend away from me. She dosen't want him to talk to me because she's insecure and jealous. I hate her for making me cry, causing me pain. Her trust issues have turned my world upside down. I hate her for hating me.

Story #761

I hate my best friend! She b...... about me and lies and f....... cried when a sponge hit her and she said it hurt a lot WTF! I never cry and I try to be brave. I hate her because she's fugly! I hate her because she's a wimp in sports when I beat her she huffs about it. I hate her for being stupid and copying in tests. I hate her for being a TP. She goes all moody and hufffy and shouts at everyone when she has no pencil or something! I had a really painful stomach one day and she claims to have had one since she was 2 WTF anyway I asked if we could sit down and I was leaning against a wall she went up in ma face and said who cares I've had a sore tummy since I was 2. I carried on F...... running in agony and never stood up for myself. But I regret it now and wish I'd sceamed at her And told her to p... off! She steals ma friends and laughs about it. And her mom treats her like royalty, she goes on and on about how she gave her dog away 2 years ago! hope she gets no friends at her highschool. I am going to a different 1 thank god! And her highschool gets a prevert teacher arrested every 1 year! Ha ha ha to her. She says it's the best school ever and pity's us! She's the only one in my class going to that school!

Story #760!

I hate her because she asks out other boys when she is already going out with my friend, she is a b..... She is just generally desperate about relationships and thinks she owns everyone but then I rejected her. Oh, and she looks like a pig.

Story #759!

I hate her because she's friends with my boyfriend. I hate her because it's part of my female instincts to. She acts, sings, dances and cheerleads. She slept on his couch with nothing but his t-shirt on, while I was sleeping upstairs. She was there for him while we were on a break. She hates me. Everyone says everything falls apart around her because she doesn't know her limits. She uses my boyfriend because she's always depressed and he likes helping her. That is why I hate her.

Story #758!

I hate her because she has no idea how much she means to me. I hate her because even though I have done everything for her and gave her so much, she doesn't try to reciprocate anything. I hate her because after months of convincing myself I didn't like her, she told me she liked me, and 3 days later we broke up. I hate her because of the way she is getting rid of me and not talking to me about anything seep. I hate her because I have no idea how she feels and whether or not she still has any feelings. I hate her because I can't work with her or without her, as I spend to much time talking to her, or else I spend too much time in pain and thinking about how to talk to her. I hate her because she doesn't let me enjoy the simplest things in life anymore because she is always on my mind. I hate her because she is stupid and dumb and yet I still always want to talk. I hate her because she thinks only about herself. I hate her because I love her, and I hate her because I have no idea why I love her.

Story #757!

Ok, lets call her Eve. I hate Eve because on the bus to school she acts like my bff, then runs off the bus to her little possy of followers- then im a loner. I hate how when your with her she expects you to follow her around. I hate how she always has to be going out with someone at all times. I hate how she always has that boy straight away. Then I hate how when her 'boyfriend' dumps her she crys on your shoulder as if they were going out for 10 years when really its only a couple of weeks. I hate how she uses you. I hate how she spys on people then reports back to her little followers. I hate how she has made her possy of followers so insecure- like they dont have their own minds so she decides what they do. I hate how she thinks shes really popular and nice when I know her friends from her old school hate her guts. So really, shes a b.... and i hate her.

Story #756!

My best guy friend fancies the absolute pants of of this girl! I get that sheís pretty, that she probably is a size 4 and that if she bats her bloody eyelashes boys come running but why does it have to be my best friend! She is infuriating on social networking sites and most of my friends hate her guts for valid reasons! She befriends people for popularity and I dont want my guy friend to get hurt. My guy best friends other best friend, lets call him James is completely blind to it as well! My best friend ( the guy in question ) is going from one bad girl to the next and Iím sitting here while heís bloody telling me how theyíre going to Ďhang out at herí. FML.

Story #755!

I hate her. She use to be my best friend in the entire world. The girl i could say anything to,the girl who was always there, the one who helped me through every little problem i've had since the third grade. I hate that she's a hypocrite. I hate that she brags about everything. I hate that she thinks she is better than me. I hate that she laughs at me because im not as 'experienced' as her. I hate that she tears me down and picks me back up just so she can do it again. i hate that she makes me think im fat even though she weighs more than me. I hate how jealous she gets. I hate that she tries to pin my other best friend against me. I hate that she doesnt mind making me cry. The worst part? I hate myself even more.

Story #754!

My mom just acts so Mutch like I'm her slave I get up evry five min to either get her something to drink eat or take out the trash or change my two year old sister she's told me I can't eat while I'm on the fone and I'm always trying to be on the fone but she tells me to do so many things its a mirical while she's up for me to do anything she's so stubborn I can't tell her cause it wont do any good and she didn't listen wen I tryed and just gave me a bunch of bull carp as far as I'm conserned

Story #753!

I hate her because weíve been friends for 15 years and she still lies to me. She always makes me feel down, like I once told her I was saving up for a laptop and she replied sarcastically ĎReally it took me years to save up for mineí. She always makes fun of me too, I kindly gave her a lift and accidentally stalled and she then made fun of this to her friend, she always uses me too she asked for a lift once and said she had no means to get there and then the next day she said she couldnít afford the taxi. We were also once fundraising and selling cakes and she invited her best friend along so I was sat there with nobody to talk to the whole time, she then offered her friend a lift home without asking me which meant we had to go out of the way. She always makes me feel like rubbish too I once had my hair done nice for school and she said sarcastically Ďcareful, itís raining, youíre hair will go horribleí. I was also going to give blood once and she said ĎOh I wouldnít if I was you as we have exams coming up, and something might go wrongí and then a few days later she said she gave blood and when I asked her about it she ignored me and changed the subject. She uses me as well sheíll talk to me loads but as soon as this other girl comes along sheíll blank me. Also whenever we go cycling or running sheíll go really far in the distance and leave me behind, and take us routes which are uphill when I said I was worn out. Also, we were going on a school trip once and I told her where the place was and she kept on laughing at me saying it wasnít and then when we found out it was where Iíd said she said ĎI never said it wasnít there..í. The funny thing is I donít want to cut off the friendship with her as sheís really only my good friend who I contact the most, so Iíd have nobody otherwise

Story #752!

I hate her because she's a bad, eye-glasses-wearing chemist. She pretends to be young and innocent but in reality she seduces married men. She flirts with them when sheís out of town doing field work. Sheís an ego-tripper. She just wants to feel sheís pretty. She wants everyone in the office to think sheís cute thatís why married men like her. No! Of course not! Sheís just seducing them! We know how men are! She got her position by flirting. I see her all the time flirting. I pitty the wife of every married man she's flirting with. She's always the subject of the gossips in the whole office. She's not ashamed of herself.

Story #751!

There's this girl. She likes to ignore everyone else when she's talking to someone she's obviously more interested in. She'll totally block you out like youíre a leaf on the sidewalk. She think she's so modest and nice just because she's a stuck up, a.. kisser, brain who smells like a wet dog. Want to know a secret? I used to be friends with her until she decided she was better than me. But you know what? She's wrong. I have other friends that are not as close with her anymore either, and one day she might hear about how we all got together to go shopping and she'll wonder why she didnít get invited, or she'll wonder what we're doing. The answer to that last question would be talking s... on b..... people we know, one of which will mostly likely be her. I just can't wait for he day she comes back to wanting to be my friend, but by then I will most likely have so many other people I'd rather be friends with. So, in the end, it's her loss.

Story #750!

I hate her because she thinks I want her man. She constantly belittles him, makes him feel like s..., and they fight and scream in front of me, and then she tells me to stay the f... out of it. I hate her because of the way she treats people. And then she f...... cries because no one wants to be around her. No wonder! I stopped being her friend, started playing DandD with her dude and his friends, and they're awesome, but I hate her because she's always interrrupting, and now she makes me uncomfortable. I hate her because she doesn't appreciate what she has- A great boyfriend/fiancee/baby daddy, her mom as a support system, and someone (me) who wants to help and doesn't expect anything back. Wow. What a terrible life she has. I hate her guts.

Story #749!

I hate my friend because I like her and i don't think she likes me back. My best friend doesn't like that friend because she feels she clingy and is always getting attention from her that i want. But that friend doesn't care i'm there. Same with most of my other friends. i don't feel like i'm wanted.

Story #748!

I hate my mom. She is the fakest c... I've ever known. She hides the fact that she smokes from her boyfriend, she treats me like s... compared to her two younger daughters, and when she is around anyone else but her children she's all smiles like nothing is ever wrong. She wants people to think she's got a happy, loving, close family but we are far from it. Every day she blows up my phone to b.... me out about something she wants done. Something she wont do because she is too dang lazy. She comes home every day after work and sits on her a.. watching tv until she goes to bed. If she needs to ask me something or wants me to do something, she either yells for me or texts and calls me. Even if I'm in the next room. If she wants something to drink, she makes one of her children get it for her. She wants a cigarette but has no lighter? Sends one of her children to light it on the stove. She goes to her boyfriends every Thursday night to f... while her two daughters are at their fathers. Her daughters come home at 8pm, she stays out until 11 getting drunk and a local dirty bar with her boyfriend. She's come home before drunk off her a.. and started hitting me. Don't worry though, that's all been taken care of. Another time she hit me multiple times, was a bad move. I had just gotten back from basic training for the US army. So when she connected to my face, I laid her out. Cops were called on this instance, also. She hasn't laid another hand on me since then but she's still holding true to everything else. If something goes missing in our house, I took it and did something with it, I lost it, I was the last one to use it. Foods gone? Blame it on me. Computers messed up? My fault. Her daughters? No they're princesses. This morning I woke up in my room and heard her talking in the living room to my sisters, telling them I ate all of the food. I haven't been home the past week. So Idk how I ate all of the food. She's a fake b.... who can't take responsibility for anything. She's a good for nothing where who doesn't deserve children. F... you Debbie. I hate you more than words could ever explain.

Story #747!

I hate Lursa because she is my ex gf. i was her bf for a very very long time.. I was nothing but good to her. Buy her this and buy her that. arguements with my parents. always being there for her. I was the perfect bf. Then she cheated on me. With a guy she didnt even know. She broke my heart. It hurt me worse than any other pain i have ever felt. I tried to make the relationship still work after that but after a few more months i decided that i couldnt see her everyday and keep bejng reminded of the pain. We broke up. I moved on and i forgave her. Even though she has constantly hurt me and cheated on me, i still love her. i still want to call her my friend. But she pushes me away. She abuses my love for her. All i want for us is to be happy. She ruined it as my gf by cheating on me. But now i just want us to be friends. i still treat her right i still be there for her i still buy her things. But she ignors me. Catches an atitude and hurt me. As if im the one who has done wrong. I quit

Story #746!

I hate her because we used to love each other. I hate her because I still love her. I hate her because she fell out of love with me. I hate her because I think we have a chance. I hate her because I know we don't. I hate her because she told me we'd be together forever. I hate her because she didn't try to fix it. I hate her because she didn't let me try to fix it. I hate her because she wants to be my friend. I hate her because I never can. I hate her because I want to be there for her, forever. I hate her because she got over me. I hate her because I can never get over her. I hate her because I think she still likes me. I hate her because she won't admit it. I hate her because I might be wrong. I hate her because I probably am wrong. I hate her because she made me happy. I hate her because she took that away from me. I hate her because I can't sleep. I hate her because I can't eat. I hate her because we were perfect. I hate her because she was mean. I hate her because she doesn't understand. I hate her because she's not comfortable. I hate her because I care. I hate her because I look at her and see what could have been. I hate her because I disappointing her. I hate her because I couldn't make her happy. I hate her because I couldn't make her happy enough. I hate her because she is perfect. I hate her because I know her secrets. I hate her because she is smart. I hate her because she is sweet. I hate her because she ripped my heart out. I hate her because she couldn't stop there. I hate her because she gave up on me. I hate her because she convinced herself it couldn't work. I hate her because I gave her my entire heart. I hate her because she lied to me. I hate her because I can't trust she ever told the truth. I hate her because I fear what she did to me. I hate her because of what I don't know. I hate her because she kept her walls up. I hate her because she doesn't have to write this. I hate this because I don't want to write this. I hate her because she knows what she did. I hate her because she doesn't regret what she did. I hate her because she was my best friend. I hate her because I was hers. I hate her because she thinks we can be friends. I hate her because she thinks she understands. I hate her because everything she did made me smile. And like Susan, I hate her because I don't hate her. 'Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.'

Story #745!

She says I'm her best friend. She goes on about how she had such a great time at a friends house when I wasn't invited. She always goes on about how her other friends won't reply to her texts and emails. She tries to get me to do things I don't want to do. She is sullen and moody around me and as soon as someone else comes she's bright, bubbly and laughing nonstop. She makes me back her up when I know it's all her fault. When she's upset and I ask her what the problem is she doesn't answer, and then when someone else comes she vents everything out. She's my best friend, my worst enemy and I hate her.

Story #744!

She's such a butch stereotype and she loves it. It's sickening that she's not her, she's her sixuality. Also how she takes and takes but never gives. How I'm awkward and uncormfortable near her, because she thinks she's better than me. I hate that I care.

Story #743

My girlfriends mom, I hate her, she tells me I'm not good enough for her daughter, she makes cruel little remarks about me to try to turn her against me, she has told the rest of her family am an alcoholic, A pot head, a low life. she has humiliated me, hurt my feelings, torn down my enthusiasm, but I love her daughter, and were engaged whether she likes it or not, luckily my girlfriend loves me and knows her mum is f...... nuts but yeah. All I've done my whole life is look after people, care for people, I've helped the mentally disabled because I've wanted to, not because of encouragement. I have to look after my younger brother with downs syndrome, the last thing I need is her and her horrid remarks, I don't usually call myself a good person, I just call myself a person, someone doing their job, but I think after all these years of abuse, I deserve some f...... credibility and the respect I deserve.

Story #742

I hate her, because she's not sure if she's attracted to me. I hate her, because she constantly leads me on. I hate her because she's my best friend and that's really all I want from her. I hate her, because she expects and demands things from me, that she wouldn't from other friends of hers. I hate her because she lives far away and isn't comfortable with being a long distance friend. I hate her, because she gets jealous of my friends and ignores me for days on end because of that. I hate her, because she's the only person in my life that I can actually call a best friend and she wants to end that. I hate her, because I love her. I love her, because I'm a fool.

Story #741

i hate Rosanna because she was once a good friend of mine. she used to give me unsolicited relationship advice though. she lent me the book 'why men marry b......' but then she began dating my cousin behind my back. the worst part is that she cheated on him. he is just using her someone to have six with, though. but she just doesn't get it. she is stupid and thinks that he 'loves' her. I know he doesn't because he is going to get a traditional arranged marriage. then, on top of everything, she gave my ex, the one that i absolutely despise until the day I die, my number. why would she give him (my horrible ex K) my new phone number??? When i confronted her about it, she completely denied it. the worst part of this is that my horrible ex tried to seduce me and get me to cheat on my current boyfriend. K is like poison...he is absolutely toxic to my mind and wellbeing. they belong together in their cold, miserable existence. i can't wait to graduate from college so that i would never have to see them and i can just move on with life to bigger and better things. Rosanna is a lying b.... and K is a poisonous snake. I regret ever giving her my new number. why did i do this? I hope my cousin dumps her and finds someone else to screw because she is a dirty piece of trashy betraying scum. i sent her an email saying all of this but she didn't reply to any of it because she knows that it is true. she knows what she is. i have been such a good friend to her, baking cookies for her birthday, letting her cry in my lap, and calling her to make sure she was okay after she got dumped a while ago but what has she done to me? Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. They can both go eff each other, if they haven't already done so.

Story #740

I hate how much I care for her, but even more so how much she cares about herself. I hate how much of a d...... she can be and how smart people think she is. I hate how one second I resent her, and the next I love her. I hate that the only problems I worry about are hers and that she flaunts them around like it's something to brag about. I hate how close we are, and how much we rely on each other. I hate, that at the sight of an orange skinned, orange haired idiot she changes into a babbling blob of retardation. I hate that I can't do my homework because I'm too busy hating her. I hate how passive aggressive she is. I hate that she cries like I'm the bad guy. I hate how she thinks I'm at her disposal, like her own personal accessory. I hate that I'm a b.... for telling her what she needs to hear. I hate that telling her what I think doesn't get those thoughts out of my head. I hate her smug little face every time she mentions her shiny new f... buddy. I hate that she can't recognize he's her f... buddy, and that it's her fault. I hate how she says they're 'just friends' until she's actually with him at which point they rip off their clothes at the sight of each other and have at it. When they finish they decide to just be friends again so they can have 'no expectations'. I hate that she expects to sleep with him even though they're 'just friends'...again...for the 3rd time. I hate how much she makes me care about her personal life. Why is she such a d......? I don't understand. I can't stand how she respects no one, not even herself. I hate how she talks to her mother, and how spoiled she is. I hate that she only listens to herself. I cannot stand her yet she is my best friend. I hate that I've been with her so long, and how no one else can replace her. I hate that she is a people collector. I hate her voice. I hate how teenagery she is. I hate how shallow she is. I hate how oblivious she is to how much I hate her. How patronizing she can be. How flattering she can be. How confused she is. I hate how she doesn't hate me back. I hate that part of me wants to never see her again while the other part is picking out a bridesmaid dress for her. I hate how she makes me look like the horrible person. She's such t... and I can't wait for human nature to separate us so I can move on. Her sanity makes me insane and her insanity make me sane.

Story #739

I Hate her because she used to love me, about 4 years ago. We broke up because her parents thought we were too young to be dating. We hadnít talked since then. I hate her because shes fake now, leading me on for 5 months, just so she can say yes to the next guy who asks her out. I hate her because I waited 3 months for her to come back, so she could waste my time for another 2 months before picking someone over me. I hate her because she was talking s... about me on facebook, saying that I didnít care when she didnít even take the time to get to know me at all. I hate her because I paid for the one date we went on. I hate her because she never gave me and explanation or apology as to why she did this to me? She just said yes to the new guy and waited for me to text her to find out. But me, I know better, I didnít text her. I knew from the beginning why she did the things she did. She was confused and hurt from the break-up with her boyfriend of 3 years. I knew this and I understood to back off. My question to her is. Why did you come back then, if you were just gonna find someone new? Why did you have to hurt me? Why didnít you talk to me? She texted me 3 times since then and I have not answered once. In her texts, she calls my name and surrounds it with smiley faces. The First time she texted me was 3 weeks after, when she wondered why I hadnít text her to find out. I hate her because she ruined my birthday a month later with her fake hearts surrounding her fake birthday post on my wall on facebook. It ruined my birthday because her profile picture was a picture of her kissing that new douche she was dating. I hate her because she left when I need someone there the most. I understood and realized that I shouldnít need someone there but I did. She left when my sister just got hit off her bike and was in the hospital. She left when my parents filed for divorce and I started to receive subpoenas to go to court on my b...... fatherís side. I hate her because Iím a nice guy, sheís suppose to manipulate and take advantage of me and Iím not suppose to retaliate. I know deep down sheís just a confused scared little girl and I see that but itís out of my control. I hate her because I know weíll both continue to live and do fine without each other. Thatís just how life goes.

Story #738

I just met my new co-worker, but I already hate her. I hate her because she has a boyfriend that treats her like carp and she tells stories about him to all her friends instead of breaking up with him. I hate her because she's pretty, and it's not enough to know it, she has to fish for compliments from everyone she knows. I hate her because every time I try to make conversation, she only wants to talk about herself, and shuts down any conversation about anything other than how awesome she is. I hate her because she owns over 50 pairs of shoes and has 2 children and is worried about her finances. I hate her because I'm 80 percent sure she steals clothing from work. I hate her because she looks at the brand name on clothing before the style, and owns multiple pairs of Uggs. I hate her because she gave her phone number to some guy while still with her boyfriend, and I've been cheated on and know how that feels. I hate her because she didn't think that guy was good looking, but thought he was wealthy, and 'that can sometimes make up for it.' Now I've got a pretty good idea of why she's staying with her boyfriend. I used to have a friend like this, and I was ashamed at how she treated men and made me complicit in that treatment, and how I let her and laughed because I was afraid of losing a friend. I hate her even more because she has perfect hair and I never will and I hate that I am still jealous of perfect hair when I'm almost ten years out of high school and in a relationship with someone who thinks my hair is perfect. I hate her even more than that because I know that she'd assume I was jealous if I told her that I hate her, about stuff I don't even care about, like the aforementioned designer labels. Most of all, I hate her because I'm probably going to have to pretend to like her to keep my job, because she's popular with my other co-workers.

Story #737

I hate her because for the past 4 months we have been best friends, talking everyday, and always having great conversations and one day I decided to take her out, she accepted, and we had a great time together, and I guess she didn't consider it a date. Then tonight she told me who she cared about and she named me and then rattled off 20 other guys names, then said that her life is complicated, so I asked her how and she said that she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and that she still loves him but she's afraid that if she goes out with him again that many guys that would love to date her would be hurt and I just sit there like so when I took you to that nice restaurant and then a hockey game that didn't mean s... to you?! F...... christ I'm m............ f...... done f...... talking I'm so p.....

Story #736

so i have this friend we're really great together, and whenever we're around shes always flirty drawing on me touching my knee, hugging, i want to pursue romantic relationship so i asked her out, i'll admit i did it really poorly, but she was vague with the answer but she blushed a lot, i thought that meant yes but only if i didn't half a.. it, so i go home and waste a day of my life learning how to make origami hearts, and buying special origami paper, then a week later she txts me and acts like i didn't ask her out. i get that she's trying to preserve the friendship by not rejecting me but this was so much worse!!! i thought i got a yes and was so happy, cause she's really cute and i like her a lot, but no if she politely declined i would have been ok we could have still been friends, but i summon the courage to ask her out and she doesn't have the guts to give me a straight no!!! I hate her!!!

Story #735

I hate her. she is the it girl at school and she is always making jokes about me and my friends. I had never met such a slat like her. she stole one of my boyfriends, kissed half of the school boys (also some girls). hate you b....!

Story #734

I hate her. I hate her because she blindsided me. I hate her because she always acted like I was the one who didn't care, but she left. I hate her because she always lied to me. I hate her because she would act like I wasn't talking. I hate her because she gave up. I hate her because I still think about her. I hate her because she moved on but I haven't. I hate her because she's not as miserable as I am. I hate her because she took more than she gave. I hate her because all she told me was obviously just an excuse. I hate her because I imagine her being the person I wanted her to be with somebody else. I hate her because I can't get her out of my head. I hate her because she took my dog, broke my heart, and shattered my dreams. I hate her because looking back I can see how stupid I was. I hate her because she left me long before she broke up with me. I hate her because she was an emotional coward. I hate her because I think she left me out of fear of me leaving her. I hate her because because she replaced me so soon. I hate her because I still want to call her. I hate her because she just didn't try. I hate her because I still imagine reconciliation. I hate her because I've lost all direction in my life. I hate her because I can't sleep. I hate her because I miss her so much. I hate her because it hurts so much. I hate her because my friends are tired of me talking about her. I hate her because it's less destructive than rage. I hate her because I want to be mean to other people. I hate her because I just sit alone in my apartment and cry. I hate her because I don't know what else to do.

Story #733

I hate her because she takes our 'friendship' for granted I hate her because she thinks her boyfriend is more important then friendship I hate her because she lies and manipulates people I hate her because she always has to have guys around her I hate her because she cheated on her boyfriend and won't tell him I hate her because she calls me a b.... when I do any thing she doesn't like I hate her because she slops on too much makeup and thinks it's cute I hate her because my problems always end up as conversations about her I hate her because she says s... about my parents I hate her because she Gets other people to fight her own fights

Story #732

I can't stand her anymore. I have never liked her and I have tried to like her because she is frequently around me due to the fact that she is my best friend's girlfriend. A few of my friends have girlfriends and most of them I like and don't mind if they hang out with us, and the good thing is I dint have to see them all the time. This girl is around all the time. she has to be with my friend every single second and never let's him alone. On the rare occasion she isn't with us she will complain and b.... that we didn't include her. Infect she complains about everything and she bad talks everybody. I'm tired of her to the point that I needed to vent this out through a very long story. Even at this point every single thing she says annoys me. I need to get rid of her or else I will literaly go insane because I can't take this much longer.

Story #731

I hate how she isn't intellectual. I hate that she doesn't ever listen to me or ask anyone for advice. I hate how she thinks she's an artist, but on the inside, she's just as shallow as the next person. I hate how I open up to her about my life, but she never tells me anything about hers. I hate how she lets her dad and husband manipulate her and verbally abuse her, but won't come to any of her friends for comfort. I hate how she doesn't care that she'll probably never see us again after she moves away. I hate how I can understand things about her and why she is the way she is, yet she doesn't know me as a person. I hate how she can't give me a real hug. I hate how she was never my best friend to begin with and I just realized it.

        >why do you even care about this lady? It's not like people stay around forever, you know. If she doesn't care then why should you?

Story #730

I absolutely hate, despise, cant STAND this gurl. She used to be my bestfriend that i could tell anythang too . Going over each others house every weekend. She felt like she was part of my family , i felt like i was a part of hers. Went on vacations together. Until, i realized what a b.... she really was to me. She has stolen money, a necklace, and earrings from me, and god knows what else. She trys to steal all my friends then rub it in my face that she's hanging out with them. She trashed me behind my back, trashed my boyfriend to my face. Got reallly reallly mean at random moments, and overall was just a horrible friend. When i tell other people the things she has done to me, they cant believe it. She has lied to me so many times i cant even count. I caught her in a few big ones but i hav no idea how many other times she has lied to me. This girl is ridiculoud and i hate her with a passion , and always will.

Story #729

I hate her. Whenever we're at school or anywhere else, she makes it a point to hold my hand. I hate being touched. She acts like she's obsessesd with me, keeps randomly singing out of nowhere and it bugs me because she isn't good at it. She always wants to do these stupid things that I don't like, but do it anyway. All she talks about it the 80s and David Bowie. It bugs me so freaking bad.

Story #728

We're pratically sisters, which means everyone expects us to be friends, at our old school we lived together and the fights between us were many although we did have many good times, she was always jealous of me because i was always invited to the parties etc. She knows everything about me and i know everything about her. When we left our old school and the thought of not having to live with her sounded great to me as i though that by being further apart from each other sounded awsome as then we could just be friends, withough any of the fights. However that was not the end of it. Now we're in different school and both have new friends although we do try to see each other regularly, however recently, due to all of our exams, i havent had time to go out and see each other or anyone for that matter. So this week (as she was really making me feel bad for never having the time to see her) we agreet of meeting up to go shopping friday afternoon. And because i'd agreed to this i turned down going to the cinema and out for supper tomorrow with all of my friends from my school (who she doesne even know). Turns out, she has a friend who used to go to my school and is friends with my new friends, and when my friend heard that she was going out she invited herself to go too even though she knows practically nobody whose going. She told me this right now, she said that shed been invited to go out with a bunch of people and that basically that was more important. So i cant go out tomorrow coz the tickets are booked and the cinema is full so i have to sit at home and watch as she steals my friends. This is typical her. She sees that i have friends.She decides to join in. And thats just the tipping point, i cant stand her constant scheeming and planning, she really needs to value whose important in her life, because ive always been here for her- these friends shell probably never see again. no jokes, she needs to sort her life out, she thinks shes so ugly etc and just hearing her complain about the stupedest things makes me crazy!

Story #727

I hate this girl because I was nice. I lent her my swimsuit one day at practice, she lost it and I asked her to pay me back because the swimsuit was $150 dollars and really important to me, it was my best racing suit. She is p..... and says that I should be ashamed for making her pay for it, she says I am materialistic and judgemental. She says I judge her and I'm rude and I treat her like crop. None of this is true I have been kind, understanding and accpeting of the fact that we all make mistakes. But when someone loses something like a $150 dollar suit, they need to grow up and pay up. She is not owning up to her mistake and she refuses to admit that she lost it. I hate her.

Story #726

Let's call her 'Annie'. She used to be my best friend. She got hit by a ball and I accidentally dropped her while giving her a piggyback ride today. Of course she was upset, I totally understand. But then, (even though both things were accidents) she made me and the guy (let's call him 'Barry') who hit her with the ball very guilty by putting as her status: 'Thanks to a few people who made the best (worst) day ever: Barry and (my name)!!!' I apologized a million times when I hurt her, but we're really close, so I commented 'i am sooo sorry!!!'. Then my friend Clara commented 'sorry about what happened'. Annie only answered to Clara's comment! She didn't reply to mine! I apologized per message, and Annie ignored it, EVEN though she was online!!! How do I face her on Monday?! We're on the same bus, and if I don't sit with her, she'll know I'm mad. And I really don't wanna mess things up with her!!! Help!

Story #725

Ugh well I don't hate her,but she makes me wanna!!?? Mxm well she's 1of my best friends(M) and she hates my other best friend(J) so she always pick a fight about that! Anyway! So I posted on J's wall and then all of the sudden M bbms me.. Asking 'am I really your best friend??' And then she started to ask me all these questions ai! Anyway she's so jealous and I'm NeVeR good enough agh and you don't wanna know how much times I've changed just 4 her! Mxm actually I don't think I can live with out her but sometimes she just makes me sick to my stomach uah I hate that I love her(as a friend) I'm so fed up fighting with her,but I don't wanna end our friendship and every time I say 'let's talk this over' she don't know what to say!! I hate her 4 changing me I hate her 4 being jealous I hate her 4 always braking me down I hate her 4 ahg Idk?! I hate that I love her so!

Story #724

I hate my sisters because since child hood they have hated me too. There is no one in this world that treats me as bad as they do. She never says hi she always walk threw like a stuck up diva everywhere she goes. The other one always tried to be mrs hardball they both even hate to be touched. I can't ask them where they've been where their going why etc Cause they treat me like trash. Dang them both. Its been 20 years. One doesn't give a darn for us being together another is ashamed of me while she dresses like a bright where. An I can't even talk to them. As soon as I find a job and move to another town I am never talking to them again! See if I care

Story #723

Theres this girl at my skool Sick No one likes her I had a fight with her online Shes taken my best friend I get annoyed so i leave them two but my best friend becomes angry at me becoz i left her Truth noes she left me alone for a whole year in grade 4 and not to metion the beginning of this year until now and she expects me to apologize She told my other friend that she never left me alone Anyway i hope something happens this week becoz i have to sit with her for an hour

Story #722

I hate her!!! First she said that she liked my classmate Rob. Then she 'dumped' him, but it was nothing special just some chatting with notes and sms. Then she said she likes my classmate Eric. A lot of chatting, talking and sms... And then she 'dumped' Eric too! Finally She said that she liked me all the time. I was like, holy s...! She realy likes me!!! Next day... She wrote in facebook: 'It was my cousin who wrote that, I don't even like you.' Before she wrote in facebook that she likes me. I hate her!!! I still find her looking at me(you know what I mean). Please write some cooments and give advice.

Story #721

I hate cos she can't be happy for me. I hate her cos her jealousy is so severe that I can't ignore. I hate her cos even though I go out of my way to boost her self esteem she can't do the same for me. I hate that now for the first time in my life I can look in a mirror and not look away cos I'm repulsed she says I'm vain and ugly. I hate that she makes me paranoid cos she says everyone says these things? I hate her cruel, spiteful and mean words that cause me to relapse but most of all I hate me for letting her get to me

Story #720

I hate how she always gets what she wants and then acts like she's so hard-done-by. I hate how no one sees past her little manipulative act to know she's actually a backstabber. I hate how she picks out everyones faults and then makes jokes about them for long after the joke is said. I hate how one day she suddenly decided it was okay to leave me out of everything. I hate how she can't settle for anything less than the best. I hate how she pretends to be so nice but then complains behind everyones backs. I hate how she turned the whole group of my friends against me. I hate how she made everyone ditch me when I needed them the most. I hate how she made me so depressed. But the thing I hate the most about her... She was once my bestfriend.

Story #719

She is liked by everyone. All the guys love her. She is so fake. She thinks were friends but she tells me everything mean everyone says about me. Today I yelled at her I apoligized and now she thinks im the mean one but really its her.

Story #718

I hate her, because I love her. I love her so much it burns me when I'm alone. It sears my skin when I'm near her, and my heart rips itself up and leaks acid in the rancid shell that used to hold it whenever she gets angry. But she doesnít love me. She wonít ever love me, I suspect. She will just continue to stay with her d... boyfriend who ignores her every hour of every day. They have such a poor relationship theyíve stopped having six. And yet, even with everything I give her (my heart included), she merely smiles and says 'aww' as she slowly closes the grip out my sanity, crushing me under her overpowering weight. Sheís beautiful, too, and she admits sheíd be with me if it werenít for him. But nothing will move her out of that s... place. Sheís going to stay there until life passes away all around her, and she is left in the dusts of time, a wasted soul, forever doomed to mediocrity in this pathetic excuse for a town. So be it. I wonít stop her ruining her life anymore. F... her. I love her more than I love anyone Iíve ever known, but that doesnít mean Iím going to let her drag me down. I have the power to get out of this place. I can leave and never look back, and be a normal person, even after everything Iíve endured. I can have a family, and friends, and a future. If she doesnít want to come with me, into the true world, so be it. The b.... can stay here and fester. She swore to me, that she would think of me, before she made stupid decisions. She swore she would be with me eventually. But itís been so long, I canít believe Iíve been so short sighted and foolish. The first true mistake Iíve made in my entire life. Months, coming close to half a year now, Iíve wasted catering to her. Giving her everything. This chill in my flesh, is this grief? Or is it relief? I canít tell anymore. I donít care. Within this week. I will be free to fly the skies of life like I once did so long ago. You know youíre in a bad place when talking to someone you think you love makes you angry when they mention anything you can even slightly misconstrue as a negative. You know youíre in a bad place when you look forward to them visiting, but they never once touch your, or say anything good. They simply sit there, chattering away about themselves and their petty needs. But I digress, Instead of writing my story, I wrote my rant. Maybe iíll send another story in, and actually write what it really is, not just what sheís made me, and what sheís done to everything around me.

Story #717

I hate her because she's keeps on lying. She denies having feelings for my husband and tells everyone in the office that I'm just silly about thinking that something is going on between her and my husband. I hate her because she keeps on promising that she will no longer communicate with my husband for personal reasons but keeps breaking her promise. I hate her because she doesn't think about my daughter's miseries because of her. I hate her for being friends with my husband and asking him to buy things for her that she thinks I do not know but I know. I hate her because she's a flirt. I hate her because I know there was a romantic invovement between her and my husband while they were in Palawan. I hate her because she's the only reason why I do not trust my husband anymore, she's the only reason for the troubles between me and husband. I hate her because she doesn't care about my feelings. I hope she'll be in my situation when the time comes. I hope her future husband will have a romantic involvement also with a younger woman. Then, I hope men will fool her and she'll have many children without a father. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her so much!

Story #716

I hate her because, she thinks she's better than everyone else! I hate her because she has a boyfriend, but texts other guys saying she like them, behind her boyfriends back! I hate her because she lies to me, tells people lies about me, calling me names, saying bad stuff about me! I hate her so much you don't even realize, she's a backstabbing person, she's fake!

Story #715

I hate her because she let me go. I hate her because she let me go and wont admit it. I hate her because of the way she doesnt call anymore. I hate her because she doesnt text anymore. I hate her because she ignores majority of the things i say to her. I hate her because she only wants to talk if its about herself. I hate her because i dont have my go to person anymore. I hate her because I'm alone. I hate her because she replaced me with new friends. I hate her because she ditches me, then wonders why i get mad. I hate her because she doesnt understand how I think she's letting go, when its blatantly obvious. I hate her because she wont admit it. I hate her because i love her. I hate her because I love her and she stopped loving me back.

Story #714

I don't hate her, I hate him. I hate the way he made me fall in love with him. I hate the way he is really smart. I hate the way he plays piano so beautifully. I hate the way he hates me. I hate me.

Story #713

She is downright cruel! I started dating her cousin in 2010, shortly after new years. She and I had only talked via text, and we became decent friends. I met her in August and saw how she looked at my best friend, and how he looked at her (just remember my bff is also my ex). My boyfriend and I set them up. In September, I got engaged. In December, I got pregnant. My bff and my fiance's cousin started dating after Christmas. In March, she moved in with her boyfriend and his family. I hate her for not even trying to get a job when they were already hard pressed for money. In September, my son was born. I hate her for getting mad because I didn't want her there while I was in labor. She got mad and told my bff to not talk to me anymore. Now all she does is complain about me on facebook. My fiance called our wedding off, and later I broke up with him completely because he didn't stand up for me when she attacked me via text! I hate her so much!!!

Story #712

Letís just say we use to be really close. Well I had a boyfriend and she grew really close with him. Like he even had a dream he made out with her right in front of me. And I follow the saying, 'Theyíre in your dream for a reason.' Well I didnít over think it and he started getting meaner and meaner. Well he started not letting me go anywhere and he never trusted me even though I never cheated on him an he cheated on me 5 times in only the 7 months we dated... what a shame, I know. Well she decided that I was in the wrong for leaving him because he dumped me because I said 'you too' instead of 'I love you too'. I mean h e l l o the guy is psycho! So my mom helped me change my number because he wouldnít stop calling me and harassing me and calling me fat and ugly but them telling me he loved me five minutes later. So I listened to my mom. Well she got on her facebook and started calling me immature for leaving him and how I should stay with him. Like I thought she was one of my best friends! ? So I got into it with her. Well then she went and started flirting with him after she told me she would never do that no matter what. Now I see her in school everyday and I just wanna tell her current boyfriend about how she was flirting with my ex and sooo many other guys why sheís dating him! Sheís a dirty c... who deserves nothing but the worse. I hate her because she doesnít know how treat anyone right, or stand on her own, or be a good friend. I hate her because she sets out to destroy people and get in more trouble! I hate her because I fell for all her lies when sheís a plain b-word! I hate her I hate her. I h a t e h e r !

Story #711

I hate her because she thinks i copied her when why the f... would i ever want to be a b..... little where like her. She thinks shes better than me and prettier but all her boyfriends tell me im better and they wish they chose me instead of her. She thinks she has a nice body but shes stick skinny and has no tots or a.. whatsoever and she gets p..... if guys she talks to say that i have a better body or when they say i have nice tots and a nice a... Her and her mom are phsycho a.. b...... who are addicted to drama. Everything has to be right. She talks s... about all her friends but then acts like a kiss a.. to their face. She acts like all these guys like her and all these people like her when the guys that like her are all ugly as f... and everybody tells me that nobody likes her because shes an annoying b..... She tells guys she 'loves' them and talks to like 4 other guys and tells them she loves them when she has a boyfriend!!! Shes a boy crazy phsycho b.... because she learned from her mom. Shes 14 and has already done sixual things with guys and shell probably end up pregnant in high school because she told me she wants to have six soon so shell get pregnant drop out of highschool and live in a trailer park for the rest of her life. Also one of her friends liked her boyfriend and she didnt care and then she found out her boyfriend liked me and she flipped out on me!!! Shes a jealous b.... and i hope that someday karma will show her how much of a b.... it can be because what goes around comes around.

Story #710

I hate her because I love her. I hate her because she is so beautiful. I hate her because all I can think about is her. I hate her because I can no longer focus on my studies with her in my life. I hate her because I know I will never be anything more than her best friend. I hate her because I know I would give up tennis in a instant to be with her. I hate her because I am ruining my future chasing her. I hate her because I know I will never find another girl like her ever again. I hate her because she would rather be played than loved. I hate her because even after reading my last sentence she wouldn't believe me. I hate her because she has the cutest laugh in the world. I hate her because I could be hooking up with girls that most guys say are more attractive but I pass them up to watch her being swept away by someone else. I hate her because I will never stop. I hate her because all I wanted was to be friends with her, but the more time you spend with her the more you love her. I hate her because I know deep down she has flaws but I still haven't been able to find them. I love her because I hate her.

Story #709

We've been bffs 4ever!!! Then she goes and ditches me 4 my arch enemy!!! I can't believe she would do tht!!! I told her it was either me or her and she just ignores it like its no big deal. She tells me I'm her best friend and she's mine and then goes and acts like she knows the guy tht I really like a lot and says they're like 'brother and sister' umm... no. She thinks she can get whatever she wants and after I tell her that her new 'bff' is my arch enemy (which she already) knew... she says whatever... idk what happened!!! She just ditched me over the summer 4 the other girl!!! I just want 2 scream!!!

Story #708

Lets call her B. Well B acts like a freaking emo/scene. She supposedly has an 'emo boyfriend'. She takes pictures off the internet of emo guys and claims that is her boyfriend. I hate stereotypes, but she constently calls herself emo or some s.... Then she gets sad for no damn reason, and I know she is very spoiled and well treated. I listen to rock/ screamo and she just can't name one album of one band she loves. And B always talks s... about other girls, when she really looks weird and kinda fugly. And she lies that 'em0' guys drool over her. Everybody knows she is f...... fake and she hangs out with my group, so I can't get rid of the poser.

Story #707

I hate her for telling me when we first met that she was adamant to tell me she didnt care about what faith I was and that she hated her parents. In the end, she broke my heart because her parents didnt agree cos faith...I hate her for breaking my heart and shattering my soul, for stealing my innocence. I hate her for the lies and deceit. I hate her for sending me to hill through her and her parents. I hate her for killing a part of me I will never get back.

Story #706

Can someone help? So my boyfriend and I have been dating for more than 9 months. For 7 months of it, we've been in a long distance relationship. (We met on a game, and he came to Oregon from New York to visit and then went back so he could work to save up, and then move here wiht me. Anyways, so his mom (Never met her...) She went on my facebook and looked at my pictures. And the next day started talking to my boyfriend and telling him I was fat, and that I come from a terrible family and such. Because my lip is peirce. And she always picks on me. And calls me 'metalic'. And if they see a rock band on tv or something, she's like 'Oh, does 'My name' listen to that?' And she always says s... about me. Anyways, so she calls me fat, then sits on my boyfriends lap, acts all cute and whatever and asks if she ways too much for him and stuff. Blahblahblah. Anyways again, she just had lipo done, and she calls me fat? But I don't mention it to him that it bothered me, because that's his mom, and I'm his girlfriend... (He's a mama's boy, kinda.) What do I say without it being a big deal??? Please help. It really hurts my feelings. And I don't except the compliments my boyfriend gives me as it is, she's not helping me feel better about myself. I'm starting to hate her, and I've never met her. Plus she always put his brother before him (his brother is always out screwing random girls, has had chlamitia, all he does is drink, and watch tv. and works one day a week. and his mom still thinks the brother is doing more for himself than my boyfriend...?). I don't want it to be a big problem because he's the only good thing in my life, he makes me happy, and I love him, but this bothers me that his mom judges me so much, and she's never met me. And my boyfriend doesn't stand up for me... But his dad always says he loves me for making his son happy. And that he wants to meet me. But I don't want to go to NY because his mom doesn't like me. So I come up with excuses.. Help.

Story #705

I hate her. All my mom ever does is be nasty and rude. She treats me and my sister like crop, and she hates me the most. She never wants to spend time with me. I got a bad grade once so my mom deleted my, facebook,youtube,and skype account. 1 bad grade!!! i hang out with guys because. all the girls in my grade are spoiled b...... and she hates it, my bffl is a girl and she doesnt like her because she doesnt have a good memory. she is always yelling at my dad and never being nice to anyone! she acts all nice when she has friends over but she is always a nast b.... to me. idk why but she absolutly hates my grandma and wants nothing to do with her, and she hates my aunt who i love. she is always being so mean,nasty, and rude!!! i want to live with my grandma!!! she actually loves me!!!

Story #704

I hate her so much right now. She's loud. She's brash, rude and annoying. She's self absorbed, uses people, starts fights, has a massive ego, and never listens to me... But then, why do i love her so? I think its because she is smart. She's also funny, easy going and beautiful. She can be so caring and helpful! She has the heart of an artist, and such a powerful presence... Not like other girls, She has an aura about her. I've known her for nearly 10 years, and lately, i can't get her off my mind... I hate the power she has over me!! She must know i love her. I treat her better than any other man in her life has, Im always there for her, and we spend so much time together already. Other guys want her for her physical properties, but i fell in love with her mind, a long time ago. I don't even consider the six, i just want her face to be the one i see first in the morning. I want to kiss her when i leave and say goodbye. I want to hold her up when she is down, and i wanna kick the a.. of whoever hurts her... She could have my undivided love, care, attention and protection... But she would rather leave her options open at this point, so I'll wait, like a good boy. I take it back... I don't hate her, i can't. I hate how she is making me feel right now though!

Story #703

Let's call her Octopus A... Her and I were best friends for 10 years (at least!) before she betrayed me. She slept with my ex of 4 years behind my back (my first love, my first serious relationship, my first everything)...and then she apologized. I was so hurt, but her apology seemed sincere and I thought that we could move on, after all, she was one of my closest and dearest friends. She told me that she was sorry, she never meant for it to happen, it meant nothing, and no boy could ever come between us. Octopus A.. has never spoken to me since, and her and my ex are still together. I hate Octopus A.. because she chose to treat me like dirt, instead of being upfront about her feelings. I hate Octopus A.. because I never would have done the same thing to her. I hate Octopus A... I hate her.

Story #702

I hate her I hate her I hate her and o I really really really hate her. Shes a mean stoner. Makes my life h e doubble hocky sticks. She is so nice for all of what 5 seconds then goes behind ur back and talks smack bout u this is really suckish having to sit next to her in math. she takes credit for my work and gets me in trouble with the teacher cause she tells the teacher I coppied her and I get into such big trouble it just stinks really bad. I dontt like it at all. Y??? Y must I be cursed to know her what is tje purpose of having her around???.shes so mean!!! Gr. I hate her.

Story #701

Let's call her squirrel. That's what her last name means and thats about what she looks like. She was sleeping with a guy at work and thats how she got a job with the company. HAH! and this guy was engaged to her, figured out what a wack job she was and dumped her 3 times. Thats right - he called off the wedding 3 times. She got her own place but always comes around because he has a daughter from his first marriage. I think she realizes that no one else will be crazy enough to hang out with her so she tries to get back with him through his daughter. So fast forward...she starts working with teh company and has already slept with 2 different guys. But you know why i hate her the most? BEcause she's a liar, manipulative, deceitful and sneaky! She's a total B word to the tenth degree. If she ever catches someone making a mistake she blows it all out of proportion and makes sure every one knows about it. Usually if she can, she'll throw in how she saved the day and corrected the problem. It's tetrrrible but i really have nothing but hatred for her. She's a terrible terrible person. I think she's going to be one of those old ladies with 12 cats. She's an only child which is part of her problem - she has to be the center of attention at all times. I cant friggin' stand her. As the old saying goes - if she was on fire i wouldnt p on her. Unless my p was gasoline. then i'd p on her. hah!! I would love it if she would move far far away so i dont have to see or hear her. Just the sound of her voice makes me want to vomit. She hardly has any friends. I think she fears anyone that she feels threatened by.

Story #700

I hate her because ahe hates me for the wrong reasons. She wont listen to anything that i have to say. I hate her because she made quite a change in my life. I hate her for manipulating her so called friends--best to call them her minions--so things go her way. I hate her cause she wont accept facts, and let me take the blame for her miseries. I hate that she is obsessed. I hate that she Cant move on. I hate that she wont listen, and none of her so called friends are helping her. I hate her, but in the end i know i want this hate to stop. She hates me, but i hate her more because she has shown how little and reversed she can be for the wrong reasons.

Story #699

I hate her because she accepted me before she rejected me. I hate her because shes so cute. I hate her because I want no one else as long as I think I have any chance with her. I hate her because she thinks im obsessed with her even though shes ten times as obsessed with him. I hate her because she still hasnít gotten over him. I hate her because she thinks hes and angel and im a creep when all he ever did was play her. I hate her because shes such a f...... tool. I hate her because I want to tell her how wrong she is. I hate her because Im letting so many opportunities slip by with girls who are BETTER looking than her. I hate her because she judges me for doing what she does. I hate her because she would rather be played than loved. I hate her because I believe in her. I hate her because ive let goÖbut I still cant move on.

        > Problem 1- She doesn't want you ('she rejected me'). Problem 2- You haven't moved on ('I want no one else as long as'). Problem 3- She doesn't meet your expectations ('I hate her because she still hasn't'). 'I want to tell her how wrong she is-' You haven't fully accepted that she doesn't want you (Problem 1), so you don't realize that she doesn't care how wrong you think she is (regardless of whether or not you're right about her being wrong). The fundamental point, the thing you most need to realize and accept, is that she doesn't want you. Get that through your head, really accept it, and problems 2 and 3 will disappear. You will be able to move on once your really understand that she doesn't want you. You'll realize that it doesn't matter if she doesn't meet your expectations. People often make the mistake of thinking 'if only I did xyz, then she'd like me,' not realizing that there are times when nothing you can do will change it. The best thing you can do is to stop throwing time/effort/emotion at her. What relationship might you have missed with someone else because you were pining after her? If you stop worrying about her now, you will be that much closer to someone you'll be happy with. -John

Story #698

She always name call me!!! And its better if ‎ its nice! But its not nice at all for me ‎... But she help me ‎ though... But she is annoying sometimes! Well most of the time... And she is 'mommy favorite girl' she always get what she wants!! Which is making me boil

Story #697

I hate her. I hate her because shes face. I hate her because she turns her friends against me without a good reason. I hate that her opinions bother me. I hate that all opinions bother me. I hate the fact she think she knows every little f...... detail when she doesn't. I hate how she thinks she knows me. I hate how she think writing Facebook statuses about me isn't noticeable. I hate how she thinks she introduced me to my last three friends and I'm just trying to copy her. I hate how she can't be civil when I apologies for nothing. I hate how she has to be do mean to me because I'm dating her ex. I hate how she acts like she has the world twisted around her finger. I hate how I could bash her Infront of everyone but I don't because I don't have a reason too. I hate how I thought she was my friend. I hate how I feel right now and can't sleep because the reasons I hate her aren't good enough for a fight and the same for the reasons she hates me. I hate how she hates me and has to be fake about it. I hate how no one helps me with it. I hate how everything I do seems backwards... I hate how I want to cry but I can't. I hate the fact I fell in love with him and now everyone is turning against me.

Story #696

I HATE HER BECAUSE She Made Me And My Ex Boyfriend Break Up And I Didn't and Wouldnt Ever Do That To Her. And When Her Ex Boyfriend Dumped Her For Me, And I Asked Her If She Would Be Okay With Me Dating Him, She Claimed She Didn't Give A Care About The Guys I Date. And She FORCED My Ex To Go Out With Her To Make Me Jealous. Even Though I CHOSE Not To Date Her Ex Because I Knew That If I Did That, I Would Be A Low Down Dirty Person.

Story #695

I hate her because she's so bloody patronising! She told me today that i will never really be slim because i don't have the discipline. She tells me she does'nt neef to worry about money because her prat of a boyfriend has 'great earning potential'. I hate her because she tells me when our mutual friends get together she.says that i can come along if i want but i'll be the only.single.person there-'will you be ok with that because, you know, i might not be able to talk to you that much'. I hate her because she makes me want to watch her fall flat on her face for being such a b....

Story #694

i hate her, i used to be her best friend i could tell you anything about her, favorite song, book, colour, food. i asked her out but nothing happend because i was a friend, and the she went out with one of my friends as if just to spite me and when her dumped she came crying back and i sat and hugged her for hours while she cried on my shoulder. then the next day she stopped talking to me completely not a word for 6 months and when i try to talk to her even in a school related manner she ignore me. i really miss the old her but i hate this new one

Story #693

I hate her. She pretends to be friendly but talks behind my back. She tells lies. She makes all my friends against me. She hangs out with our friends just because she wants to be popular. She talks about how she hates other girls but always sticks up to them when she's in front of them. She only joined us because she had no other friends to play with. I be nice to her but she always talks about bad things about me. She argues with me even though she knows i am right. I HATE HER.

Story #692

I hate my friend!!! She always brags about what she wants or she just got! It gets so annoying at points when sometimes, I feel like I want to grab that specific object and through it on the ground! My friend always threatens my other good friends and they were just trying to help her. The other day when I came over and her boy friend was there, I was swinging on the swings and she starts throwing apples at me and they both start laughing at me. I could have gotten seriously hurt by those. She always makes fun of me and she uses me to get to her boy friend and I am getting sick and tired of that. She thinks she can get everything she wants, but she canít! She always tells me that she wants to be e.m.o or scene and I donít really care. And she expects me to do the same thing so then she wonít be left out and I freaked out! Either then that, she is always rude to me and my parents and my friends and they donít like it either. My friend that I hate is named Hailey. She is one year older then me and she is coming to our school. She is going to cause a lot of drama at our school and she is going to out school because Iím there. The drama is terrible and Iím always in the drama when I donít do anything. She thinks she can win every fight, but she canít, I know she canít! She always tries to act cool around everyone and she ends up making fun of them and it hurts my feelings. Next time I see her, Iím going to say it straight to her face and Iím not turning back. She can make fun of me and gossip about me, well guess what? I donít care, go right ahead see if I care because nothing can bring me down!

Story #691

She's my 'best friend'. I love her a lot, but most of the time I just plain hate her. She's always trying 2 make me feel bad about myself, always showing off indirectly. I told my other friends about it and they said she's just jealous and feels bad about herself so she makes me feel bad. They told me 2 ignore her but sometimes I can't. She always makes her boyfriend seems better than mine. Always acting like she knows my boyfriend very well. She just makes me feel so self-conscious sometimes. Almost everyone thinks she's so sweet, friendly and nice when she's just so f...... pathetic. People who knows what she's really like are those who spend a lot of time with her. I'm someone who likes 2 complain so I complain 2 my family and some friends a lot. I'm not quite sure I can trust some of them bcos one of them told me what she said about me (so the likelihood of her doing the same 2 me is kinda higher). Sometimes she's really nice to me and we'd spend a lot of time together. We're really close and she knows my deepest secrets, but she can just be a major b..... And when I used to like this guy, she keeps showing off that he writes to her he loves her when she knows I like him. And then she'd flirt with another crush of mine. I hate her!

Story #690

2 yrs ago, I met my boyfriend through a table tennis tryout. I fell madly in love with him because although he was not the hottest guy in town, his personality sparkled with kindness and humor. He asked me out and I was able to find that we were extremely compatible. However, there was a girl who was #1 on the school team for 2 years and within 2 weeks of my relationship, she began to flirt with my new man. She said things like 'hey, nice shorts, Alvin, makes me wanna smack ya real hard *wink*' right in front of my face. Not to mention she HAS A BOYFRIEND!! When I got up to say something, basically like 'wth is wrong with you'/'who do you think you are,' my boyfriend held me back saying 'don't worry, that's how she is.' Later on, my boyfriend and I were extremely close to falling apart b/c he constantly kept comparing me to her! He'd be like, 'If you need help in class, then you should ask her for help' and 'She's so smart and funny' and even 'She's perfect fer me'... I exploded and yelled on the phone 'WHAT is your problem! If she's so perfect for you! Then why don't you go get her instead! I have PLENTY of options! I don't need you!'...and he replied that he was simply being honest. I wanted to tell him how ugly he was when I first saw him and how annoying he is and that he'll never find a girl like me again...but I held back b/c I knew it was just going to makes things worse. And since he knew i didnt like her, he never told me about her hanging out with him three times or MORE that I still don't know about! I found out through his Facebook wall where she wrote 'Ahh my love handles hurt! But thanks for buying me dinner!:)' I wanted to vomit. This boy never realized how much pain I endured in this 2yr relationship. He is lucky that I am strong enough girl who was willing to put up with such carp. I was perfectly fine when entering college, but he dramatically DESTROYED my self-esteem. So bad that I once got tipsy on a beer b/c I was sooo depressed, and I asked 'Tell me... is she prettier than me?' and he said yes. I chucked my beer into the trash can and bid him goodnight! I hate her! I hate her so much! I hate how she's so perfect in every way! I hate her academic excellence! I hate her ping pong expertise! I hate how she is so popular and every boy I know likes her/wants her. All I know is she may be all that stuff, but at least I am a loyal human being who would never flirt behind my own bf's back, no matter how badly he talked down at me back then and no matter how many guys approached me for a date. After Alvin observed that i was being asked out in front of his face, he finally apologized after TWO YEARS (as in last week)! And I forgave him and told him if he flirts around ever again I will drop him like a rock!

Story #689

i hate her, because she made me fell in love with her und said she loved me real deep, and then she said it's all over. and she f..... one of my best friends, even though it's not her to style and he's an a....... She always lies to me. She makes me feel like, i'm the one who made everything sink in a deep black hole.

Story #688

I haven't even met the dang girl! She's my boyfriends best friend, but he likes her... From all the pictures I see of her... She's beautiful! My boyfriend gave me a necklace... And he gave her one exactly like it... I know cause of the picture she took of herself with it on... Ugh! He told me that she falls asleep in his lap when there watching tv....I'm starting to wonder why he's still with me...

Story #687

i hate her because she's a huge b..... i hate her because she leads guys on but never follows through because she likes to watch them suffer. i hate her because she craves attention from boys, becoming a total slat. i hate her because she was broken by one boy and now she goes and does the same to anyone that comes her way. i hate that she ends up having six with all of her guy friends even if she doesn't like them. i hate her because she's me.

Story #686

I hate her because she got extremely close to me then dissed me for her boyfriend. I hate her because she acts like a total b.... to me. I hate her because she's a complete snob. I hate her because she put her boyfriend before her best friend. I hate how I can't get over the things she did to me. I hate her because she rejects and replaces me easily. I hate her because my family wishes for her death. I wish for her death. I hate her because sometimes, actually all the time she's my weakness. I hate her and her boyfriend and all I wish for is their death or separation. I wish God will make her go through both- living hell and after life.

        > O You who believe! Behold, among your spouses and your children are enemies unto you: so beware of them! But if you pardon (their faults), and forbear, and forgive- then, behold, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. The Holy Qur'an, 64:14.
        > 'If ye forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you.' The Holy Bible, Matthew 6:14.
        > (not sure which applies for this story's submitter, so here's both) -John

Story #685

She used to be our bestfriend. Theres 4 of us, shes the outgoing social one that seems super sweet and bubbly. Everyone loves her...except her closest friends. I hate her. I hate her for stealing my ex. I hate her for lying to me like a compulsive liar. I hate her for making me feel guilty. I hate that she always feels like her voice should be louder than mine. I hate that her mood completely changes into an obnoxious one as soon as a male enters the room. I hate her sick need to lead all guys on for the sake of her being adored...God forbid a guy not like her. I hate her for being a slat. I hate her because she makes herself seem like a poor little victim in everything. I hate that she can get her way with everyone with her fake sweet talk. I hate that shes ignorant. I hate how shes careless. I hate how she always puts herself first. I hate how she uses my sister. I hate the b.... that she is. But I love how I can see right through her fake, transparent self.

Story #684

I hate her! She always keeps me home because she's lonely yeah right she keeps me away from my friends because she's jealous and she's not even my really mom!

Story #683

I hate a girl named K. She is a B..... Always tries to lure people and thinks that she is the best. I hate her always. I curse her in everything she does. she played pranks with me. loved the guy i loved she had been very cunning to get him back. she never had stability with thoughts. insane idiot.she thought she can do anything. one a....... yuck, she is the person i hate the most. she scolded me so badly. let devils stay with her. she sucks. B..... i wud always want her to know that i hate her the most.

Story #682

I hate her. She thinks I'm stupid and calls me on a restricted number even though I know it's her. She talks behind my back because I became best friends with her 'best friend'. She obsesses over her and she can't bare to share her. She says I have staring problems and I laugh to much. Maybe she just needs to lighten up. And now she is dating my ex boyfriend. I hope they are happy. I hate them both so much they are perfect for each other.

Story #681

First I have to say that this was a totally ingenious idea you had making this site. Keep up the god work! I don't even know where to start, I hate you K...I hate you so so sooo much. I don't hate very often but I hate you so much. You had no reason for telling me that you wanted to 'Break up with me as a best friend buy keep you as a friend' because 'you were wasting your time coming to my house, when you could be doing something productive like getting a job.' Well, as long as were on the subject of jobs, I love how you now work at my dream job, but remember that you didn't even WANT to work there, you absolutely HATED the store, and until I said something about me LOVING the store and me LOVING everything about it, you somehow start to love the store. You have no aspiration for anything, you still sit on your daddy's lap and you're 21...I hate you...You hurt my feelings, you were my best friend and I thought I could talk to you about anything, even boys...oh lets not get started on boys, this one guy I liked (who was and still is in fact gay), I told her about him and what does she do? she takes my phone and calls him up and basically sounds ridiculously crazy, all because I messed her phone up. Because I didn't want to tell her anymore about him(just based off of the phone incident) I tell her I don't want to talk to her about him. She starts crying..CRYING, because she wants to hear about a guy that doesn't even like, let alone KNOW her. She constantly made fun of me, and made fun of my eating disorder/insecurity issues about my body. Mimicking me, and joking about it. She called me dumb, and constantly brought up my worst moments, throwing them in my face. I never once did this to her. I would ask her if I looked good in a certain outfit, she would say yes(knowing I looked ugly as all hill) and had me look disgusting while she looked her best. I finally got it off my chest, and I am so happy to say that I hate her. I hate her so much. If it's too long, you can edit to make it shorter, it's okay. I just needed to tell it to someone.

        > We aim to please. -John

Story #680

She used to be my best friend for like 8 years and we used to do everything together. But now I just really cannot stand her. She thinks that she's so cool and popular and athletic and shes really not. She gets on my nerves sooo bad and all of my friends hate her though. She also recently told one of my very best friends that she's never really liked me and that kinda hurt because I actually thought that we really used to be really good friends. Now she just thinks that everyone just loves her and all that carp but a lot of people don't. And she called me the one time and started flipping out so I blew up and screamed at her. I think she's just jealous cause I basically took her friends, popularity, and now I'm pretty good looking and I went out with her ex boyfriend. I just hate her very very very much!

Story #679

My neighbor's a jerk (Y). She's always saying terrible things about this girl who just moved in (H) (see #570. That's pretty much it.) It's weird, because she's a typical mean and popular girl, knows it, and actually enjoys it. She steals other kid's lunch money and boyfriends among other things. I feel really terrible, and try to indirectly defend (H) or take a neutral standing, but I guess the girl I really hate is myself. Why can't I just stand up to her? I don't actually hate (Y). She's really nice and funny when she's not b....... about others, but I'm just so afraid that she's going to hate me if I say anything. Am I really so insecure that I can't stand up to a younger girl with immature comebacks? Why do I even want to be on her good side? It's disgusting. I'm going into high school, so they both will be left in middle school. My social standing is extremely low, I've always been scared of people (especially guys because they're so outgoing and tall) and she's as outgoing as a guy and I think that might be why I can't directly confront her. When they both get into high school, I decided that I will confront her. But I don't want to be too late, and I still don't know if I'll be able too. I hate myself for being a pushover and bystander.

Story #678

I hate my friend B. It seems like every day she is on her pariod. She for some reason just had a cruel hate for me and wants me to have a s..... life. I'm 12 and 130 pounds. Big whoop. She called me fat and ugly. Even tho her face is full of acne and I Hav a clear complexion. Uggghhh. I hate her with a PASSION..

Story #677

I hate her! She's a try hard that tries to be cool and attractive even though she's the most ugliest thing on the planet just so she can steal my best friends, even though everyone including my friends think she is an annoying freak! Gosh

Story #676

she talks to almost every guy i freaking know, i don't like any of the guys that she talks to or anything it just bothers me that she gets so much attention. like for example, this guy ,who happens to be my best friends cousin, that i have known since i was in kintergarten , and im now a sophmore...i don't like him or anything- she just randomnly out of nowhere knows him. and he posts on her fb wall how he's her bff and she should get on fb so they can talk.. it weird. that she just randomnly knows all these guys that i know. like i'll be talking to someone and it just randomnly comes up that he knows her ... and of course he knows her .. it just really ticks me off that most of the guys i know like love her. the guy i like LOVES her, and she's sooo perfect ,she's smart, funny, nice, and everything he wants..i guess. the problem is , he wont admit it but he has been in love with her since like 6th grade.. but he wont tell anyone that he really likes her , even though all of his friends know, and it's basically prettty obvious that he does, he even tells her he loves her but he plays it off like he means it as a friend. and i wish it would be like that between me and him, but shes a perfect little priss. ugh. life. so. he texts me and just wants to chat but then he wants to hangout all the time. so what i want to know is, do you even care about how this makes me feel?... and then you tell me that you don't even like me, you just want a 'summer thing' well no. no no no no no. don't lead a girl on only for her to find out you don't even love her . because if i did anything with you, i would end up wanting more than you think. then i try to be the bigger person and apologize for the mean stuff i said... AND YOU ASK ME AGAIN? really? you must think im just flat out stupid. but im not so STOP TRYING. because after everything you have put me through, weather you realize it or not, we will never be anything more than friends. i hate him.

Story #675

I hate her because she thinks she's better than everyone else. We used to be really close friends until the only thing she cares about was herself. Now I don't talk to her and she is to stupid to realize anything is wrong. I wish that I had never become friends with her. So much friends

Story #674

I hate her because she accused me of cheating off this girl who used to sit next to me in math. I hate her because she told her mom I was trying to beat her up and her mom came up to my mom's car and told my mom all this carp like 'Its not my fault your daughter's a cheater!' and 'My daughter is a model student! Sorry your upset that yours cant be.' we drove away. I still hate her because she is still spreading roamers about me even though I don't go to her school anymore! I wish I never even said 'Hi M!' on the first day of school that year. I hate more than all these reasons put here, because she used to be my bff.

Story #673

I HATE HER! She can never stand to see us happy at all. she calls me fat all the time behind my back and her mum and dad are always oblivous to what shes like, everyone thinks shes a f...... angel but she isnt!!! Ffs

Story #672

i hate her. she freakin called me a where and said she was done. some best friend right? well i was drunk SORRY i madeout with C. he did not like her and said she was annoying. all i can say is F... HER. i hate her. so much. she can be her ugly HAIRY b....... self back in wherever she came from.

Story #671

She was my best friend. now I just suffer her.I canít understand why she did this to me,I mean I havenít done anything wrong.and when I told her that how much I am sad she reacted like she doesnít know anything!!!I HATE HATE HATE HATE herK

Story #670

There's this girl in my class who joined are school at the beginning of the year. We've been friends with her since. But then she called us names behind are backs, things like show off, copy cat, freak, Freak, weird and annoying. So we ditched her as soon as we found out. But now she's tried to make friends with everyone in the class and so far everyone has ditched her. She's had hissy fits, fights and cat fights. So she's come crawling back to us. She knows we dislike her but she doesn't care. She's so annoying. Plus yesterday one of my friends told her to shut up so she launched at poor Elle and started slapping her. I wan't her to have friends but we don't want to be her friends. I try not to be mean but she is just so annoying! Please help

        > Time for you to do some growing. -John

Story #669

I cannot handle it anymore. She won't let go of me at all! I've been trying to tell her that she should not follow me like 24/7 and that i need a time alone. I'm an introverted person so I'm not used to people talking with me and I do not even have anything in mind when she wants me to respond.

Story #668

I hate her guts. For the sake of the story, let's call the b.... Mary. Alright. Mary and I have been friends ever since f...... second grade. She used to be so attatched to me and would even cry when I just talked to someone else. It's been many years since then, and little innocent Mary ain't so innocent anymore.

I'm not a self-conscious, anxious person who worries about looks even though I am confident in myself. Just to contrast with Mary-b.... for the sake of the g...... story, bear with my bragging here. I've got silky-soft, pin-straight, midnight hair that bounces at my collar-bone. It's a slightly layered haircut that I cut by myself. To go along with the obsidian hair is a pair of dark night eyes. My hair and eyes usually lighten slightly during the sunnier seasons. I'm not too tall, and I've got a petite figure. My legs are strong and toned, and with my light, sun-kissed, olive-bronze skin, I can strut easily in a pair of denim shorty-shorts. I'm pretty slim and I've got the sexy hips. My face isn't too shabby either. My cheeks are usually flushed and my lips are usually rosy because I exercise a lot. My eyes are big and they resemble cat-eyes, and that's without make-up, which I hardly ever wear. My face shape is a mix of square and oval, with a sharp and defined jawline and chin. My facial flaws would be the barely noticeable scars on the right side of my hairline. I know they're hard to see, but I've suffered from horrible, horrible acne so I'm a bit more sensitive about the topics about the paler marks on my skin. Let's move onto my abilities, shall we? I've got a thing for music. I can dance, sing, play the piano, and even play the violin. When I enter violin class and we play, I don't even need to practice. With one glance, I know which song that we're playing. My teacher even put me in the front row with the other top student as we played in a competition! I'm also really good at art. I sketch, paint water color and guache, marker, and use oil pastel. I'm pretty skilled at art, but I've also got a good hand at writing. From essays to novelas, you can count on me. Not only that, but I'm also pretty good with sports. And, I'm flexible with social things, too. I have a large network. Although I'm extremely close to the most popular kids in school, I also hang out with other kids and know everyone in my grade, along with a few significant upper-classmen.

Now let's talk about Mary. Oh, b..... Mary. I wish she'd get those dang braces a little sooner. Mary's thin and she, unfortunately, has a sexy body. She has b...., which I lack. She has long, slender legs, which. I. Lack. She has those f...... saxy eyebrows, WHICH I LACK. She was part of the soccer team. She's become one of the most popular girls in the school. She's the third musketeer in the little group of skinny b........ Let me tell you about Mary. She is the female version of, hmm, let's call him Matthew.

Matthew the Man-slat, the one who has gone out with practically every girl. They flirt with eachother every day. EVEN THOUGH HE'S DATING LUCILLE, MARY'S BEST FRIEND. Mattew is unfortunately the second hottest guy in school, the first being Mark.

Mark's got curly, silky blond hair that frames his doll-like face. His adorable braces only make him look youger and more down-to-earth. He's got these piercing blue eyes and a sexy smile. He's the perfect beachboy, especially with his smooth, sun-kissed skin.

Mary and the other two girls of the slat musketeers flirt with every guy in the school and cannot STAND having no attention. They steal the bakk from the guys and laugh and have inside jokes with the guys. Okay, you say, so if there are three b......, why Mary? Why Mary? Why Mary?! WHY MARY?! Mary was the one who walked off with my best friend and left me out waiting in the rain. Mary was the one who broke my f...... phone. Mary was the one who laughed at me along with the person I thought was my closest friend. Mary was the one that kept calling out stupid things in math so guys would even look at her. Mary was the one who wanted to make me look like I served her. She flutters her long eyelashes at the guys every day, so I curled mine. She was always reallt good at sports, so when she twisted her ankle, I stole the chance and caught the winning ball. My group members hugged me all over and gave me stuff, and even Matthew, who I told was my enemy and who I cursed the hill out, said I did really good. Mary never ties her own shoes and hets other people to so she can look superior. Whenever my shoe comes untied, I ask someone to tie it for me because my head hurts when I bend down. When someone helps, I lock eyes with Mary until she's forced to look away. And the fact is, my head really does hurt because I faint really easily. Mary sat next to my ex on purpose when me and her other best friend asked her to sit next to us. So, I started flirting with Matthew and her ex, let's call him B. Flirting with those two was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done, though, I admit. Whenever we sit together, I can feel everyone staring and comparing us. We're so different but both, I hate to sa it, beautiful. Her face is square and pale and freckled. Her hazel eyes match her chocolate hair, curlier and wavier near the ends. But, her hair is unbelieveably thick and frizzy and always greasy. Also, her teeth are another issue because they are crooked as s...! She has to wear braces from 13 to 21, so hahahahaha! She's really slender, but she's more boxy than I. I've got an hourglass figure and it's not too shabby. But neither is she, sadly. She's thin and tall and wears tight clothes all the time. And, she always has the guy's attentions because she's so slatty and always acts stupid to talk to them!

I have guy attention too, but I don't use her methods. I will be honest, I have done what she had, and it worked like a charm. But it's more fun to develop friendships yourself. I've got plently of guy friends, all just people that I talk to because they sit next to me and then -Wham... Friendship. Even my ex, who I thought really liked Mary, tries to do something with me more than her. In fact my ex and I are close friends. Also, I've realized that I've somehow become really popular in the school. Some older highschoolers I didn't even know screamed my name at me to get my attention and they made me heart signs over their chests, saying, 'You're hot!' Even one of the guys Mary was whering around with stopped talking to her and looked at me while I was at a stand, unlocking my bike, and asked for my name! Girls that I'm slowling starting to meet are saying, 'Hey, we should totally hang out sometime!' So I started telling myself, 'Don't let yourself be all down when you're so much better than her! What does she have that you don't? Clothes? Boyfriends? Clothes come and go, and boyfriends never last. And you're so much more talented than her!' So when there's a b.... you hate, tell yourself that. But it's not like I don't hate her. She's my new competition. I've already started watching my weight and how I look. Abs exercises, leg toning, etc. Time for some boyfriend-snatching. And I know all too well how to do it this time, since I've seen her do this to me too many times before. Anything to beat that unworthy g...... b......

Story #667

I try to be a good person... but she is the one person I hate. For the sake of the story, her alias will be Antoinette. Antoinette and I had P.E. together Freshman year of high school, and I just knew she'd be my arch-enemy. She would walk over to me and my friend and literally brag about how she had surgery to remove one of her kidneys. She would blab on and on about how often she needs to p, and she would show off her scar. Ummm, yeah... nobody cares, b..... Sophomore year, Antoinette and I had English together. She would get jealous of me, because everyone preferred it whenever I read out-loud, and so it 'even the score' she would interrupt my reading, or push my book of my desk. Whenever I would try to be civil towards her, Antoinette would stick her nose in the air and walk away. Antoinette is the most selfish, egocentric, narcissistic, vain, and wherish woman I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. I would not be surprised if she became a woman of the evening, her mother has a pink strapper pole in the house. I hope I never have to see her little gripe head ever again!

Story #666

I hate her. Shes my best friend and she cant see that rejecting me and replacing me doesnt hurt me. I hate her because shes always insulting me because im a ginger, i hate her because she lies and still gets everything. I hate her because she walks over me like im nothing. I hate her because someone new comes to school and shes all over them for a week, ditching me, then she comes back and hugs me and thinks everything is ok. But most of all, i hate her so much because i cant seem to hate her at all.

Story #665

I hate Sarah. I don't even know her, but I hate her. I can't even say that dang name without being p..... off. I admit that I am jealous, insecure and have low self-esteem. I look at her pictures on Facebook at least 10 times a day, everyday. I have an obsession with her. When I look at her pictures, I feel like s... about myself and cry. I hate that I feel the need to compare myself to her and other girls. I hate that I think she is prettier than me. I hate that my boyfriend used to like her. I hate that he has her on Facebook. I hate that they occasionally talk. I hate seeing her at the bar when my boyfriend and I are there. I know that he doesn't like or care about her but I can't help this feeling. I guess in the end, I hate that I do this to myself.

Story #664

I hate her because sheís mean to me. She likes a guy who asked me out (even as a joke). She spreads rumours about me and him and says mean stuff. My friends always tell me to forgive her and I do. Then she does even worse things! I liked this guy and she told everyone and he says sheís alright but he hates me, and she winds him up too. I still forgave her... She always takes lead. When I say hi to her in the corridor she says hi to ALL of my nearby friends and then walks straight past me. She brags about how she is better than me at everything and she steals all my friends and guy friends. I have to be paired with her for everything (ironically) and even worse, she lives right down my road...

Story #663

She was my first friend since i joined best fren as she used to say.i dont get her at al.she started dating her ex-bf's best fren secretly.just those 2 knew about it.n she tells me 50 days later...all this while we 3 used to go out together everywhere n she used to tease me with that guy!i actualy develpoed a liking for him due to al this.n wen he dumped her she told me her sob story. n her reason was tat bcus i dint comfort her in her past break up, so she needed to get into this great relation.n she dint tel me abt al this cos he thot i m a psycho n asked her not to tel me.n now she's b....... about me to al my frens n attraacting sympathy from every1.nobody knows d truth as i dont feel right abt telling it.since there r too many ppl involved who'v been fooled by this i just feel stuck. with her. even an hour is unbearable to spend with this ruthless creature. so conceited, getting her way. i feel smtimes i m so dumb for letting her run my life as she pleases. what makes her so great tat she can do anything n get away with it? i v forgiven her once n yet she treats me like i'm nothing. n yet she can pull a straight face n say tat she has done so much for me.dusnt she feel guilty by doing al this?y do i have to bear al this? that makes me sad n stressed al d time.i wish i cud avoid her.but she's just stuck to me like bad luck.

Story #662

I hate her so much today she slammed the door in my face she is so weird. Nobody like her my friends hate her so much . I wish she never exist i never did anything wrong to her to dislike me and hate me. My friends told me that she hates me because i have more than her and i think it is true but uhhh ... First she acts like a boy than she acts like a girl then she acts like a divil what in the world is wrong with her lord please help herr!!! I hate her i dislike her and she need help her bed bug self :/

Story #661

I hate her to began with shes ugly as heck she knows nothing she dances like a monkey sings horrible shes always stealing my friends if my mom had not met this girl it would have never happened shes a shelfish brat ihate her

Story #660

I hate her because she always picks on me and embarrasses me. I hate her because she blames me for everything and makes me feel so upset and miserable. She gets in these bad moods and snaps out at me, causing me to start arguing and then we both yell at each other, i say things i'll regret later and it always ends in me running away because i'm so mad that i want to hit her.I hate her because sometimes when we are getting along she suddenly changes it so we are arguing again. She makes we want to just run away as far as possible.

Story #659

I HATE my friend because she is a trader and is talkingabout me behind my back...and saying horrible things...luckily I have another friend who told me everything my old friend said about I am such a baby and now she has a new bff and I have known my friend for 9 years! She makes me so mad...when we were friends she would tell me that her new bff would make fun of people and she would talk about her all the time saying how mean that was then it happened when she abandoned me to go hang out with her! I HATE MY OLD she is a ....

Story #658

I known her for 7 years. In the beginning of our friendship about 4 years ago she had six for the first time with my best friend. I didn't care much cause we were just friends, but it still hurt. Some years later, we dated and she became pregnant. She was 6 weeks when she decided to get an abbertion and because I loved her at the time so dearly I supported her. On the day of the abbertion she never called me to go with her. She blamed me saying I didn't care when I indeed was more hurt then she was. She then didn't speak to me for a week and cheated on me. I didn't find out until we broke up that she cheated and also gave me an STD. Its curable. I hate her because she was my world, no matter how I put it I loved her even when I found out she cheated. I hate her because I loved such a horrible person. I hate her because I don't see anything positive that came out of knowing her. I'm only 19 turning 20, she's 19. All of this happened months ago and I still get really sad and angry when I think about her. I don't wish anything bad on her but I just wish I never decided to take the friendship farther then I did. I regret ever asking her out and hearing her say yes. I hate her with a passion. She'll always have a place in my heart and for that I hate her. And now its really hard for me to be happy when i see a child or when I listen to music (we have the same taste in music). I gave her my soul and she was nice for awhile and then decided to rip it apart. Its hard to forget someone you've known since the age of 13. She also made me not talk to my best female friend the entire time we dated because she got jealous and I hate her for that. I just needed to get that out, I'm ready to start new with someone but I hate her!

Story #657

I hate her because she use to like me, but gave up on me. I hate because when I asked her to hangout she accepted, but then later on canceled. I hate her because when she canceled she lied about being 'busy'. I hate because her lies hurt me, if she just told me the truth, I would not have been hurt so badly. I hate her because when I got over her finally, she decided to go for my friend, Jon, who was dating someone at the time, and she betrayed her friend, Tara who was dating Jon. I hate her because she then also went for my other friend, Drew, and after Jon and Tara broke up, only went back for Jon and break my friend Drew's heart. I hate because she has caused me grief, she could not see that I truly cared for her, and that Drew after i got over her, cared for her too. I hate her because she is a lying where, who leads guys on and then destroys them later on. I HATE HER!

Story #656

i cannot explain how much i hate her my 'friend' of mine she is huge older than me and product of lipo i dont want to be brag but im beautiful so they say i got call from her and she told me that my boyfriend spoke to her on skype and asking her latest photos and she said that it seems that my boyfriend kinda like her i started feeling extremely insecure and jealous so much i emailed my boyfriend and told him that i did not want to pursue having any kind of relationships with him he respond and said that i always talk before thinking now he calling me but i ignored him even emails etc. we broke up because of that b.... girl now basically know she is not my friend now im so careful in picking out friends... thanks to this site it helps me a lot.

Story #655

I hate her because she was my best friend from my school (but I have another best friend who I've known since the 1st Grade and I only know her since 2 years ago and we only started being best friends this year...) and I invited her to go to Spain with me for Easter Break... So we go to Spain together and we stay with my grandma who is seriously the nicest person ever. So the first 2 days were good... We had good weather and we went to the beach and stuff and my grandma bought loads of things! And lent he a lot of money... Also my mum's best friend lives in Spain and she has a really big house with a pool, a sauna, etc. So we went there 1 day and of course she really liked it and wanted to go back... but we couldn't cos she's very busy and stuff and then, the weather started turning bad, it was really windy and raining :/ So then she started saying to me every 2 minutes stuff like 'I'm cold. I'm bored. I wanna go. I'm sick of being here. Can we go to your mum's best friend's house,...' She even said she wanted to go back home. She was complaining about everything! And she also kept saying 'I do what I want to do' and I absolutely hate that! cos no she doesn't do whatever she wants, she can do whatever she wants back home but if she wants to come to Spain with me and live with my family, she has to respect them. And she didn't appreciate anything not even my grandma buying her like a million stuff... but I kept quite... and cos my parents recently divorced my grandma and grandpa got into a huge fight and haven't talked since. and I told her about it then when we got home she put on facebook on my wall that its going to be OK between me and my mum I had fun something like that and I deleted the post because I don't like people to see that there are problems in my family that's my private life! and I wasn't mad at her, I just told her on chat that I deleted the post cos I didn't like people to see it. and then she got p.....! I mean wtf?! She said oh thanks so much that was so nice of you to delete my post. Bye. On facebook chat and went off-line. So then I sent her a huge message on her in-box saying all the things I didn't like that she did in Spain and stuff so then she apologized. So I said OK, sorry and then she suggested I go spend the weekend with her grandma cos she has a pool or something then she sends me a text saying sorry i cant. So i don't even care, I don even reply. Then I see on facebook that she was with another friend and someone else wrote on her wall if she got tanned and she said no it sucked it was raining the whole week. -.- It only rained to days... Wtf is her problem? and those are friends from her old school. At are school, everyone turned against her and she lost all her friends except for like.. 2 including me... she lost them because she acts like that. I f...... have enough of that b.....

Story #654

I hate her because she is a pathological liar. She is currently dating my boyfriend's little brother. She is a little immature brat. I have never in my life met someone so irritating. I hate her because she has caused so much drama between myself and my boyfriend's family. I hate her even more because she is one of the main reasons my boyfriend and I of almost 5 years have broken up. I hate her because she sent pictures of herself to two different guys while she has been with my boyfriend's brother... and she got away with it.. he was fine with it.. I hate her because she has caused his mother and I to get into a fight and now she doesn't like me. I hate her because she is always constantly name dropping because her parents are friends with someone who was on a tv show.. and he isn't even that famous. I hate her because she has done and said so many rude arrogant things about her boyfriend and he knows about it.. and he's okay with it.. I hate her because she has huge teeth. I hate her because she has made up so many lies about me for her own benefit. This is why I hate her.

Story #653

I hate her because she thinks she is better than everyone else. She tries to make everyone feel bad for her, and even makes up lies to brag about her 'horrible life'. I have lived across the street from her for years and all she does is lie. She steals my friends, always reminds me of how stupid I am, and embarrasses me every chance she has. She makes fun of what I like, and constantly puts me down. I hate how I am forced to pretend to be her best friend because she cant keep one for more than 2 months. If it wasnt for me, she would have a horrible life. I have tried to help her, but she is driving me insane! She dosent know where to stop the insults. She even has the nerve to talk about me behind my back! I dont understand why I even talk to her still...

Story #652

i hate her because she says shes my best friend and we have known each other for most of our lives but i had this boyfriend and i loved him and he loved me and we went throw so much together and she trys to get with him i mean i dont want to hate her but its like how can you like someone who does something like that

Story #651

She's my boyfriend's best friend. She thought I was cool when he was pursuing me and I didn't really like him at the time. Since we've been in a relationship and things have gotten serious, she suddenly hates me and thinks I'm not good enough for him when SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ME! What's worse is that she won't let go of whatever she's holding on to- she's almost determined to make us being in relationship difficult for him and me by causing unnecessary conflict. I didn't have anything against her until she completely turned on me- SHE'S A F...... B.... THAT CAN'T GET OVER HERSELF! Oh and I forgot to mentioln, her and her husband are also having marital problems (i.e. he's only staying with her right now b/c she recently found out she was pregnant) because she treats her husband like s... and makes him feel like less of a man than he is. I don't understand how she's so insanely nice to my boyfriend, but she's a complete b.... to her own husband. Luckily, my boyfriend sticks up for me and tells her that he loves me when she talks behind my back- so I at least have that, but MAN I HATE THIS B....!!!

Story #650

I hate her cause ever since the first day we met, she has never even bothered taking the time to get to know me. I know she is jealous that I have 'her next potential boyfriend.' Before we dated, my boyfriend tells me they hung out ALL the time, but now that he's taken, it's rare. They are 3 years apart. She's still in high school. So imagine the drama. My boyfriend would tell me stories about her, and its flat out obvious that she had my boyfriend on her waiting list, and now she's just waiting for us to break up. My boyfriend loves to shop, and helped pick a prom dress for her 2 years ago. Some of their close friends ran into them at the mall, and she got all crazy-jealous on him for 'inviting' them, and yet he didn't. It's possible to bump into someone you know at the mall, in a small town like this (Around prom time this year, she was trying hard to get to hang out with him, but he was too busy with work). Then I come in the picture, and my boyfriend and I happen to be buying Neosporin and bandages, and bump into ALL of his friends. Two days prior, I was involved in a horrible accident, so my arm was still swollen, my cuts were still bleeding, and my stitches still looked nasty. Great way to meet new friends and make a first impression. Only one that seemed to not care about meeting me, was her. She gave me that evil-jealous-witch look. Everyone else noticed it too. I've attempted on several occasions to get to know her, but she just wants nothing to do with me, and yet I'm one of the easiest people you can get along with! My boyfriend even confronted her, and she told him 'She took you away from me. You're like my big brother I never had!' She claims we never go and hang out with the group, but just about EVERY day we're with the group, but we never see her. She's always dissing everything I say or do, and always flaunts her eyes and giggles at whatever my boyfriend says. But, go figure, my boyfriend is too dumb to realize what she's doing. She even tried to make plans to hang out with my boyfriend alone, on our one year anniversary. She's still trying. I just can't stand being alone with her, cause she never makes the effort to say hi, totally ignores me, and its just flat out awkward! But the second she heard rumors of our relationship kinda being on the rocks, she was all ready and waiting to hear the drama from my boyfriend, so that she could 'be there for him.' He wants nothing to do with her, or so he says, but everytime she's around, he turns into this little annoying kid with her, the same way he does with me when no one is around...but when he does it to her, its public. Everyone can see what I see, and they're all tired of her games too.

Story #649

I hate her because she's a where. I hate her becasue she cheated on me and lied about it. I hate her because she broke my heart and didnt care. I hate her because she turned me from a nice guy who cares for others, to an angry suffering self loathing mess of a man

Story #648

I hate her. No its much more than hate actually. Its loathing, detest and absolutely 9999999 times more than that. I know I shouldnít hate her since she Ďtoldí me that she didnít like my boyfriend anymore, but the fact that she went out with him and that even when he broke up with her, she still tried to make him come back and tell him she loved him and he listened to her. I hate her and her guts. I hate how Iím always a loser and im unpopular and that sheís always so much better than me. I hate her because every morning I wake up, I feel slightly happy because I have my boyfriend, but I always feel the hatred that she tried to take him away from me. I hate her because now she is trying to get closer to my boyfriends best mate, which can only mean that she wants to get near him. I hate her. I hate her. I HATE HER SO MUCH !!! Iím already such a loser, people donít even like me. Why does she have to take away what little happiness I already have?

        > I sympathize with your situation, but you should keep in mind that, even if she's out of the picture, there's always going to be 'the other woman,' whether it's someone who's right there (like the girl you're talking about) or just some nebulous, imagined 'other woman.' You appear to have 2 battles here- internal (happiness, self-confidence, etc.) and external (this girl). It's usually better to resolve your internal battles first. All of that aside, I have to apologize for my first reaction to this story- It would have been...interesting if you had hated her, but not her guts. 'Her intestines are okay, but the rest of her's a real b.....' -John

Story #647

I hate her because she says I have no rights at all and she thinks she is the superior of the house. I have a father too you know? So stop acting like your the b.... of the house, get over your self. She is so impatient with me and could never understand what im going through, she always wants attention so she say 'sigh no one ever helps me with this house'...WELL mother I don't see you hardy working on your job your a stay at home mom. And my dad works at I..... If anyone were the 'superior' I VOTE DAD! Kids have speak up!

Story #646

Description of her: Copy cat, Attention seeker, ditches friend to to be with mor popular ones that actually dont like her. The other day i was just having fun with my friends being silly, making up stories, and laughing. We never spoke a word about anyone, not hurting a single ANT, let alone butterflies. and then all of a sudden, She (not one of the friends i was hanging out with) is telling one of my friends we're making fun of her, and being stupid, and being mean??? And she is a REAL attention seeker, so whenever someone gets mad at her, she just cries, so people rush to her aid. But this tie im not upset, that she betrayed me. Im just ANGRY!!!

Story #645

She's disrespectful and rude she does not aprriciat any thing. She only gives respect and time and day to those who she can benefit from her business is never doing good she doesn't pay s.... I am so sick of her if anything she should take her own advice that she give to the kids at the school . I can't even express how much anger and hate that she makes me feel. I am so done with her and her stupid business I've worked their go 5 years and I hate more than ever now her and her stupid employees.

Story #644

I hate her because she hates me and she has no reason to. i hate her because she is vein and self centred. I hate her because if it it wasnt for her none of this would have happened. The five of us would still be best mates. But no. now its completely split up. Worst thing is that she completly blanks me but all my closest friends, who arnt rlly anymore coz dey b.... about me, always want mer to invite her to places so she ends up sleeping over at my house and stuff. And then b...... about people that im friends with and she dosent even know. I hate her because she is a horrible, spoilt, vein, boring, rude person

Story #643

I hate her because she stole my best friend from me. She sucks up to her just because she has nobody for herself. i don't mind too much if she hangs out with us but the fact that she b...... about me with my best mate, ex best mate now, is just the worst. She is so two faced its stupid. she always has to be copying someone else, she has no style of her own, she has no personality. I hate her because she ruined my life, and she got my best mate to help her.

Story #642

I hate her because she says sheís my best friend. She says she doesnít like people and then next day in school she completely blanks me because sheís with the person she said she hated. They run off holding hands together and so I go off after them. They donít notice me and in the end I over hear them b....... about me it was so awkward and I was smashed up by it. I would never b.... about her I always protect her and I thought she would do the same for me but no. Me and her do everything together she says I'm her best friend but when it comes to it, she always chooses them over me. So now I have no friends. I hate her because she broke my heart. Why did you have to that bettay?

Story #641

This story revolves around we three people. I earlier had a best friend who liked a girl very much, When once he proposed her, she became very angry and even broke her friendship with me. Then, that girl came very close to me...we became very good friends..We started talking a lot and discussing various matters with each other. I also started liking her and it was fun to be with her but I didnít ask her for a date or so, because I thought this could even break my friendship with her...So, everything was going on smoothly with her but at the same time my friendship with my that best friend loosened up because of the girl. She now told me that she has also started liking that friend of mine...Oh My God...that was the time when I truly felt shuddered. My heart is shattered...She loosened my friendship with that friend and is now herself going away to him...What the hill!!! I just HATE her...and I wonít forgive her throughout my life!

Story #640

I had a best friend. And she was my best friend since I was 3 years old. She was always at my house because her mom works. So my mom was like her babysitter since I was even born! First I didnít know about that because I was too young. But when I grew older like 10 I knew it all. And it made me very angry, because my mom was like:'She is like our family~' And I hated it, because when we two fought I was the one who got in trouble! Then my mom was like:'She is not my daughter! I canít scream at her?!' You knoew what I mean? It always changes. Family then a guest urgh! And I hate her so much because she is always mean to me and front of my parents, she acts as if she didnít do Anything! When we go out for dinner, she always come along, and guess what? She oders on of the expensive food! And my dad always has to pay the bill! And in Christmas, when I get $150 she also gets $150! Thatís really not fair! I mean hill? Why does she get the same amount? And wth? What did she do for us except for making me in trouble and always eating lunch and dinner? Always going with us overseas? Etc? Man I hate her! I hope that her mom soon stops working.

Story #639

I'm so sick and tired of being nice to her, i'm so sick and tired of being copied by her, everytime i'm trying to be original, i'm so sick and tired that she wants and gets everything that makes me who i am. (my boyfriend,my music,my friends,the way I live,seriously?) I hate that everyone thinks sheís so innocent I hate her smile, I hate her face, I hate it when she plays all nice, because then i feel guilty about hating her, I hate when she makes people think Iím a bitter exgirlfriend. I hate that sheís making me a different person, a person who canít forgive. I hate that sheís talking about me with my friends. They are my friends, she doesnít even know them. I hate that. I hate her. What's wrong with her that she won't let me? Sheís like a 24/7 stalker type. They say forgiveness is divine, but I just canít forgive. If I forgive, she thinks itís okay to do all of this. Itís not okay to go after my boyfriend and succeed. Itís not okay to steal my music, and pretend that you Ďdiscoveredí it. Itís not okay to talk to my friends about me, while you donít even know them. Itís not okay to want my year off, to want my job, to want everything I have and more. I hate her. Just let me.

Story #638

i hate my sister, lots of reasons, ever since i was born my mother would always say sheís older i have to listen to her. and she is a stuck up bossy four eyed witch. i wear glasses too but never does any one complain about her eyesight and the fact her eyes are worse than mine. always she pushes me around, tells me what to do, thinks she knows Everything, and especially about me! like fudge she knows Nothing about me... my sis and i are one year apart. she's 18 turning 19 right now in college I'm 17 turning 18. well my mother always makes us be together. i had to share a room with her all my life so far, she's fat ruins all my clothes and the amount of stink she creates can kill some species of animals. i hate how bossy she is and she thinks she better than me in every way. she says she smarter... when i was younger i was put in this special class, my mom thought it be good for me( it wasnít, it ruined my life) now when high school started i went to her high school. she told all her friends I'm annoying spoiled brat( which I'm really not ) and she put me in the most dumbest classes. my whole school life is messed up because she picked those courses for me. i cry often thinking of how to get my life the way i want it would take 2-3 more years to fix what she did ... well now I'm graduating, forced to go to her college, once again and study what i can with what ever marks i get. i hate everything right now cause ... I'm sweet, truly i am an innocent sad child. most of our common friend( no choice in who my friends are, itís her friends that are behind one year stuck with me. one friend is true to me though of her friends) well anyways I'm the innocent good girl.. obviously friends know me better than my own family does! and they know my sister is evil and mean to me... to be more current tomorrow is my final exam i need to graduate... and while ago when i was studying alone in my room, i was just putting powder and some make up on, i smiled in the mirror thinking i look pretty and cute.. then my sister comes in later and sees the make up on my face... and says I'm black ( when I'm actually getting lighter) and that I'm so black I'm putting white powder on so i don't look black , she really did insult me for no reason i threw a bit of water near her and she calls my mom and starts a big issue over it. i have to study for my Final Exam tomorrow! and I'm so depressed and upset by her! she's sleeping and snoring lots. I'm the one feeling alone and hurt and trust me this pain has been with me since I've been born... it wont ever leave me. i hate her , there is No good in her what so ever! either way i hope I'm away from her ...

Story #637

I hate my older cousin she's 18 and I'm 12 I was taking pictures of her when she was a sleep and my other cousin her sister said delete them she'll get mad or something like that so I said no so when my older cousin woke up I said to my other cousin don't tel her pls do she went down stairs and I went down too and my other cousin started roling her eyes at me do my older cousin said wat have u done and I said nothin so my other cousin tels her do she do eat u tuck a pic of me and I said can I keep it she con me she said yes so I though she wasnt gonna get mad at me so about half an hour later she said can I look at your phone and I said yes and then she look at the pic and started to complain she want pretty or she was a sleep and lots more like I said u said u can keep it and then she deleted it and left me one so I got a bit upset cause she shouted at me so I was going to my other aunties house with my other cousin we got there and they were going out clubbing so we diceydid we'll stay here so she started sending messages saying I hate u so I sent one back saying wat the he'll have I done wrong do I've mad at her for 4 days and I need to stop but I just feel angry inside she's being nice to me giving hugs and I'm pushing her away she said sorry but I just can't forgive I'm acting stupid but I can't control my self can some of u give me some advice I can forgive her ant be my self again I've always loved her she's my best older cousin I luv her but I'm mad and hate her too plss give me a comment as soon has y can thanks :)

Story #636

yeah so I hate this girl, everyone likes her, shes that type..well every guy ive ever liked, likes her.. Every Single One, just when I think I finally have a chance with them she starts talking to them... and she doesnít do it to get revenge or to be a mean person, she is just so likeable and everyone wants to be her friend and I hate her not because Im jealous, but because the boy I liked since I was a little girl- liked her.. and they sware they donít like each other anymore but its b.s.... she even had the b......... to tell me ( a few years ago) to back off her man... like seriously? shes a brat, a snob, and a b...., and I Hate her, and I always will

Story #635

She can be sooo nice and funny, she's my best friend, but she's usually sooo snobby! She's like, 'Oh, MY dad said..' and her dad helps out sometimes, so she's like, 'Oh, MY dad says he can't come because of this!' And she expects us to Always be there for her... But is she there for us? No! I was Assaulted on the bus, does she care? No! I get in a movie, does she care? No! Does she get a Mouse in the nutcracker (not a main role!) does she expect us to care? Yes! And her parents are math professors, and she's always bragging about it!!! She has no idea what she's done to my self esteem! It used to be decent, but now... And she always rubs it in that she's good at math and I'm not, once I told her 'I'm awful at math, I hate it...' and like, an hour later, the teacher announces it's time for math, and she's whispers, 'I love math, I'm awesome at it!' and she had loads of opportunity to say that Right Then! She makes me So Mad! Sorry for the rant, I just need to get it out...

Story #634

I hate her. I hate her with a passion. I hate her for sleeping with him, I hate her for using him as her little boy toy, I hate her for knowing how much I care about him. I hate her for rubbing it in my face every day, I hate her for laughing at him behind his back, I hate her for being a selfish, back stabbing little b..... I hate her for not loving him the way I do, I hate her for playing with his feelings, I hate her for making him miserable every time he's happy. I hate her for hating me because I make him smile. I hate her for hating the friendship I have with him. I hate her for texting me from his cell phone pretending to be him, telling me to stay the f... away from him. I hate the way she makes me question myself, I hate the way she makes me question his feelings towards me, I hate her for spreading rumors and lies about me. I hate her for not letting me have him, I hate her for not letting him be with me, I hate her for kissing him in front of me just to make me upset. I hate her for looking at me when they're making out, I hate her for flirting with other boys when he's not around. I hate her for being possessive of him even though she doesn't care about him. I hate her for trying to ruin the relationship between us, I hate her for breaking his heart, I hate her for slapping him the one time he actually kissed me. I hate her for breaking his cell phone when he told her he loves me. I hate her for pulling my hair, I hate her for hitting me in the face, I hate her for scratching my skin, I hate her for calling me a home wrecker, and I hate her for ruining my shirt in a jealous rage. I just hate her.

Story #633

I hate her because she is a liar and she uses people. She says sheís ill and needs benefits and everyoneís help, but sheís well enough to cope when she actually wants to do something. I hate her because she is a manipulative, aggressive, spiteful, thieving, vile piece of poisonous trash who ruins everyone around her. I hate her constant guilt-tripping and the fact that she is a bottomless pit of want. I hate the fact that because she has thrown her own life away, she thinks it is everyone elseís responsibility to look after her. I hate her because she has no empathy for anyone elseís feelings and thinks she is the centre of the universe. I hate her because she uses all her own past mistakes to get sympathy from other people. I hate her because she has a really good friend who does loads for her, that she never thanks properly, and then b...... about whenever this woman canít do something. She blames her friend for things she should have sorted out for herself, even though her friend has two kids to look after and a proper job! I hate her because she takes no care of anyoneís feelings but her own and doesnít care what she does to other people so long as she gets her own way. I hate her because she made me think she was worth liking, when really she is a blood-sucking leech.

Story #632

I hate her because sheís unintelligent and rude. We were in my math class doing a group project, and I was having an open intelligent discussion with my group mates about how some aspects of a recent test were unfair. She buts in with a retort 'Oh itís Obvious that youíre wrong, and the professor is always right, and youíre just dumb, youíll never be as smart as him.'. Then she goes and acts rude to the professor! Not to mention she called me a b...., witch in my opinion, is a very unintelligent thing to do. And Iíve heard the theory that girls who might not look that great have more brains. I donít Think so. Sheís a standing example of that, bad looks, And no brains. I donít consider myself gorgeous, but Iím prettier than her, and she thinks she knows everything, but in truth that underlines her shortcomings. She doesnít. Nobody does for that matter, but seeing as how sheís so closed minded that makes her more susceptible to being an idiot, and because Iím so open minded Iím apt to make more intelligent decisions. I think everyone in class is smarter than her. No matter how much she Thinks she knows, she for one doesnít know that much, and for two has No people skills or ability to work in a group. She is never going to get a proper job, because she has no ability to smile and ignore what bothers her, to keep it in her head for later, and to write it all down, like Iím doing now. Sheís too much of an idiot, and has too much of a b..... attitude in a professional setting to comprehend that.

        >Theory: Girls who are less attractive (physically) are, on average, smarter. Ask your professor to explain 'sample size.' In this case you have a sample size of 1, but you're trying to apply it to a population of roughly 1.75 billion (7 billion people, roughly 1/2 are girls, roughly 1/2 of the girls are less attractive than average, 7 billion / 2 / 2 = 1.75 billion). The question becomes more interesting when we try to define intelligence. Does it mean doing well on math tests? Passing on one's genes? Ability to work well with the rest of the group? -John

Story #631

Hi ! My name is Noor . Anyway , I have this friend named aya . weve been friends our whole lives and 6 months ago she moved to saudi from LA . before , i used to barely see her and i used to love her soo much but now that she is in my school , she always backstabs me and starts rumors about me but in my face she acts like my best friend . Shes always taking my friends away from me and i hate her soo much its not even funny ! What should i do ? I Hate Her So F...... Much!

Story #630

I Hate Her!! apparently i was talking 's...' about her and now shes like oh ur a b.... and she wants to hit me and beat me up. but the funny thing is my best friend is on her fat greasy side. i cannot stand any of them right now . she wants to fight me ahahah shes sooo stupid because she knows no one likes her except my ex-bestfriend. so yeah i hate her and her friend . i cant stand girls and there drama any more so for now on im gunne be a nice girl and hang out with boys an talk about motorcycles or some s... like that p.s. sorry for the swears :)

Story #629

Okay so my best friends name is Luara* she and I have been best friends since like 5th grade. We have other friends too, but we are not as close with them as we are with each other, but lately it feels like she is slipping away. She is always hanging out wiht other people and not inviting me and thats not the worst part. She will go places with her friends and then make her facebook status 'Going out with my best friends!' or 'Had so much fun with my besties today!' I hate her for that. *Name changed because she uses this website too

Story #628

The loathing feeling I get when she enters a room. I hate this woman. This woman is full of herself, she talks, acts, as if she is the supreme it. She married her husband because 'she wanted to be married.' At her wedding party or bridal shower or whatever 'me' event that she basked in, she says 'my next marriage i'm going to do this, im going to do that.' This sinful waste of flesh stayed with her husband until she knew she would get part of his pension. Didnt have six with him for the last year, and made it to be that everything was his fault. Then ruins another mans marriage with whom she worked with. When she speaks to me, I can see the backwall. She has no soul, no heart. This woman .... five guys in one room all together and had pictures taken of her while in the act. How does she have any friends? How does she walk with herself. How can this person even wake up and get out of bed in the morning? Her materialistic values are just that, materialistic. Why is my girl even friends with her? I barely stomach her, I can barely look her in the eye, I have no respect for this person. The only solitude I get is, that one day she will burn in hill and pay tragically for her sins for the many people she has hurt in her life. I know we are not perfect, I am not perfect, we have all sinned but, this one takes the cake. My girl talks to her about our relationship issues, how can I possibly feel comfortable when she is around? I feel phony and fake to even having to acknowledge her. I hate her. I hate that she is friends with my girl, again. Why? Ugghh...

Story #627

I met her in high school and we were cool cuz i was a popular guy. She ends up dating one of my best friends and they have been going thru hill and back with eachother. Break up ---> back together ---> break up --->back together ETC. i dont even kno how many times it happend. So finally after like a couple years of hearing their b....... they were done for sure. She started chatting it up with me and im like this is bad cuz i kno my friend would be p..... if something happened between me and her. Now we were never anything serious because i wasnt her type but soon later i proved tht wrong(later in this tall tale). She ended up living where i always went to hang and i didnt really care cuz i have no need for someone whos not attracted to me. Turns out after going over there enough i found myself just going there to see her. We fooled around and had fun which is what us young folks do. Soon later in the year i notice how much of a flirt she is with everyone. Big Turn Off. I cant believe i even got jealous over something petty as that. I always told her that if she goes back to dating her ex that we are through and wont be friends at all. She cried so ya know i assumed that she actually care for me. She even had the decency to say im the only real one she likes and comes to. That what she's doing means nothing because i was her favorite. Heh. I mean we werent in a relationship or anything but we had something almost serious. Each time we were gonna go out and hang she would literally take 5 hours and that right there p..... me off so i said F... it im done with it all. Let alone she would invite me to hang and there be another guy she knows so she'll be on them and show me no love at all. Deleted her from everything. Of course shes not gonna ask why because shes afraid. Soon later i find out she was cheating on her new boyfriend with her ex which is the one she said she would never go back to. So sad how i kick someone out of my life yet i still hear things about her from everyone else. Like im her keeper or something. She lied to me and many others which alone casted her away from everyone. That was the end of her and my ex-friend. So new years come around and i see them both at the same party haha. i wasnt gonna say anything to them but turns out they were the ones who came to me and wanted to make things right again( that made me feel special because they couldnt go on without ME). Time goes by and we didnt talk even though we all made up. February comes around and she texts me. WTF? She wants to hang so i say wth why not its not like i like u anymore or anything. She tells me of how they are breaking up again (Called That S...). And of how she caught him cheating with another best friends ex (different story). So now shes all f..... up like before and she apologized to me and pleaded so i give her another chance. Note that i dont trust her at all because i know how she really is now. She invites me to a rave and ask me to dance. I go and then i see her grinding on three different guys. Tsk Tsk seems like somethings just never change and she still comes to me like i didnt see anything happen or as if im dumb and nothing ever happen. Not to mention her being all snuggled to someone else. Im soo F...... p..... at her. But in the end why should i care when i myself have a girlfriend lol. Why i care is because theres alot i like about her and my girl is never around and has stupid parent who doesnt like me like im a bad person or something. She showed me why it is that i like females so much and what a type of bond people can have. I really hate this dang girl thought like no other. There is possibly more but this is all i can think of. I like her alot but at the same time i hope she burns in hll.

Story #626

I hate her because she looks slightly like me. I hate her because she is skinny and gets away with being a slot. I hate her because she knew how much he meant to me, I hate her because she was a higher rank than me. I hate her for doing what she did and taking him away from me, I hate her for lying about it. But most of all I hate her for the stupid 'I had six with him and Iím better than you' look she has seared into my memory forever.

Story #625

I hate her because I have always been nice to her, always invited her to do things with me, and always helped her when she needed it, and never once did she do any of those things to me in return. I hate her because she always ignores me to text her boyrfriend. I hate her because I have invited her to all of my birthday parties and she never invited me to one of hers. I hate her because she always talks about them in school in front of my face. I hate her because she aways comes to me for help, but when I ask for it, she is either busy or 'Doesnt know'. I hate her because I have been her friend for years and all she has been is a spolied brat!

Story #624

I had a best friend. And she was my best friend since I was 3 years old. She was always at my house because her mom works. So my mom was like her babysitter since I was even born! First I didnít know about that because I was too young. But when I grew older like 10 I knew it all. And it made me very angry, because my mom was like:'She is like our family~' And I hated it, because when we two fought I was the one who got in trouble! Then my mom was like:'She is not my daughter! I canít scream at her?!' You knoew what I mean? It always changes. Family then a guest urgh! And I hate her so much because she is always mean to me and front of my parents, she acts as if she didnít do ANYTHING! When we go out for dinner, she always come along, and guess what? She oders on of the expensive food! And my dad always has to pay the bill! And in Christmas, when I get $150 she also gets $150! Thatís really not fair! I mean hell? Why does she get the same amount? And wth? What did she do for us except for making me in trouble and always eating lunch and dinner? Always going with us overseas? Etc? Man I hate her! I hope that her mom soon stops working.

Story #623

I hate her because she stole my ex boyfriend even if she knew I was still in love with him at the time. I hate her because she forbids him to talk to me, so she also stole from me a good guy who could Have been a really good friend to me. I also hate her because my actual boyfriend dated her and was still in love with her when we started dating for at least 5 months. I hate her even more because now She is my boyfriend's best friend and they are spending a lot of time with each other. All the things I want to do with him, he only does it with her. I hate her because I told him my feelings toward her And he won't do anything about it even if he says he loves me. If I dare asking him to choose between the two of us, he clearly said that he will break up with me. I hate her because we used to be Friends. I hate her because I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I don't want it to end because of her. I hate myself for not being able to forget her but only being able to cry when they are Together. And I hate her because now the only thing left to do is to support her.

Story #622

I hate her. I gave her almost everything she asked for because I loved her. But then one day, she told me that she has to leave me because she has to take this stupid test. Seriously, I could just come Back after she's taked the test, but she wouldn't appear in front of me. I hate her a lot.

Story #621

My sister always takes her anger out on me. I try to stop her but it doesn't work. She punches me if I sit on the chair she was sitting in and if I step ONE foot in her room. GOD I hate her!

Story #620

I hate her because she should know better. I'm the one she came crying to when her last boyfriend cheated on her, so of all people she should at least have the sensitivity to keep her boundaries. She Goes on about how boys will only hurt you and how you have to look out for your friends, but has she ever looked out for me once, despite everything I did to help her? No. Instead she'll go getting close To my boyfriend - because of COURSE, they were friends before, he's like a brother to her, he sees her as one of the guys...I don't give a s... To be honest, she needs to back off and learn to keep her Hands off other girls' guys. I hate her so much, but I can't do a thing because she used to be my friend...shame she turned out to be such a scheming b.....

Story #619

I hate her because she thinks she can pull any guy. I hate her because she thinks she has this fine thick body when really she is just very fat. I hate her because she thinks shes my best friend even When I tell her that she's not. I hate her because she tries to flirt with the one person that I told her to keep her hands off of. I hate her because she allowed him to spend the night at her house. I Hate her because she claims that 'nothing happened' when we both know it did. I hate her because she is a compulsive liar. I hate her because she fishes for compliments from guys. I hate her because she Wants to have sax with every guy she meets. I hate her because she DOES have sax with every guy she meets. I hate her because she doesn't understand why I hate her. I hate her because she should be Hated. I hate her because she ruins lives and REAL friendships between me and other people.

Story #618

I really hate her more than I have ever hated anyone. The second that me and my best guy friend get into a fight, she pretends to be 'helping fix' mine and his friendship but really all she's doing is Trying to hook up with him! Yes I DO like him btw. Obviously I hate her and stopped being her friend because she was all over him and it bothered me. When I confronted her, she denied it and she's so Repulsive I can't stand her. He doesn't think of her as more than a friend but on Facebook she comments on all of his pictures 'flirting' and stuff and she doesn't do that with ANY other guy. She just HAD to pick him to flirt with, being the messy b.... That she is. I hate you trifflin cow.

Story #617

I hate her for being with him. I hate her for being the one he talks to. I hate her for stealing him away from me and I hate her for doing it on purpose. I hate him for making me feel like I'm the only Girl in the world every time I talk to him. I hate him for asking me to turn on my webcam because he wants to see my 'beautiful face'. I hate her for sleeping with him, I hate her for giving him Everything I can't because she lives so much closer. I hate her for being skinnier and more petite and gorgeous. I hate her for being arrogant, I hate her because she treats him like s... And I hate Him for letting her. I hate him for ruining every chance I have with another guy, I hate him for being sweet and funny. I hate her for being his girlfriend, and I hate him for telling me he'll never Care for her the way he cares for me. I hate her for driving me into depression, for ruining my self-image. I just effing hate her. And when I think about it, I hate myself for letting her get to me.

Story #616

Oh my god!!! There is this girl that i hate more than anything in the world!!! Her name is judy . 7TH grade it all started in 7th grade, lang arts class we had never met and she sat next to me. So Automatically we started talking about our classes, our friends, everything! So every wednesday we would talk more and more then we would talk outside and at lunch we didnt become best friends just Good aquantences soon we started to make other friends. I made friends with kelly and she made friends with two sisters (twins) that hated kelly and tried to make her life miserable. But i didn't care I liked her for who she was. Kelly and i became best friends, inseprable, sisters.while judy did the same with the twins. We knew that group that the twins were in as the school S-l-O-T-S. Everyone Hated them. And then all of a sudden judy wants to become friends with kelly and trys to hang out with her. But kelly being smart remembered all of the awful things judy had done to her and tries to Avoid judy. 8TH grade kelly and i are still best friends... But kellys boyfriend, jake is practically the poster child of popularity and that is the kind of thing judy looks for so she starts taking An interest in jake's best friend, luke. And they 'go out' for a while but she gets bored of him and instead to get popular once again she tries to become best friends with kelly. But this time kelly Falls for judy's evil tricks and judy tries to take kelly from me. So i talk to kelly let her know that i feel judy is tring to steal her and she informs me that that will never happen and a wave of Relif imbrasses be. But that still doesn't stop judy. Everytime i ask kelly to hang with me judy asks her to go to a movie, everytime judy asks her to go camping. Its Awful and i hate it. One day a guy- friend of ours asks judy outt and she claims she doesn't like him to keep him from feeling bad and soon breaks up with him. A month or so later, he takes an interest In one of my bestfriends, maddie and maddie wants to stay friends but says yes when asked out by him.they become a good couple... Then of course judy tries to steal maddy's boyfriend and tells her not To kiss him and tells people she misses him and this is currently happening and she just buugs me so much!!!

Story #615

If all other submissions have failed, let this be the one that lives. I hate her because she ruined him. She coddled and protected him, yes, but also denied him the opportunity for change. He is Permanently locked with bewilderment while the world around him breathes and changes. He told me he'd be a hawk if he could choose, but, instead, ended up a sloth. I can't help him anymore - it is Done.

Story #614

I hate her because he still loves her after being with me for 2 years I hate her because shes so freaking perfect I hate her because no matter what happens HER problems are more important then MY Feelings his GIRLFRIEND. I hate her because no matter what I do I will never be good enough for him now. I hate her because she lies to him over and over again. She tells Him she went into an insane asylum she tells him lies about her getting hurt. She tried to get back together with him as soon as we started dating when it was over a year after she dumped him. They were Only together a year and no matter what I do. We're never gonna be happy together. I hate her with everything I have for taking the one guy I want to be with away from me before it even started. I hate Her and I love him.

Story #613

I hate her. She was nice at first. We were good friends. However, she was a negative person. It didn't bother me for the first year. Then this year came. Everytime I asked her for help in class, she Made me feel like an idiot. She made me go do everything myself and made me feel even worse than I did already. She called me ugly, yelled out random orders when I walked past her, and she called me Names.

Story #612

Well the reason I hate her is because of her ex, well now boyfriend. Violet and Alex have been going out for a while, then he moves to Las Vegas and wants her to come with him. She tells him she's ready But instead flakes. I'm a good friend to him, soo he tells me all of this and how he broke up with her. I always liked him, so I am secretly happy about him breaking up with her, seeing as she is soo Obnoxious and I really do hate her. I and Alex talk but just recently we've started talking like a couple, and then I find out their back together. Now, I'm just p..... Off and hate her more. Doesn't He know she will never be with him completely and will either break up with him or have him break up with her again?!?! Also, why does he like her? I mean I am not conceited but she isn't pretty. :| I guess i'll never know, but what I do know is he says he loves me, calls me babe, and apologizes to me for having to put up with her, oh yeah I also know that I hate her :)

Story #611

I go to online school so I meet up with this girl named Nancy several times a week. At the beginning of the year I thought she was a kind, polite girl who's parents decided to 'try' online school. After Several weeks I could see why they wanted to have her go with me as I made my dailes. She had terrible habits- ie, talking too loudly, licking her fingers, telling people things about me I didn't want Her to tell, and worming in on my invitations! I now am planning a party with a very close friend we've been planning for months and SHE wants to help! I HATE HER!

Story #610

I hate her. She thinks she's my bestie, and tells me all this b..... Stuff about my other friends. She is such a b.... She is always gloating about her marks in tests, and she always expects me and my Friends to compliment her. And when we happen to do well in exams, she gets all tight lipped and doesn't say anything nice like 'good job'. Nothing like that. And lately, i told one of my other friends That this girl (call her c) called her a slot, and b..... She obviously had the right to know, she's my friend. Somehow it got round to her, and now she won't even look at me. She makes me feel sick. She is so stuck up and spoilt. I hate hate hate her.

Story #609

I hate her she thinks im somthing that im not with her i have to be to people just to keep my life balanced. She knows nothing about me yet she thinks she knows everthing. Really im i the only person Who hates it when people say that ' i know what you are going thur cause i have been there' well i just want to tell all the people who have ever said that to just F... Off.

        > Most of the time the older folks do know what you're going through. Of course they don't know all the details of your situation, but they know the gist of it. Young and in love, or I hate the world, whatever, blah blah blah, everyone goes through a similar menu of emotional / romantic experiences when they're young. The part young people who yell out the cliche 'you don't know me!' don't understand is the difference between 'yes, I do know what you're going through' (the old person's perspective) and 'i've never gone through this before, I don't know what to do' (the young person's perspective). What, you think out of the roughly 100 billion people that have ever lived you're the only one who has ever felt this way? Spend some time in the Total Perspective Vortex. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have my favorite dinner...Applesauce and medicine. -John

Story #608

I hate my roommate. She's a talented girl who was the president of the school debate club and newspaper. But because she's so awesome she tends to have strong convictions. She thinks she's always right. That's a really really annoying characteristic to have in a friend. But's what's worse - she is SO moody! For trivial causes like boys teasing her(OMG she always gets so worked up about this! I think That's precisely why boys like talking about her)she'll come to the room and sulk about it. It's so ironic how she's both overly confident and diffident. I don't know whats wrong wiht her self-esteem. I hate her guts I hate how she doesn't understand stuff and later gets upset about it I hate how she feels stupidly lonely and doesn't like to see other ppl going out I hate how she's so greedy!!! She Needs to have EVEYRTHING her own way and when she doesnt get it she becomes depressed how stupid is that?

Story #607

Shes my new sister thats a couple years older. She barges into my life, acts nice, takes my stuff, than f bombs me and tells me she hates me!!! She goes hi and I decide to be nice to her, she gets me Trusting her so I let her use my stuff, she ruins it than says a stupid, innocent sorry(or if it's clothes she makes poeple think she looks good in them, then when I where it she gets them to say it Looks better on her!) Whenever I have other friends around she always hugs them and doesn't let them hang with me! She gets my parents so stressed to the point of my mom always being at her buisness and Never comes home when she's there, wich she always is! She's a lazzy bum! When she's grounded she sneaks around doing things she isn't sopposed to, she always gives me a headache because she smells Like ciggarettes she is so loud I have to take so many migrane pills, she causes stress, pain, and poeple wanting to punch something! She blaims things on you and you always feel bad because she always Has a way to!! She has to have everything her way! When you say something important she always cuts you off and says something stupid like what clothes should I wear to school tommorrow grrr she Drives me insane!!!

Story #606

I hate this girl I used to be aquantences with. She betrayed our friendship and my son and her boyfriend. Me and my son fled from my ex six months ago because the relationship had become abusive (i Currently have a restraing order against him). I left MY apartment MY car My phone and all mine and my son's belongings there. The night after I left my ex and his best friend and his best friends Girlfriend(my ex aquantence) were hangin out at the apartment drinking together. After my ex's bestfriend left his girlfriend(my ex aquantence) SLEPT with my ex. And continued to sleep with him for over A month while she was also newly pregnant with another mans baby to which she doesn't know whom the father is. F...... S.... She paid his phone bill for him and his rent for him the month they were Together and also aided in attempting to get custody of my son which DIDNT happen. I have full custody and am doing fantastic. But every once in a while a thought of her will pop into my head and I JUST HATE HER. I HATE HER FACE, HER LYING MOUTH, HER UGLY HEART, AND DECIEVING BACKSTABBING SO CALLED WANNABE IRRESPONSIBLE PIG TATTY FAT LISP HAVIN B.... OF A W..... I F...... Hate you kaitlin!!! An What's worse is the time my ex and her were together he was calling my house phone just to tell me these things just to hurt me and she was apart of that. They were both running around town letting me And everyone else think that that was his baby :( crazy things ppl do to hurt other ppl. Im not sad that were not friends im sooo glad that i found out what she is now instead of later. I HATE HER!!! OH AND I HATE HIM TOO BUT THATS FOR ANOTHER WEBSITE!!

Story #605

My gf lives a few states away and I'm about to change my whole life and move over there just to be with her because we just met and were madly in love and all that. So anyways I get a frieakin text from Her today saying shes gonna go to her senior homecoming and pick out a dress and she hopes i dont mind her going with ANOTHER GUY!!?? Its like her freakin ego high school dress up life is so much more Important than my comfortability. Nothing p..... Me off more. I hate her so much right now.

Story #604

I did everything for her. Really , everything ... I was patient, too patient. She asked for so many things, and promised me everything would turn out fine. I would get into her heart, she would get over Her past. Even when we broke up , I did everything she asked. But it was never good enough. At the end, she even blaimed me everything. I spent so much energy on her. And now she just lets me down. And For some reason, I just can't forget her. Don't know why, because she was totally wrong. I feel like she used me. She used me a lot. She broke me. I hate her.

Story #603

If it wasnít for a few points i would have thought we hate the same girl! The girl i hate also loves Justine bieber and has a bliebra although she does wear clothes that are kind of right for her age. She p..... Me off so bad. She was trying so hard to prove she was cool enough, but her attempts failed and we could see straight through it, and eventually we had a big fight, during which she showed a Side i never thought she had and made one of my greatest friends cry! Now she sucks up to that friend and everybody else but she hates me now because i cant forget what she has done. But i would not Have shown everyone that letter.

        > What the hell is a Justine Bieber? -John

Story #602

I hate her because we used to be best friends. It started when we went on a trip and apparently i was doing everything wrong. So i asked he what can i do to make u feel better about today? She stands Up and yells at me 'You can start by doing whatever the f... I want to do!! I mean come on we've done every thing u wanted but nothing i wanted!!! ' So i calmly ask her what she wanted to do, and she Tells me she want to go ride a ride! I tell her 'I can't i deathly afraid of heights and unless my brother comes with me i just can't I'm sorry!!' she stands up and yet again yells at me. So i stood up And told her 'You are NOT allowed to yell at me like that because i am not some one you can walk over!! Just because you're daddy owns Taco Bell doesn't mean you're a princess!' and walked away! So Finally a few days later she says shes sorry. I except cause we've been friends for to long to loss it over a ride! So her Birthday comes and she invites every single prep in the school & not me! And She says I'm her best friend! She said she didn't want to invite me because she didn't want me to feel out of place. I told her i would be fine and if it was ok with her could i still come? She gives Me this look and says'what do you mean still? I never invited you! ' so i started to walk away cause i didn't want to fight & she grabs my arm and holds on for dear life!!! She looks me strait in the Eyes and says'i better no see u at my house on my birthday. If i see ill call the cops and have u thrown in jail! ' i looked at her and said 'for what breathing?' her grip got titer and said 'I'm a good Actor i can say that u hit me in the face!' MY MOUTH FELL OPEN! And she just laughed down the hallway! So her birthday comes and she has fun with the preps while i have fun with my other friends at a Birthday Party! She texted facebook all day about what fun she was having without me. Then she sent the text that sent me overboard. It said 'have SSSOOO much fun with out that dumb b..... I bet shes Sitting at home eating a Twinkies right now! I hope ur having fatty!' then she put my name. I WAS LIVID! I comment and said'excuse me?!?! But i don't weigh 230 pound unlike you! I only weigh 120! And i Hate Twinkies!' she texted me and tried to say something mean but i brushed it off ,and told her that if she so rich then she should ask daddy to suck some of the fat out of her ass & hips! I am sssooo Done with her! I would not go to her funeral! So i e-mailed her and simply said 'Friendship over.' she comes back with 'lol just because im friends with the preps! Haha okk im Gggoooddd with dat!' i wanted so bad to punch her but i didn't so i E-mailed 'WOW you soo f...... Stupid u can't even see a serious e-mail when it's in front of your face...can ya?!' i sent it and I de- friended her and blocked her so she could talk to me ever again! Good bye b....

>Holy carp! What a b....! Best story so far! -Tina

 Story #601

I hate her because of what she did/said to me. Okay, so RC was my best friend for almost a year at this point. And one night i was on aim, talking to R, when RC came on. She made me promise not to tell Anyone about what she had told me (which was that she got felt up by this man-where at a little kids show), but I'm not the type that can just keep something like that to myself. So when she was done Telling me and she got offline, i made R promise not to tell anyone (which she didn't). Eventually RC found out that I told someone, but she didnt know who. That's when she got nasty. She said things That she knew bother me, things like that I'm ugly and that i have acne. Eventually I got so tired of it that I eventually told my mom and one of my best friends, K. K is good at giving advice, so duh I'm going to tell her for advice. That's when RC pushed me over the top. RC told me that I shouldn't be so close to my mom, that it's a bad thing to be close to your mom. (RC's parents like mine are Divorcced but RC's mom isnt around). I told her that it's because she doesnt have anyone to talk to. I felt bad and she kept on pushing me and pushing me, making me cry and I just gave up on her. K and My mom assured me that she's not worth it and that I'm way prettier than her. But every time we happen to IM each other or whatever, she keeps 'pushing my buttons' and making me upset. And also trying To make me upset by saying that we aren't likely to be friends again. I hate her, and i have always known that we wern't the friends that were meant to last.

Story #600

Well. To start off. Me and this girl were friends for like the whole school year Ė unstoppable. And I just recently got my heart smashed by my ex girlfriend Ė yeah imma guy. And then she was there for Me. Supporting me and helping me. She was truly a good friend Ė a lot of people walked out of my life that week. I didnít ever see why. Then the friend, asked me out. I said no, because hello, I didnít Want to get my heart smashed again. I wasnít even over her to start out with. That made my friend mad and we talked about it the next day. I told her why and she said 'f... You' and then we ended our Friendship. She doesnít get how I feel Ė never has. I hate her fer not being a good friend anymore. I hate her, because how she treats everyone. I hate herÖbecause, she is worthless to everyone fer Making me feel like hell.

Story #599

I hate her because she's a part of his past, and I can't stand what she did to him. She makes me feel like I'm nothing compared to her, even though I have had him now, for a year. I hate her.

Story #598

I hate her!!!(my mum)she is so stupid and un fear,she treazs me like a baby witch i'm not,i'm 13 and she never let's me do anithing.she won't let me go to the mall,the cinema or even the library (witch is like 50 feat away from our house)if she doesn't go with me and me brother(15)can go were ever he is so not fear.I HATE HER!!!

Story #597

Wow, great to saw your page.. I hope to feel better writing out. There's a woman I hate (and I rarely hate anyone), she met my ex on Thursday and slept with him on that weekend! Then post on her wall Showing her victory laughing when people asked if she had fun thanking him. And she couldnt look more like a skank. I mean she wears color lens, dresses something that showing off her bibbs. My male Friend said she looks like works on streets! I hate my ex too.. To hurt me so bad hooking up with someone like that. She's so fake, she pretended to miss her mum when she met his mother one Day in London, and cried to gain scores from him and his mum, trying to show her softy side -B.... ! She's the type who calls her boyfriend 'HUBBY', and loves using baby talk when typing.. She's been In the UK 2 years with language course but still makes stupid mistakes in grammar because she spent too much time men hunting. If you want to know what she l ooks like look for her on Facebook...

Story #596

It all started when she went after my guy & my sisters ... She first went after my sister's ex-boyfriend then she went after mine but mine was a little different you see me in this guy have been going Off & on for years now so when she went after him I flipped . I didn't say anything to anyone about it after all we did break up . They didn't last long at all they dated for a few weeks tops . Her & My sister became best friends so I have to put up with her & I'm best friends with her cousin who is NOTHING like her . Anyways me & her act like were best friends but we both know we hate each other & everyone can see it even though we tell eachother things well she tells me things anyway . She doesn't really bother me any more & your probely wondering why no ? Well haven't you ever heard karma's A b.... ?

Story #595

I hate my best friend. Lets call her Sarah. Sarah and I got into Advanced Placement Senior English. On the first day, the teacher hands out TONS of papers. She gives us websites to go to and assignments To do, and short stories and poems. She tells us we have to write this many words for such assignment, and on another assignment you have to blog on a website. It's very complicated and confusing. Sarah and I sit in the back of the classroom next to the air conditioner. Sarah has lots of friends around her that I don't know. The air conditioner is loud. I am cold. Sarah is laughing. I can't hear The teacher very well but i am paying attention. By the end of the class, I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. In the morning, Sarah and I have homeroom together. I am asking her questions about the Poetry assignments, when this is due and that is due. She gets annoyed with me. I become flustered. Suddenly she says, 'Didn't you pay attention at all?!' I became embarrassed and angry. I turned Around and laid my head down. When i get upset, i don't speak. Sarah is my only friend. I have many classes with her. I sat next to her throughout the whole day. I said nothing and never made eye Contact. I am cold. She is laughing. -Crimson

Story #594

I hate her because she completely changed, she use to be my bff/far away cousin. Now that she moved she ignores me . Idk if it's cus he has lost tons of weight & feels better then me or something but I hate her . My I'm just jealous cus I now I feel fatter then her. Ugh I hate her I did alot of things for her , let her stay at my house on my be when she had no where else to go give her money for Things she 'needed'. Gettin in trouble for stayin out till 5 am with her & for not comin home . I hate her for ignoring me. Acting like I dnt exist. I hate her for bringing my confidence down Everytime I see her pictures on myspace. I hate her

Story #593

I HATE HER!! I hate her cus she stole my ex boyfriend! She thinks she's soo hot but, if she took all that eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow... Who's hot now b....? Not you obviously!! I hate her cus she Made out with him n front of me!! And we were suppost 2 be friends!?! I hate her cus she is going 2 my school next year!! I hate her cus she's a ugly a.. Hoe!! I just can't stand how she wears Rlly low cut tank tops and booty shorts that go up her a..!! I hate how she is only doin this s...!! And i still dnt do this s...!! And i hate how im way prettier then her and all the boys Like her!! (well im more natural) and i wish she wasnt sucha MAN STEALING SLUTTY A.. WHERE!! Who is better now b....?? Not you!! Haha

Story #592

I think I started disliking my bf's little sister since day one. She had came down for a ride down to the city with her bro and we were packing his stuff since he was moving out as well. She called so my bf can pick her up frm the bus terminal and mentioned to him that she was hungry. Since we were tight on time he had asked if I can whip up something, which I didnt mind, even since She is a vegetarian (for dietary reasons NOT for animals). I had some tofu in the fridge (silk tofu, my faves) and I had made a small asian dish for her. By the time she came through those doors, rice Was done cooking and she had a nice HOT meal prepared for her. She ate the rice and later left the uncleaned dish with all my tofu untouched in the sink for me to clean!!! WTH!? I mean, if the food Was not to your tasting, my bf still mentioned to her that I had made it, at very least she could have disposed of it herself so I wont have to see it. AND clean after her self, since I was still Helping my bf pack. I think after that moment, I couldnt like her anymore. After I was done cleaning after her, I came out to see her laying on my bf's bed flipping through a magazine while my bf was Still sweating his balls off, packing and taping boxes together. WHAT kind of sister in this world would be as rude as this one, and had not offered to help at all. I was packing all day for him, not To mentioned I had packed several boxes for him earlier in the week, and I had only been his grlfriend for a little of 6months. They were blood related and she had done nothing! So i told my bf that I Was tired and I didnt feel like packing either. He understood since I have been helping him out since early morning. He thought I was tired, but I was really p..... OFF! From that time on, I had Disliked her. BUT I had swallowed the event and continued to have a good relationship with my bf's family. Lets just say the 3 other times my bf had moved including 2 of them with me involved, she And her bf never helped. The last time we moved, my younger siblings (i mean high school young) had helped us including one of my awesome guy friend. Even though her rich boyfriend was driving a SUV They never even made an effort. She is sooo freaking lazy and hypocritical. My bfs mother passed away last year. Awful yes. But she was sooo sad she couldnt go home for a week. Lets just say, my bf And i and her dad were the ones running around to the funeral home, picking a casket and finding a plot and so forth. Including handling paper works while she was sad. Fine I understood, you lost your Mother. BUT she had the nerve to text me TELLING me to keep their house clean! OMG! I'm not a maid YOU KNOW! I was only there for my BF! NOT HER! Not to mention I was the only one that cared about her Spoiled maltese dog that had to be hand fed. I also hate when you try to teach her how to do something she would switch it up and ask you to take care of it instead. Since she was under her mother's Insurance, a letter had came in asking her to renew the policy and such. She said she didnt KNOW how to, mind you the grl is like 22. I was telling her, she should call and simply ask what the Procedures would be. She switched it up and was like, 'o since ur so good at it, can you do it for me?' I was like wth? But since she lost her mom, I guess I said yea. But later on when I called in, The lady on the other line was like, how old is this grl we're talking about, I was like shes 22. And the lady was like, she's old enough to have her own health insurance policy and she would have to Do this all by herself. I was like DUH! Why am I even babysitting this chick! A month later she went back, leaving all the problems in the house to her bro and me. Her dad didnt want to Care for the dog ( i dont blame him, he's a little b....) And nor did we. Not to mention its HER dog, why should we care for it. NOT to mention she got the dog and never even once took this dog to the Vet since she's got it. For 5 years this dog was under her mother's care. While she was in la la land enjoying her life without responsibilities. Somehow, she turned to me. Asking me to care for it. I Put my foot down this down. NOT to mention this is a DOG we're talking about, I didnt wanna grow attached to it and later on shes gunna come and take it away. I didnt do it. BUT my bf and I did take Him to the vet ON A FREAKING RAINY saturday! And this grl had the nerve, NOT saying thank you at all.. But took the credit and said to her friends that she's sooo happy that her dog is well cuz she Took him to the vet and the vet said so. I just wished someone would have asked wheres the vet and she wouldnt have known the name of the place. OMG! By Xmas I couldnt stand it anymore. I had dated my Bf for about 3 years by then and the two prior xmas's I had gotten her a tiffany necklace and a coach wallet as xmas gifts for her. She still hasn't gotten me a thing. This past xmas the only gift she Got from me was the end of our whatever relationship. She really had thrown in the last straw when she had one of her grlie tantrums at my bf's family's home yelling at everyone and eventually kicking Both me and my bf out of their house. What was the reason? Because we had prior plans with my family to eat dinner at my house. Simple as that. She was mad at my bf for making plans with my parents And that no one was gonna stay home to eat dinner with their dad. Because her and her bf wanted to go out. Meanwhile the dad was sitting right there saying, I dont need anyone to eat with me. I can Care for myself. But that didnt matter.... She got p...... Such a hypocrite. I would have understood if she wanted a family meal. BUT she wanted my bf and I to stay and eat with the dad while her and Her bf partied? C'mon you must be kidding me right? That was it, I threw my hands in the air and blatantly both her and i came to bad ends. She literally has NO reasons to be p..... At me. BUT I have A gazillion of these stories. She just saying stuff like, o ur so hard headed bla bla bla. A year later today, she emailed me apologizing for kicking my bf and I out of the house that day. Yea, Whatever. If she would ever know... Our problems GO WAY back! Anyways, I tried to be nice and wrote back. Stating how mature she has become bla bla bla and that how she should care more about her dad And her bro since now they have lost their mother. You know stuff that u should say to a person after they lost a loved one. Well, she texted my bf saying stuff like, 'this is the LAST time. If your Grlfriend keeps telling me what to do, Im going to get MAD!' wth!? Are u kidding ME? I didnt tell her WHAT to do! I COULDNT CARE less. Its just two sentences of what people say after a death. So much For apologizing. So NOW we are NOT in good terms. A DUH! But this b.... Had the nerve to complain to her grandparents and her dad about me. My bf is on my side ofcourse. BUT still, its such a nuisance To know all of this stuff. She's 23 now. It took her 5 whole years to complete a BA degree in human ecology ( i still dont know what that is) and now she's waiting tables. Its karma b..... She also graduated from university, a super expensive private college. Her family dont really got it like that, thats y her brother went to a state university. So she's gunna be over her head In student loans. Which I look fwd to seeing. HA! Sometimes bad things do happen to bad people. I am just guna sit through this and see what will happen next. :D

        > I'm glad you got the expression right. It's 'I *couldn't* care less,' meaning you care so little, there is no lesser amount of care you could have about whatever. People frequently get that wrong and say 'I *could* care less,' which doesn't mean anything. If I care very little about something, I *could* care less. If I care very much about something, I also *could* care less. So if I said I *could* care less, that wouldn't tell you anything about how much I care about it. -John

Story #591

I don't know how things started to get so horrible. Even though I blame myself for a lot of the problems that have arisen between us, I still can't but help to have contempt for her. I know that I did Some pretty terrible and selfish things. I mean, when we first met, she was the one who made the first move. She called me and left me a weird message, asking me to come help her repair her tent because The zipper on it was broken. I honestly didn't think anything of her, but I figured since the girl I was talking to at the time wasn't making much of an effort to be with me, I could at least hang out With her and talk to her. Maybe it could turn into something good. When I got to the park where she was, she had been drinking (I didn't realize it at the time, but she has told me since). It was just Her and her friend. I don't think that I even looked at the zipper. We just hung out for a few hours. After her friend had gone to sleep, she and I sat on the back of her car and talked for a while. She Seemed kind of blunt, asking me, in an indignant voice, 'why aren't you saying anything?' I admit I'm a very shy person. But anyway, we had conversation about how she had had problems and how unhappy She was. I don't remember much from the conversation. It didn't really affect me in anyway, unlike other talks I had had with girls before, that elicited enough emotion in me to actually remember them In good detail. At the end, she gave me an awkward hug, and I went on my way. We continued to see each other for a few weeks following. I remember how we would just lay together and not say much, Because she was pretending to be shy. I still had not developed any stronger feelings towards her. In addition to this, my prior affections to the girl I had been dating before, were not gone. This, I Now realize, is the main cause for the demise of any sort of relationship I would have with this new girl. But one night, she gets drunk and paints on the floor with ketchup, with me having to sit there And babysit her. I tried to leave with her, but she started freaking out, crying and saying she wanted her boyfriend (me), and told me (she apparently couldn't recognize me) to get away. This lasted for Around 2 hours....with me having to sit beside her and listen to her mean remarks. I ended up having to finally convince her I was me. I had to stuff her into the car. Finally, when we got back to my House, she melts down and starts telling me how I should just be with that other girl. I told her that I still cared for the other girl a lot, but that I was trying to get over her. So this then led to Her sitting in my yard, saying such things as, 'I want to die,' or, 'my life is over.' I had to stay out there with her, trying to calm her down, until the d... Sun came up. It was ridiculous. I don't Know why it didn't occur to me that she just might be the desperate, clingy type. From what I have found out since, she has had many boyfriends, but there were only two who she claims to have really had Strong relationships with. But as I remember, she didn't talk so nicely about the one guy had been so important to her, and wonderful. Apparently, I was something totally different from the rest, though. I have no idea what it was that made me seem that way to her, but she 'fell in love' with me extremely fast. No more than about 3 weeks! Things were going kind of smoothly for a while, when one night my Ex girlfriend called me. I talked to her and knew that I still wanted to be with her. This other girl I was with was not interesting at all, and didn't make me feel anything like the way she did. That Was the time when I decided to break up with the new girl and try to make things work with my ex. She didn't take it well at all. She stared stormed out of my house, drove off, then came back to pick up Her phone. This is when she wanted to talk to me. We talked things over, and because I am such a weak person, who was too afraid to actually break up in person with someone, I ended up getting back with Her. This back and forth battle continued for quite some time, although it became less and less often with time. The main things I remember about the early parts are that when I would let her come over And hang out with me at my house (bad decisions), she would try to persuade me to be with her. Once, she got so messed up that I had to let her stay at my house, Because she almost wrecked her car trying to leave. So one fateful night, I was in the middle of being indecisive, with the new girl out in her car, and me standing there, in the open door of the car, With a phone txting the ex, trying to keep both of them calm. I was trying to let the new girl know that I really didn't want to be with her. She then told me that she 'loved' me...This just made me Feel like I had no choice but to choose her. All in all, we had one hell of a year together. We always fought, and things started to get really bad after the midway point. A lot of it was because I Didn't want to advance the relationship, and also because I just honestly didn't want to be with her. This meant that I did'nt treat her very well. I didn't go out of my way to see her, I didn't buy Her a lot of things, I rarely complemented her. I was too stuck on my ex. I cant say that everything was the new girl's fault. Far from it. I feel terrible over some of the things I put her though, but Why would she stick around? But to continue the story... She started to get more and more aggressive, yelling and screaming at me, and throwing things and saying all sorts of crazy s.... Whenever I Would try to break up with her, she would go into a mental breakdow. After the first 6 months, she started to get violent with me. She would actually start hitting me and Punching me in the face. And whenever we got into a fight, I would try to leave, but she would follow me and be screaming and yelling the whole time. I tried to get her to bring me back to my house Once, and while we were in her car, she started driving maniacally. She would floor it, and we would be going at about 70 on small, curvy two lane road. I was scared to death. Then she slapped the S... Out of my face, and slammed on the breaks, stopping in the middle of the road. This was one of the worst times I can remember with her. From this point, it was pretty obvious that any sort of Real love or affection had completely vanished from her heart. Whenever I made her mad, she would just start picking out every single flaw with me that she could find and yell at me about them. She Would simply insult me just to make me feel like a worthless piece of s.... This was when I just got fed up with her. I was ready for things to be over, once and for all. Nothing huge or drastic Happened, though. We just recently ended things for good. She's already talking to some guy now over the internet. I just don't know. I shouldn't hate somebody like this, but I can't help but feel this Way towards her.

Story #590

I hate my mom. And I am not a terrible person or anything, but I can't stand her. For I or as long as I can remember, she refuses to acknowledge any pain I might be going through. Furthermore, she acts Like I have some kind of a responsibility to either be happy, or pretend I am happy for the sake of everyone else. When I was 13, I had no friends, and I wasnít especially good at anything. I really Hated myself, and I had no kind of connection to the world at all. She asked what was wrong. She stood there yelling at me while I was throwing up and crying for over 15 minutes. She just got mad and said I was selfish. But given that she didnít seem to be the slightest bit concerned or sad outside of the anger, it couldnít have Been hurting anyone else that badly. I just graduated high school, and I am over the whole depression thing, but two weeks ago my girlfriend who I was madly, madly in love with randomly decided to leave Town. (Iím a girl) My mom said 'Iím sorry your little friend left', but that was about the extent of it. She canít admit that it hurts, because that would mean I really am gay. Which I am. And being 18 And completely comfortable with myself, I still have to hide it to protect her f...... Reputation. She wouldnít even let me take my girlfriend to prom a friend. Worst of all, I Want to get out of this hole of a town and away from everything that I canít stand. I want to go to this great university, which I was already accepted to and have enough scholarships to go for Relatively little money. However, she goes by the whole, we bought you, so we own you, and even though youíre an adult now, we still get to make all of your decisions.

Story #589

Ok so its started off in 2OO7 ii fell in love with this girl and its now 2010 and im still in love with her but she always hurting me and now im learning how to hate her because no one has ever hurt me This bad i can't find it in my heart to forgive her ughhh i just hate her !!! --emiily

Story #588

My best friends name is tamsyn she likes this guy called josh and she braggs about how cute he is or is saying Iím so pretty all the boys like me and she has to have whatever she wants I was at may Friends and she was there and we were building acuby house and me and kaitlyn were swinging on the swing and she says u guys it would be really nice if u could help and I want to do this no olivia donít Do that she thinks sheís so smart I just cant tell her I hate her.

Story #587

OMG I hate Cassie. More than anyone in human history this includes all evil people in the history of Mankind. See I come from a pretty upper class family and everyone in my family pretty much has Always gotten anything and everything they want. My dad however aging fast at the age of 50 just recently married a 26 year old piece of WHITE TRAASH in fear of being alone forever since my parents Divorce. This no-class piece of garbage has since moved into me and my dads house. She does things just to get a rise out of me (So she can tell my dad on me, whenever I let her know how much of trash She is) such as: 1.Leaving 1 little dribble of urine on the toilet seat only when we are the only 2 home. (if my dads home she wouldnt dare) 2.Hiding the internet router box that we both have to share B/c i didnt bring it back to her when i was done(Didnt i live here first?) 3.Had the nerve to tell me she is older and has more experience of the world. HAHA( She is 25 I am 24 4.Telling on me for Eating a TV dinner that was in the freezer with everything else that i couldnt possible know was hers. I am NOT trash and i do not Like it living in my own house I choose to just ignore every word she says an d she knows i hate her cux she snitches on me for everything that ever happens. * I forgot to mention, she had a baby, but DIS-OWNED it and her damn adopted grandmother/mother i dont even freakin know is now taking care of it. But she sure does baby talk to annyoing dog that she had to have that my dad didnt think twice To get.

Story #586

I am sooo mad at my cousin she always acts like every boy she sees likes her! The other day we were hanging out and these guys (hot guys) came over and started flirting with me and she started acting like They were talking to her. And when one of them asked me to go to the movies with him she was like 'hey take me to the movies! I am way hotter than her!' then the guy said ' I don't want to date anyone Who has a psycho for a friend' i was sooo frekin' embarrassed! I hate her!

Story #585

I hate my so called best friend because she only pretended that she liked me and always lied to me! And to make things worse, she always noses in on my crushes! And whenever I told her a secret, she told A girl I hated more than her! I hate them!!! Guess how that school year went!

Story #584

I hate her sooo much. Everytime I introduce her to my other friends, she steals them. Every guy that she meets, she flirts wih. Its so annoying. She is such a sudistic f...... Hoe

Story #583

Okay, so I was having fun talking to my friends online, when I get this text message from this girl named Savannah. In the first few texts we were having a normal, fine conversion. Then she starts acting Mean and then she starts calling me stupid, boring and retarded. She said EVERYONE thinks im retarded. I tell her to stop but then she says no. So I tell her that i'll be the better person, but she had a Girl we know over named Nicole who said that's not called being the better person, and that got me p.o'd... So I replied and there was a bit of name calling... Then I told her that i'll stop repling and That I hope she has a good life with out me. I still hate her. She's always pulling this carp on me... And she thinks just because she has a boyfriend along with Nicole, that she's better than everybody Else. I hate her.

Story #582

Okay so I have known this guy since I was three and when I started to go in to like 1st- 5th grade ya kno I was younger- I didn really think about him.. So a few years ago when I did start thinking About him again and one night we were at a dance( me and my best friend, him and this girl) and my friend knew I liked him. So we go over there and take his hat , you know like trying to flirt.. And We gave it back and smiled and walked away... Well she comes over to us and she is like ' he is mine- so back off' and me and my friend turned around and looked at each other- well I didnít say Anything( I was trying to be the better person and walk away) well 2 years went by and she started going around his circle of friends and she has moved on and is still talking to him but she likes Someone else.. Well he ( the guy I like) isnt over her. I was feeling soo accomplished like I had really gotten his attention and then I see them talking in the hall way and he is like smiling and Everything,, ughhh I hate herr sooo much

Story #581

I hate her because she is a two faced stuck up loser. She used to be friends with me, and I was her only friend. Her other friends ditched her but she went back to them. She ditched me for them. I hate Her because she is too stuck up, and plays innocent. I hate her because people fall for it. I hate her.

Story #580

I hate this girl so much because she is a MEAN girl. I was her only friend in middle school, and I helped her climb her way to the top.. Or at least close. I helped her make new friends, and what did she Do? She ditched me! She won't speak to me at all now, and spreads rumors about me all the time. It's horrible how nice she used to be, and now how easy, and different she turned out to be with her new Friends. I hate her because of what she lies about, and how everyone falls for her pretty lies. She is not a nice person, she does bad things. I hate her for how she turned people against me. I hate her.

Story #579

Ok, so there is this girl that i know... Lets call her D. She is a total skank and doesnt care about her body. She makes everyone feel awkward because shes always rubbing herself on guys and sending them Texts or sixts. She is in love with one of my best friends and she sixts him ALL THE TIME!!! HE DOESNT EVEN LIKE HER!!! She wont leave him alone!!! She wants to have SAX SAX SAX and shes really young. Older than 10 younger than 18. We are freshman and i used to be her best friend, but now shes a total skank.

Story #578

I hate her. I hate the way she wants to cause me pain and then enjoys it. I hate the way she looks, acts, talks abouts me, and puts me down. I hate the way she apologizes the same way every time. I hate The way she fakes how much she likes him. I hate the way she says, 'You have to stop putting me down so that you can have him,' I hate the way i keep forgiving her. I hate that she's supposedly my 'best Friend.' But most of all, I hate that knows the one serious secret i have that i was stupid enough to tell her. . .

Story #577

Okay so this is how it all started,when I was 3 I met this girl,we were best friends for 13 years.untill this year we got in this huge fight and we haven't talked since the beggining of the year. So my Other friend and I hate her and we call her bagel I got new friends but I hae them even more because they always get mad for no Redon and I just can't stop hangin out with them becaause then Baggel face would start to hang out with them, I hate them all so much but I just wanna throw cheese on them okay well ya that's my story byeee

Story #576

I've never meant anyone that consumes me the way she does. Nor have I had anyone treat me so poorly. She talks about how all she does is give to everyone else but no our lives are dictated but what karen Wants. We dated for three years and I fell so in love with her it made me blind to everything everyone else was b....... About her. She has never been there for me. When my grandma died in front of me I Called her and told her I needed her she said later I'm doing laundry. I would beg her to come to family events with me but she would always pick a fight with me right before hand. I got fed up with and Stopped talking to her for 6 months then she came back telling me how sorry she was and how in love with me she was and wanted us to fix things. I gave her another chance but I had trust issues I Repeatedly kept asking her if there was something more going on with her and her ex she would say no and I would ask do we have a chance to be together and she said yes. I then started never getting to See karen anymore because kari was always doing something with her I never got any alone time with her and then one day when I was going to get my first evening alone with her she admitted everything was A lie. She said I lied to you so you wouldn't get hurt. What kind of sick s... Is that. I hate her for what she has done to me. I truly do hate her for tearing me down over and over making me feel Completely worthless she is such a selfish b..... I don't understand how she thinks its okay to treat people like this and then have the gull to tell me she doesn't like what type of person I am. I loath Karen.

Story #575

There was this old lady who used to help out my math teacher and i dont think i have hated another girl so much! Everyday she would hover me and only me! She smelt like s... and her breath smelt like she ate it. She would lean in so close that i could get out of my desk and i couldnt lean away from her be3cause my desk was right against the wall. I was begging my teacher to either let me sit in a desk that allowed me to lean farther away from her or to have her not help but he said no! She would come and help me, even when i would repeatidly say that i didnt need it. And this one time, she breathed right in my face! I wanted to throw up! It got to the point that sometimes i would skip class and when i didnt do that, i would ask to go to the bathroom just for the sake of getting away from her. I even complained during and IEP meeting and nothing was done about it! To this day i start freaking out when ever somebody leans in to close. Even when i was dating my ex the feeling of him leaning that close scared me s.......!

Story #574

I hate her it all started when i went to school she started taking my bff away from me and it went on for like years but i had enough so we started getting into arguments until finally we broke up friends and she is always taking my friends away from me and flirts with all the boys the one boy i like she flirts with and she is always trying to act pretty but im not scared about him falling for her cause she is fat and ugly so im ok with that but she annoys me and i cant take it but i cant what should i do she is so annoying and deserves to move but im not gonna make her im to young to do anything i wish i could have help but it aint working help me someone anyone i need all the help i can have i just wish she would get lost

Story #573

I hate her because she gets to be with him. I hate her because she's the one he says goodnight to. I hate her because she doesn't have the problems that i have. And i hate her because i know she's going to hurt him eventually.

Story #572

We're 17. She broke up with me by a note before homeroom. I hate her.

Story #571

I hate her because she stole my boyfriend when I was away. I hate him because he let her. I hate her more because she knew exactly what she was doing. I hate him because of the same reasons. I hate her more because she changed his bathroom completely different when I visited him - as if I would not have noticed her buying his/ her body shampoo, a new set of tampons, make-up remover, and etc. I hate her because he would not have bought anything like this because he's so broke. I hate her because she knows we were going out and just because she is his ex-wife, she feels more privileged to be with him. I hate her because she is prettier, hanging out with celebrities like she is - and is from a rich family - as if she does not have enough - she steals him away from me. I hate her so much - I want her to know what it feels like to be in my shoe. I hate her.

Story #570

Okay, I hate this girl sooo much. This is where it all began.. I moved to a new area, and starting going to a new school. We became friends cuz she rode my bus and she was in a couple of my classes, she talked to me but she was just one of those people you are friends with even though she was your complete opposite well... she got really annoying. So once I had begun seeing all of her sides, I couldn't stand it anymore, and more and more I realized at school that people thought of me as a freak for hanging out with her and that wouldn't bother me if she weren't so dang annoying and stupid and airheaded but no she is, so anyways, yeah I stopped hanging out with her. She just kept talking to me, and annoying me even though I tried my very f...... best to ignore her, and she obviousbly didn't get that she was not going to be my friend ever again. So, I wrote a horable story about her, and showed and told everyone. They obviousbly thought it was hilarious, and duh, so did I. It talked about her horable fashion sense,the way she talked , the way she annoyed people by saying 'shut up' for no reason and calling herself a dumb blonde to sound cool. Eventually, she heard about it, and I showed it to her, she got really p....., and I just smiled and laughed cuz it was hilarious. I was going to print it out and spread it all around but I couldn't cuz my mom found out and said 'oh allie thats sooo mean why would you say those things about someone ?, blahblahblahblah!' How could you not? She has horable skin, (acne explosion....seriously....some ppl at school call her volcano face, hahahha) , and speaking of the way she dresses, she is 13 and wears 10 year old, and little girl apparel, from like Justice, and Limited Too stores. Her clothes do not fit I promise.I stopped wearing that when I was 10! Psschh. Not to mention she plays with bratz and barbie dolls still. Honestly she is lame, she is terribly obsessed with justin bieber too. But even though I wrote that story....she didn't f...... care! She just kept talking to me, and p...... me off, like I was her bestie! What the hill? One day she came up to me and said, 'allie are you my friend' and I said 'no.' and she said 'why?' and i'm like 'why the hell not!?' and she started crying, ohhh puhhlease. Shes so stupid. Eventually we went our seperate ways but not for long, and she kept being lame, and talking to me, and coming around when I was hanging out with my friends, and we all hate her, all of my friends, and I, so when she came around my friends kept asking me if I was her friend and I said 'hill no!' She gives me a bad rep. My sister and my mom kept nagging me for hating her, and I tried to be her friend again because maybe there was something I was missing I thought. But nope she still acted the same ways. So I got rid of her,and now my friends and I make fun of her all the time its so fun I love it. hahaha XDD, we call her a 'bliebra' cuz theres this lame justice jacket she wears and its blue with zebra stripes so its bliebra. hahaha. so funny (; I love my friends.

        > You, young lady, are a royal b..... Yeah, ok, so she's annoying and you don't want to be friends with her. No problem, nothing wrong with that. Writing a story like that and going out of your way to do things to make her life miserable? Looking down on her for things (acne, etc.) that are beyond her control? Seriously not cool. If someone made a movie out of this story, you would be the bad guy at this point. Be nice, tell her you don't want to be friends, fine, but don't use any loser-ness she may have to hurt her. If this was a movie, you should be at the point right now where the apparent-b.... character has to decide whether she wants to keep being a b.... or do the right thing and treat this other girl like a human being. -John
        > And what the hill is a justin bieber anyway? -John
        > This is the right way to deal with people having a worse day / less popular / less successful than you. As I believe the kids would say...Props to the Foundation For A Better Life. -John
        > i think the girl who wrote number 570 is really really really rude!
        > I think ur bein ridiculous. Im 13 and i still play with my sister and play wiv gogos, brats and barbies. Heck, i even sew toy animals and sell them to my frends. I hav such a stupid larf and my bff says im the most likeable person in the year. I DONT gossip and hang around b...... like u do. Do urself a favour and stop acticng like a f... b... . U donít deserved 2 be liked and those gurls u hang out with r sl..s.
        > You are a jerk. you need to get over yourself. You also need to realize that you arent perfect either and just think ur better than her cause she is a little different than you. i bet u ANYTHING if u hung out with her and find out who she really is, youd like her. you are just being a b....
        > The whole time I was reading this, I was just...trollin'.
>I am so p..... at how you hate her when clearly you are the true b.... here. She was just annoying thats it! But you went out of your way of your little low.cockroach life and wrote a f...... story?! Are you kidding me you?! You whiny b.... please please go burn in hill you physcopath b.....

 Story #569

It's one thing when a kid is totally out to get you, but it's another when a teacher is. Let's call her Bob... No, she's not cool enough to be a Bob. Let's call her pooh. Okay, well Im in sixth class (I live in Ireland) And I have a really n ice teacher. But the teacher who teaches 2nd class, is out to get me! My sister is eighteen, (6 years older than me) And pooh hated her too. Obviously my sister isn't in primary school, but when she was pooh hated her. Anyway. When my sister was dating my friends older brother, (He's a few years younger... Pooh found out and actually said to him, 'S, I don't like you dating E. She's not a good influence.' I found out because he told my friend and she told me. Anyway, She was in our class talking about a photo compotition, and my hair was in my eyes, so I pulled it out of my eyes and all you hear is, 'A! What did I just say?' And then I go, (in a laid back voice wich really annoyed her, 'We need to take pics of the snow and the best pic gets a prize.' And she made this weird grumbly sound, and there's loads more... But I have to eat my breakfast. Im so p..... Off. GRRR!

Story #568

She's the 1st person who i really hate ! I feel so angry, uncomfortable and annoyed when i hear her name, not mention when i see her dang face ! She caused me and my friends to have cold war, and now we becomes strangers ! She act nice infront of many people but i can see through her act ! She always speak bad about me with others ! Always. Acting like a totally b..... Give me that kind of look that she's popular and always have many boys wooing her. I hate her ! I hate her english ! I hate her face ! Sometimes i really wish she could have disappear in my life ! Even now we dont have any interactions ! Yesterday i happened to pass by her stupid blog, i saw her hinting that she's talking about me. Wtf. It has been so long and yet she's still b....... about me. I hope her bf dump her and she will have karma.

Story #567

Ok so there is this girl named Meredith. She was nice and sweet and she was average-looking. She returned to my school after leaving for 3 years. My first impression of her was that she wore very revealing clothing and was very attention-seeking. To me though, she was nice so i continued to be her friend. However, she started dating and hooking up with guy after guy and this year she started going to secret places at school to makeout and hookup. She used guys to hookup with them and then flirted nonstop with other guys the same day. She has been going out with this loser guy that no one likes only to 'get some'. By now, i openly hate her and so does my friend. However, we sit at the same table with other members and i must put up with her because some people at my table still like her and i don't want to start a revolution in our group. I hate her as much she uses her body to get what she wants and she does everything to please a guy. She is only concerned about looking 'cute' but shes ugly. she has braces in high school and she is terrible at soccer. By now, everyone is starting to realize wat a slat she is and she has two friend one being her boyfriend and the other another slat with a boyfriend.I used to love her but look at what she's done. I hate her I HATE HER.

        > I know it's...indelicate and, for the life of me, I can't remember where I first encountered the statement...I think it was in a movie, but i'm not sure. I don't know if it's exactly right, but it seems to fit... 'The reason girls don't like slats is they screw up the p.... economy.' Really, it's nobody's business how many boys she's with or what kind of clothes she wears. What upsets other girls is that she's not playing by the same unspoken rules (don't wear overly revealing clothing, only see 1 guy at a time, etc.) that her competition (other girls) play by. Other girls are upset because, in a way, she's selling (no, not literally) her asset (p...., if we're being indelicate) at a lower cost than her competition, which lowers the value of the other girls' assets. Back in my parents' day (the 1950's) you were a slat if you fooled around with a boy before being married. The difference between the way it was in the 1950's and now isn't a matter of right and wrong- it's just that the generally agreed-on price in the 1950's was a marital commitment. No one who has something to sell will ever be happy to see someone else undercut their price. I don't mean any of this to objectify women or anything. I'm not saying this is how things actually are, just that this is a way of thinking that appears to fit the world around us. -John

Story #566

I f...... hate her!!! my mom btw. I was at my school chorus consert and then it ended and I was sooo exited. then when me and my mom got in the car, I turned in the lights and she didnít know. the lights come on when there is a door ajar, so my mom thought that was the case. when I told her I forgot about the lights, (which I did btw. I have SERIOUSLY bad short term memery loss)(I screamed it) she got so frickin mad at me! she started cussing me off. so there I was, in the car with her for 5 minutes crying my frickin eyes out. so now, here I am in my room with a stash of food (rice crispies, raisens, and gatoraid) for the night, or if I decide to run away. should I run away? tell me plz!!! -Katherine 11 years old

        > The automatic-i'm-an-adult answer is no. Really, all that would do is not solve your existing problems and it would cause new problems. Either you would fail at running away and, when you got home, she would be angrier and more unpleasant, or if you succeeded in running away you would likely end up being homeless, falling into drug use, prastitution and so on. It's nothing about you personally, it's just that the lives homeless people at your age have on the street tend to be pretty unpleasant. You might have the idea that you'll go live with friends. All that happens there is that you bounce from place to place and end up getting reported and sent home anyway. So no, running away won't help. -John
        > girl dont i have run away before. Do not!!!

Story #565

My fianceís ex wife is an idiot. I HATE her. She just can not 'let go' of the fact that he has moved on. And guess what she is doing now.... keeping his children away from him. Now we have to spend thousands on lawyers instead of spending it on the wedding or saving for our honeymoon. Does his ex-wife have NO dignity? (well to be very honest...I do know the answer to that one!!!) = N O !!! Move on DARLING or you will be 'stuck on the shelve where you belong'. Your expiry date was the day you were born. I have never hated anyone, but this MONSTER taught me how to hate. You ARE a terrible MOTHER and I would have divorced you as well. (I would have not married you in the first place- but hey-you fell pregnant by 'ACCIDENT' he felt obliged to marry you)

Story #564

I hate her! #539, 548, I know your feelings. There was once a quite popular b..... She is my girlfriend's cousin. She was a nice person in the beginning. But... she is also the one who said a lot of bad things about my girlfriend. I cannot stand her. But... I dunno why, my girlfriend suddenly broke up with me. What the f...?! And that day, when I was crying, the b.... called me up. I dunno how she found out that we have just broke up after a few hours. But she comforted me. She said she like me, then I am with her, since my girlfriend dumped me. For a whole week, I went amusement park with her, we shared food... and... blah blah blah... a week later, when I go find her, she pretended she dun know me. Why? Her real boyfriend showed up and got her hand. IS THAT HER REAL BOYFRIEND? No... This story happened 4 years ago. Last week, I have became a good friend of her boyfriend (that time), he told me that she is a b...., she got another boyfriend. WHAT?! It means that I and my friend were not the only two, but there are someone else. 2? 3? 4? I asked and found out.... 12... she used all of us, she even confessed her love to anybody she found cool and tried to use up his money or whatever. I HATE HER! I HATE HER! I HATE HER!

Story #563

I hate my younger sister. She thinks she's the best thing that ever happened to the world. She verbally abuses me all the time and yesterday she busted my lip. She, of course, didn't get in trouble. I hate her!!!

Story #562

I hate her so much. lets call her F she was my best friend in eighth grade, but then she started going out with this guy C. He was friends with J and they didnt really like me so i wasnt invited to J's parties which he has every week. Well J like K so he would invite her so F and K had like a common thing with the parties and guys that i couldnt be apart of. F never even tried to get me invited because C hates me so much she didnt want to lose him over me. J even invited R this where of a girl who will go to third base with anyone. K is so two-faced, whenever we are in classes without F she tells me how annoying i am and how much she hates me, but then in front of F she is so nice to me. She also rubs how they are friends in my face, all the time. I used to be more popular than her, but because of J who is such a tool and his parties I've become a loser. I hate her sooo much.

Story #561

I hate her I hate her I hate her. She was one of my best friends. Then goes off, leaves me alone like a freak and CRIES when I confront her? What the? She never even gives me a second glance. I'm sick of being the one everyone leaves behind.

Story #560

so theres this guy and ive known him 4ever and then theres my bestfriend. so this guy I have like 4EVER asks me out and then everything was going pretty good...but then I tell my bestfriend that my new bf was him and she was all ''WAT!!!' and I swear I never knew she liked him...and she is sooo mad at me and is flirting with him and Idc all that much cuz I thought he loved me but then I find out that he was cheating on me with her! and he breaks up with me 4 her...but she says that she don't want him no more and he goes back to me and (stupid me) I finally take him back but tell him that he better not do anything with her...but then he is still all flirty with her and she is still all omg dump her 4 me even though she said she didn't want him! so I dump him...but (again stupid me) he says that there was nothing going on that time and (stupid me) I believe him! and then me and me bestfriend are sorta bestfriends again but the she says 'he's cheating on you with sooo sorry!' so then me and her walk over to him and break up with him sooo both of us have a promise that next time he says 'come over to my house,babe, I love you' that we are not even going to fall 4 it again cuz were bettter than that...and I know I should be mad at her but...I not cuz I know what its like when he's pressuring u to do stuff...he says he loves you and u melt into his capable hand:( but I really hope that she isnt doing s... with him still cuz I still love him with all my heart even though he flirts with my bestfriend and calls me a b.... and says he loves her and could care less about me and ruins my life...he still is the only thing that makes me get up...I love my bestie 2 but...were all just messed up:D I hope that this all gets better but seriously I cant believe SHE would do that to me I HATE HER SOOO MUCH SHE IS THE BIGGEST MEANER EVER!

Story #559

This is my simple story, I don't know her and I don't want to know her, It was in facebook that where ever I go I saw her profile picture, so I decided to add her since she lives in the same place of mine but I actually I don't know her and I am new to live there, she rejects and it is ok, I send her an apology that I hate myself how honest I was in apology, she didn't even said that is ok, in fact I think she told other people about that, I want to delete her from my memory.

Story #558

omggg. i like this boyyy..he likes me .. but he also USED to .. yes USED to like this other girl .. then he got over her and just liked me .. sure he still wasn't my boyfriend .. but he told me again and again that no matter how much the other girl liked him .. he just liked me .. now .. there was a party at my school and i was grounded so i couldn't go .. and what i have found out is he was get off and kissing and gawd knows what else with this other girl .. i F...... hate her ... i F...... hate him aswell .. but i love him soo .. f... it hurts sooo f...... muchhhh .. stupid bastard .. he doesn't deserve my tearsss .. yet i keep crying ... F...... HELL ... just Grrr.

        > girl i toatlly understand but you have to stop crying over that moron. If he cheated on you he isn't good enough for you. Simple.

Story #557

She thinks that she's the only one with problems in the world. She thinks it's all about her because the effing world revolves around her and her only. She thinks she's emo and her problems are they only ones that matter. I HATE HER!!!

Story #556

Our relationship started 22 years ago. We liked each other and didn't act on it. But one day she kissed me and caused something happened. something arose and she ran away! lol! She did! Anyway I moved back to Pittsburgh Pa in December. And she contacted me on Facebook some at the end of March. All the old feelings came rushing back to us. So we go to a movie together and she's alot bigger than I remember her!!! But not so big that I want to run for my life, but pretty healthy! Her Ex had her doing coc.ain, drinking, And going crazy! She moved in with this man and he charged her $700.00 in rent! What an a......! Well She's moving back home to save money And before she got with me her ex agrees to help her move. And tried to charge her $800.00 to move her! I tell f... that b.......! I'll do it for free. So she agrees. WHAT A MISTAKE ON MY PART OMG!!! She had the heaviest furniture I have ever lifted in my life! After Losing a testical in this move. She begins to start tripping about we're not compatible in a few ways. And I'm like how? We both love God, We want a family, And we want a good life. She says our lifestyles aren't compatible. So mean while she's sixing my like crazy!!! And she had the nerve to tell me' you obsess over your d... too much!' What the hell is that! She ran from this d... 22 years ago!!! She was scared that she couldn't handle it when we first had six! But she did. Then she gets into a car accident that she could have died in. Calls me 11am! keep in mind I worked the midnight shift! I have no idea where she is but I program her location into my iPhone and get to her asap!!! I take her the emergency room to be seen. and stay there till 8:00pm at night. I take pictures of her injuries which basically an burn from from the airbag on her arm. I send them to her 2 times per her requests. So we can't seem to get along on the phone. But when we're together we good as gold!!! crazy! So she keeps on hinting. Our lifestyles aren't compatible? This is going on for two weeks!!! And we hadn't been together yet for barely over a month!!! She was has no patience and wants everything and panics over everything!!! A dang Drama Queen! Her nose kept bleeding because of the coke she did. And I don't know how to cure that but I told her to get a humidifier. So 2 days ago she comes at me again with we're not compatible and sends a text to me saying' I don't think we're going to workout.' And I snapped. She said' I don't feel the way I should about you at this point.' WTF!!! We have barely dated a month. Then it hit me. This B.... is crazy!! She said I didn't role out the red carpet for her! And she sent me over 15 text messages about how I messed up and how immature I was. Right. She is f...... crazy!!! FELLAS STAY AWAY FROM KATHLEEN!!! SHE IS DAMAGED GOODS!!!

Story #555

There this girl who always come to my house univited and starts grabing everything and she's always talking about all the guy who are in love with and shes always taking my ipod and my phone to go to bebo im not selfish as in not letting her touch my stuff but like ask permisson shes always just not weclome to my house at all!!!

        > -See...where I live we call those people 'burglars.' If she's there to see you, it's simple. Don't let her in. If she's there to see someone else and they're letting her in, then it's a different matter. -John

Story #554

I hate her because we have been best friends since kindergarten, and now 15 years later I am married, and she has a controlling boyfriend (he really is controlling I don't just say that because I hate him, and she has admitted that she thinks he is too). My husband just recently joined the army and is gone for 6 months, she has yet to say anything to me since he has been gone and she swore up and down to me that she would be there for me when I needed her and well... she hasn't been! This boyfriend of hers is tearing her away from me and when I need her the most she chooses him over me!

Story #553

I hate her SO much words can't describe it. I was best friends with this guy for years, and then we started going out. We loved each other so much and he'd had other relationships before but said nothing compared to being with me. Then he started getting loads of problems, his severe anger and rage and self harm, confused thoughts and emotions and not knowing what he felt, sometimes just not caring. He couldn't take the relationship anymore and ended it after a year together, and then 3 WEEKS later he was seeing this girl who he'd JUST met!!! Things have gotten worse and worse with him now, his angers worse, he 'switches off' and doesn't care about anyone or anything, and has been diagnosed schizophrenic. He only talks to me about this stuff because he says only I understand, he just lies to her but still they've been together 7 f...... MONTHS now, I know he just wants to keep his stupid routine up and he always wants to have a girlfriend, but f..., its f...... ridiculous seeing them together EVERY DAY for the past 7 months while I'm still completely heart broken, seeing her cuddle up to him and knowing that she doesn't even KNOW him, and him throwing away everything we had together to persue a 'fresh start' and because of his anger that just takes over him. He runs away from me thinking I'm the problem and I cause his pain and saying he doesn't care about me, but if he didn't care how would I even cause him pain?? He just wants to blame someone and he can only blame me. Every time he pushes me away he gets worse and worse so how can it be my fault. I hate her and her stupid fat a.. and spot infested face and the way she looks at me like a scared little rat caught in the headlights whenever I catch her staring at me, which she does all the time. I HATE HER I hate her I hate her, stupid ugly c.... uurrrggghhh!!!

Story #552

I was dating this girl for two weeks almost three. During the beginning of the second week she says she's falling for me, ok. She was clingy and everyone said I could do better but I stayed with her. Near the beginning of the third week she breaks up with me saying she really cares about me but thinks we're better as friends and she doesnít think I'm right for her. Ugh first you were falling for me then all of a sudden you want to break up, o well I was the best guy she'll ever meet, but yeah I hate her I really do. O yeah I was going to prom with her too and when we break up she still want s me to go atleast as friends, is she serious we're not friends, I want nothing to do with her...once again I'll say I hate her.

Story #551

I had this amazing best friend she was always there for me like always the first thing that happened was that i fell in love with this one guy i told her everything and how i liked him two weeks later.guess what happened shes been going out with him now for about three months and it broke my heart..every night i cried myself to sleep. I couldnít get over it...he was always in my head and every time i hear love songs on the radio i turn it off. I always think...hey if you never had him how can you lose him???right??? boy was i wrong. They are still going out and i still cant even look them in the eye when theyíre together!!! Like ahhh i hate that i love him soo much! I got over it one day easy as that. I went out with this one kid and he loved me and i love him but i still have something in my heart for the other kid!!! Now, when ever there is something wrong with my boyfriend like something happened he tells her first ... not me no not his own girlfriend i just want to scream al her!!! Get away you f...... b....!!! what can i do??

Story #550

omigawd! my boyfriend just broke up with me after i told him that i didn't want to have sax with him. when i went over my best friends house(ex-best friend now!!!) he was there and they were f......! I hate her!!

Story #549

There's this girl at my school. Last year, we were like BFFs. (This year, she isn't in my class, though) Now we rarely talk. I hate her because she makes me feel awkward around my friends. Because she gives me weird looks like I'm the craziest person out there even though I'm not doing anything different than her. Because she goes 'Oh, Hiii Charlotte...' when I walk up to her and my friends, as if it were abnormal that I was there. Because she acts like my friend sometimes, and I, helplessly, fall for it. Because she excludes me. Because I have no idea why she doesn't like me. I hate her. I hate her. I HATE HER!!!

Story #548

i totally agree with #539, i have the exact same problem as you do, i met this girl in 7th grade and we became friends, her name was aleeha,We stopped talking afterwords and one day her mother randomly calls my mom and finds out shes having this bingo party and totally invites herself. I dont know how she found out. she knew none of our friends before. kinda wierded me out. Back to topic. my cousin sabrina was coming too, and my cousin was really popular. I told her this girl is coming with her mom. and shes chill. at first aleeha was nice, funny but kinda goofy. later on she stole all my friends too. the whole entire group acutally. I also use to wear this striped shirt all the time i loved it. she called me one day and said 'hey you know that striped shirt?' im thinking shes gonna say something nice, cos she seemed nice. I WAS WRONG. she called to tell me to throw it away. Shes a b..... after she took all my friends she found out the guy i like and started fliritng with him. got his aim and was IMing him. then she started making fun of him and saying 'ew why do u like him' well if hes ew WTF are u doing flirting with him. she loves attention and talks alot. she also one day came to tell me that she saved an old convo of him. was overlooking it and said 'gee i sounded like a where when i was talking to him' thanks for telling me that. i really needed to hear ur one of my friends or so called. and using the guy i like for attention. i always had low self asteem and never thought i was pretty, when he told me i was cute i felt like the happiest girl alive. if she was really my friend she would have let me be happy for once in my life. instead of kill it for me. now when a guy says im cute i run the other direction. cos i feel 'whats the use' i hate her and stopped talking to her. she also told the guy that I was the one who said ew about him and got him to call me 'beat' if ur wondering what beat means it means UGLY. thanks to her, i never wanna see him again in my life. shes mad that i told my friend she was talking about her. shes 2 face. and my friends will always come before her!

Story #547

My moms hate each other and they always drag me in it. She has anger issues and yells at the littlest things..I hate my life

Story #546

I really can't stand her or her b...... friends. I asked her out she rejected me and so we became friends. Everything was fine for 6 months until she made a few new friends. That is when problems began to arise she didn't give 2 s.... about me. She expects me most of the time to chase her to f..... start conversations and soon as one of her other friends comes along she f..... ignores. Then she thinks its OK to say hi and everything is f..... fine. When hasn't both to speak to me for weeks. F... the silly cow. Stupid trick a..

Story #545

Basically, I pretty much fell in love with a guy at my college - we got on so well, and all our friends were doing the winking and nudging thing... And basically things were happening until LK came along... I can't STAND her! She started following D around everywhere, and he obvs enjoyed the attention... She flirted with him so badly... She has a best friend too and together they are just hideous, they think they're so funny, but they're really not. And at the end of the day, she's now going out with him. It's depressed me so much, and I blame her more than him tbh... Like there was this one time he invited me as a guest to his friend's party (before they started going out)... She msned him demanding that she and her friend should be invited too! So basics he had to persuade his friend to allow two extra guests to come, and then when we were walking to pick them up she texted going 'oh no I can't really be bothered to go now' even though she knew how much trouble he had gone to to get them invited. So he then invited two other friends (who are lovely) to take their place. Then she texted me going 'what are you doing tonight Cuileann?' And I just KNEW that if I said I was going to the party with D she would change her mind again. So I didn't reply, and then she rang D and told him to make me text her back... And lo and behold when I did she rang him again telling him that she was going now... So he was put in an awkward situation with four extra guests just because she is a spoilt jealous little brat. It's like she couldn't even bear to give me a chance alone with him, it's only because she knew that I was going to be pretty much alone with him that she decided she had to come. And she's no angel although she thinks she's great - she's cheated on past partners several times, the little cow, everything, literally everything gets paid for by daddy, she's so spoilt, she thinks she's this amazing clarinettist and just demanded that he buy her a £4000 instrument, but I play sax in the same band as her and have the misfortune of sitting near her, and she's really not that amazing at it... ARGHH! It's like, she's always going on about 'her' music, and I'm better than her, I'm meant to be the musical one of the group, I ride horses as well and I'm actually quite good at it, I've won some big stuff, but she just laughs at me derisively because I'm so unintelligent that I do sport... She thinks it's below her. And she makes fun of me because I'm dyscalculic - which is a bit like dyslexia only with numbers, yet another time when she spelts something wrong and someone pointed it out, she goes 'well yeah, well I'm dyslexic, so it's like, not my fault? I'm probably actually more intelligent than you are!' So I don't get it? She just blates is thick, not dyslexic, otherwise how DARE she make fun of my dyscalculia? When she comes to visit D as well she always drags her friend along with her, and instead of joining in with our group,they sit in a corner and whisper to eachother, and then they'll look at someone and laugh really obviously! And none of our group (apart from D) can stand her because she's so b....., and so above us all... And she was so out of order with me one night, and when she and D had gone everyone told me that I should mention it to D because it was pretty much bullying, but D means so much to me even if just as a friend, I can't bear to risk that. I just hate her so much, she's had so many guys - I've never had a boyfriend or even got with anyone at a party - I've never liked anyone in 'that way' enough... And she's come along and stolen the one guy that I've really had feelings for, when things were so close to happening... And only because she's a flirt, because she's jealous and can't bear for the spotlight to be on anyone but her... And she treats him like trash as well, I hate her just for that in its own sense, he's such a nice guy and doesn't deserve it. Anyway, sorry for the long rant, but I'm so depressed, and beginning to wonder if I'll ever get a nice boyfriend, and at the moment no-one matches up to D... And it's not even like I'm pretty or anything and have a chance, I'm really not... She has completely knocked my confidence and I'm quite a shy person anyway. I hate her I hate her I hate her.

Story #544

I hate her. I bumped in to her again at work today. I just can't seem to go anywhere for any length of time but she pops up. She worked with my husband and manipulated her way into his office. Finally he gave her the push but he's now arranged another post for her - and I just happen to have to go there every so often. She's just always been one of these needy, user types who get under men's skin and irritate women to hell. She's got to be looked after, assisted, promoted, and she's bloody good at getting all of those things. She's probably the most hated woman on the universe and everywhere she goes she's got her claws in someone else's husband. You know the type, clingy and emotional and always has a sad sob story to get them all protective over her. There's just no getting rid of her. Just when you think - great, that's her out of the picture, she surfaces again in another area of my life.

Story #543

I hate her, she has ruined three of my relationships. My very first boyfriend was last March, it was awkward of course and we ended it four days later. I was okay with it, when I thought he was breaking it up for what he said, but I later found out he left me for her. They sat with each other at lunch, all school year long, and never spoke to each other, but the second we started dating (no really, that night), she started flirting ruthelessly with him. She made out with him at church, and ever once kissed him in front of me. But I was cool with it, you know, wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. In June, she told my new boyfriend that I was cheating on him, using him, and didn't really like him (all lies). He broke up with me to go out with her. Again, I let it go. No big deal, she probably didn't mean it. In August started dating another boy, lets call him Black. Okay, so we are dating, and its getting really deep and all that and we start even going steady and she starts her crap. Again, I don't say anything, I'm thinking that no matter what he's going to love me and not leave me or listening to her. We even make jokes about how stupid she is and how much better I am for him anyway. One morning I wake up to a phone call from him and all he says is 'We're done.' and hangs up. Heartbroken and being the 15 year old I am, I gorge myself with food and get on Myspace, ready to complain to anyone to listen and find the two of them are going out. She's is revolting and disgusting, and will do anything to get what she wants. She has sax like its not intimate, she's either a where or a man, and I cannot deal with her. They are still dating and whenever she gets the chance, she talks to me about how perfect they are for each other. I hate her, I reallly, really hate her.

Story #542

I literally cannot explain how much i hate her. She can be really nice to your face, then b.... behind your back to everyone. She has started to nestle into my group and like best friend my best friend. She's pushed me out the way and tells my friend everything and they have their f...... stupid dnm's usually right in front of my face. They organise to go out places together and parties and s.... She thinks she knows my best friend better than anyone. She has amazing clothes and a great body and uses it to her advantage. She is a suck up b.... who constantly p..... me off. The amount of times i have cried over this b.... is countless. She ruins my day, everytime I see her I just want to scream and run away. She is the biggest suck up ever and manipulates everyone around her including teachers and adults. Everyone else sees her as the beautiful sweet girl and I've seen the worst sides. She ignores me when she's around me by myself and then pretends to love me when I'm with my best friend. She grabs my friend at parties and goes off with her and they giggle and get p..... while they leave me there. At school she doesn't even sit with us because she's off with her other friends. She never invites me to anything and thinks that she owns the group now. She pushes me out the way, has shoved me out of the group basically and makes me feel like the biggest s.... I can't tell you how much i hate this girl and I can't do anything about it. She ruins my life and I wish that I could move schools just to get away from her, she drives me insane.

Story #541

There's this kid in my enriched Science class, and i hate 'it' so much because 'it' Always gets bossy because 'It' thinks it know everything about Science. I'm trying to find and way to put an end to it, except its hard because our teacher put us in a project together and now 'it's' being very stubborn about accepting my idea for the project and 'It's' idea is horrible!!! And the worst is that 'it' asked for my number so i gave it because its for school right? Well i was home, waiting and waiting when 'it' never called so now i'm freaking out about the project. I think I'm going to go talk to the teacher to help with some ideas that we both like!!! Thanks i needed that!! Stressed guy.

Story #540

So, I live with this girl and I totally hate her cuz shes like a total freak and like so annoying. She shouts at me all the time just cuz I think different to her and she doesnt understand me, also she thinks shes disabled just cuz she is left handed, which i think is wrong cuz like some people are actually disabled and she shouldnt think she is. I hate her. I also live with another girl who flirts with me all the time and i'm not a lisbian so I don't want to like kiss her but she is and says she isn't. I dont hate her much but I feel sorry for a bit.

Story #539

She's new at my school this year. I think she's from California or something.. anyway, when she moved here, she chose me as the first person she wants to be friends with. I don't really know why. I'm pretty shy but belong to a really good group of friends so that's probably it. So we became moderately good friends and all the rest of my friends like her a lot too. I really liked her at first. She's pretty and brunette and appears nice... but she's not. She's really just a f...... b.... who uses people. The only reason she became friends with me was to get into my group of friends. Now she's stealing my jokes, way of talking, personality etc. She's replacing me! She changes herself all the time just to get along with who she's talking to. She lies all the f...... time, making up stories about her old life in CA or whatever, about all these hilarious things that happen to her. My clumsiness has always been something my friends poked fun at. I swear to god she's trying to run into walls and s..., trying to be f...... me. I'm a very well-mannered/calm person usually but this b.... drives me f...... crazy. Also, whenever we do hangout, she ditches me constantly. If someone cooler than me decides to talk to her, than I'm suddenly not in the room. I got her invited to this one party at the beginning of the year and every time the more 'popular' people walked by, she'd pretend she has no idea who I am. Half the school. Some people hate her also, like I do. If one of those people walk by, you know what she does? She acts like we're best f...... friends. Honestly, I just hate her. She's always wanting me to help/do her homework for her. She brags about being in all honors classes, even though she's getting C's and can't f...... do her own work. If I'm doing homework one day at lunch, she goes out and says something like 'Hannah... your being boring.' F... her. At least I'm getting A's. I hate her.

        > you are soooo totally right! I have gone through the same thing. That girl is a b.....

Story #538

I hate her, there isnt even a word to decribe her. The only one i can think of is p............... She thinks the really hot beacause this guy is using her to get some ash but really. She wears these retared shoes that look like clown shoes and she thinks their really sexy. And shes sooo f...... obssesed with her hair she spends 2 hours on it evenery f...... day. And she always wants people to feel bad for her. 'my daddy makes me pick weeds :-(' 'do you want us to help u?' 'no i hate it so much i wouldnt want u to go through that' wtf. 4 real? And tonigh she gave a total of 12 lap dances, to 12 different guys, and they have girlfreinds, who were at the party. Shes the biggest b.... ever she think shes really hot but really shes not wen she first came she were like 'i was really ppopular and preetty my old school' bs no one likes her She just fallow them like a little bunny- or those thinkgs that fallow ur mouse on the computer and since they dont know u they dont want to b mean 2 u dylan told us he though u were a s... and a b.... (he sed 's.....') your shoes are soo ugly u think they are really cute but really they look like a baby barfed after he ate clown cookies. You sooo f...... obbseesed with ur hair all you care about is looks and u luv tommmy but he doesnt even no ur name he likes anna and will always like her and not u and you are soo funking anerexic u eat all this weird organic stuff on your 'diet' but ur f....... thin and u hav to have fruit every day y r u so retared??? 4 rel the 'frui' that u eat is actually mostly sugar dip s... ur always talking about how hot u are but ur not that hot u remind me if a boring gray blob. Ur so f...... obbseesed with being popular 'lets be freinds with tuana!!! I wanna to go to her party, ill make aplan, lets complement her...' and the same with juny ur soo f...... obsessede with being popular u cant make freinds all u no how to is fallow ppl and suck up to them and buy them stuff (aka the abrecromebe shirt) go back to ur moms house bcuz u cant cheer and the only thing u can do is brush ur hair and drool over tommy ur ex bff btw give me my tanner and calculator back b....! No s.....! No desparate s.....! Dp for short no for s... And y cant u f...... spell democartic or sday it? Oh yea and i hate u u s.....( p.............., p..............!

        > I did not alter the submitter's spelling, but I just have to point out...It's spelled 'democratic,' so...yeah...pot and kettle and all that. -John

Story #537

I'm a person who has very low self esteem. I already had like 3 boys that were constantly making fun of the way I looked. I was already breaking down just because of them. But then a girl a came, and she just didn't like me. And one time. I was sitting down at lunch. And one of the boys was next to me and kept on saying mean things. My boiling point was at its highest. I couldn't take it no more. I screamed at the top of my lungs at him telling him to shut the f... up. Apparently, the 'girl' was there, and the boy I yelled at was her friend. And she didn't like how I yelled at him. So she hitted me so hard in my head. And I'm a softy, I admit it, because I was teased all my life, since pre-k. So I was always the loser. And there was no way I could take her down. She was like 8 feet tall! (Not really but she's very tall) so I just burst out with tears. Not even my 'friend' helped me at all. She just sat there watching. Although the boys really got my self esteem low, the girl also added my anti-social side. Now I just don't communicate with people. Cuz thts how It started. I communicated with the boys and they didn't like me, and then the girl came along, being friends with them. So because of her, I see everything in a negative way. Now I pretty much dislike everybody. Not to everygody. But I haven't found a true friend yet. And its funny. I did change in my looks, there's a lot of boys I know tht likes me, and something I want to experience is to be in love. Something I've always wanted. But all their words are stuck in my head, and I stiil think I'm ugly, no matter how many people likes me. And I can never love someone if I don't love myself =( I hate them and I hate her!

Story #536

my grama is so mean she wakes us up really early and Im not hungry so she screams at me and tells me not to buy food!!!

Story #535

My best friend does the same as in almost the same as all the stories here, I thought I was the only one in the howl world that felt like that I finely do not feel alone anymore Thank you that I found this site

Story #534

i am 5'3 and weigh 122 lbs. i want to loose weight, but thats impossible to do in my house. my mother always buys junk food no matter how many times i tell her not to and she never takes me to the gym!!! (i live on a main road so i cannot go 4 a run). i always end up hungry cuz i dont wanna eat crap and my mother is like, '13 year old girls don't need to watch what they eat'. I hate her why can't she help me out???

Story #533

I hate sooo much this girl i have never met. I first learned about her when i was going through my husbands e-mails. I know that's wrong but i couldn't help myself. He left it open and i have suspected for some time. I found emails from her i will call her sc, the emails from sc started hi i havent heard from you in a while and they quickly went to i want you so bad this and that and i would give up forever with so and so for ten minutes with you. Sc also has a very very dirty mouth. For all those slats cheating on married men there is a big difference between sexy and slutty. Anyways back on topic i never would have cared at all if she was just some crazy ex writing him emails trying to get him back, but he responded to a few and in one he even asked her for pics. I know it's a two way street to cheatsville but i cant help but hate her more than anyone i have ever hated in my life. Its one thing for my husband to respond and believe me when he gets back he will get an earful for even writing this where, but 'to lay your hands on a married man's bout as low as a gal can get'-joey and rory, and i know she knows he is married... Im talking to sc now what the hell is the matter with you, do you think he is really gonna leave his family, his daughter for your skank ash. You are nothing just another girl with no self respect that will open her legs for any man who gives her the slightest bit of attention. Hes married and hes not going anywhere. My husband he is mine and we will be together forever, that's fine if he wants to have his fun with you cause that's all you are but im the woman he comes home to everynight and that will never change i promise you that. If he wanted to be with your desperate ash he would be so stop begging already. Its f...... pathetic. That's why he stopped writing your ash... Your not good enough for him. You are nothing more than trash. Your f...... material not wife Material.. Xoxo his wife

        > If the point is just to vent, then i'm glad you got that out. If you don't want advice, then, well, stop reading. If you do want advice, then read on. You need to calm down and focus because you're expressing several contradictory thoughts. Let's start with what do you know? 1) SC is writing to hub. 2) Hub is writing back. 3) Hub is asking for pics. So, what can we reasonably conclude? You said you wouldn't have cared if she was just some crazy ex.. Yes, you would have cared. You just might not have cared as much or felt as threatened by that scenario as you do by this one. You can't help but hate her... I know it's instinct, that it's biology, built into the species, to hate her as opposed to him. You're the alpha female of your pride (as in pride of lions) and instinct tells you the male will fool around with any female he has the chance to, so you're trying to chase off another female. But there's no real point in hating her, because there's always going to be an 'other woman' out there. Your relationship isn't with the other woman- it's with your hub. Don't waste your time trying to change her behavior. You said 'do you think he is really going to leave his family...' So you're being defensive, trying to tell SC and yourself that there is no danger of him leaving you for her. But you already know there is that danger because of 2) and 3) and because if you didn't think, at some level, that the danger was there, you wouldn't be reacting so defensively. It would not be true to say there is no chance of him leaving you for her. It may be very unlikely, but that chance is definitely not 0. Your hub is yours and hopefully you will be together forever, but it's never certain. Then you say 'that's fine if he wants to have his fun with you...''re allowing him to cheat on you? If you do that, you're undermining your position as alpha female. He would respect you less, cheat on you more with other women, etc.. All you would be doing is teaching him that he can walk all over you. I hope he has stopped writing her, but you need to talk with him, set boundaries for the relationship, and be prepared to follow through with the consequences if he breaks his side of it. -John

Story #532

so i had a best friend since fourth grade right? and every single second that i was her 'friend' i secretly hated her. she always is so annoying! and she started bragging about how she just got her first kiss, and she always gossips about other people then tells her own secrets and says not to tell anyone. what a hypocrite! so i tell them anyways. she also always scares my cat! well anyways what i am trying to say is that she is gross, annoying, and stupid! f her! im gonna ditch her more often...

        > So...if you hated her every single second, then you were lying to her that entire time. Not much of a friend, are you? -John

Story #531

She treated me and my current bestie(Lizzy)like carp,She told our secret's to her boyfriend which is a total big mouth,Then she told this one chick who goes to our school to beat me up,So they started threatning me,Saying she was gonna beat me up and do all this other stuff,Then they resorted to cussing me and Lizzy out ...She told me I was a witch and a slat and a piece of trailor trash and she told the whole school I was a theif and a liar...Now she's ruining mine and Lizzy's life...What should we do?

Story #530

I swear she is the most conceited person in the entire world! She blows kisses in the mirror to herself every freaking day! She thinks every guy (and girl) wants her, but they only try because sheís EASY!!! She is the biggest S... I have ever met in my en tire life. Since the first time Iíve met her sheís given me carp, she tries to start as much drama as she possibly can. And she is such a two-faced b.... itís not even funny. On myspace, all her captions for her pictures are 'omg, im so hot!!!' or 'Iím beautiful!!!' Iím sick and tired of her. Just yesterday she tried to start things because she was mad at my boyfriend, saying that he cheated on me with her and everything. I talked to sooo many people that day, and in the end she backed out of everything she said pretty much. Her story changed three times and when I caught her in her lie is when she stopped. I cannot stand her! Sheís an attention W...., who likes all eyes on her. If the guys arenít looking at her, she canít stand it and she pretends she hates them. She acts like she is better than everyone else, when it is the opposite way around. She really has nothing going on for her either. The only thing pretty about her are her eyes. Every guy that has ever thought she was pretty needs to be slapped. But that would take a lot of work. One day, I found out that she is absolutely nothing without her makeup caked on her face. All the guys talked about her that day, and not in a good way. One of the things she always says is 'Ima get my momma on your momma!' and gives you this snobby look and then has the nerve to try and call other people whi te trash when she is the one that is trashy. Everyone says she use to be different, but I donít believe it one bit. Maybe I should really feel bad for her, but then again. Ha, no. One day sheís going to be the women of five kids that you see on the maury show that doesnít know who the daddy of her kids are. And theyíll all have different dads no doubt. Sheís probably been with 50 people or more and she had the nerves to try and call my bestfriend a witch when she needs to take a look in the mirror herself, oh wait. She does that enough already. I donít understand how people can actually stand her. Iím sick and tired of her and her stupid drama starting self! Stupid blonde haired b....!!! I hate her with a passion!!

Story #529

this stupid stupid idiot disided the last day of school to come and hang out with me and my boyfriend in which she liked. she desided to try to flirt a little and she failed horribly. him and i were flirting and she threw a fit and walked off. it was the last time him and i would see her or eachother. my other friend which was stalking us the whole time, came outside. her and i were haveing a ball, singing and skippin in the rain and all sorts of random stuff. then it was time for my boyfriend and i to say goodbye for the last time because him and i were moving. i hugged and kissed him goodbye but somthing was wrong with him... he wasnt sad he was confussed because i had never acted random around him before and he thought i didnt care. he left anyways. my friend and i went to her house and we desided to have a sleepover. we were eating ramen noodles when we herd somthing in the bushes 3 stories down from her porch. it was him! he came back, i ditched my friend and spent as much time as possible with him. after that he left again and my friend and i got along for the rest of the 3 days i was there. but the person i hate most in this story is... the first friend. i hate her so much.

Story #528

Me and the love of my life started getting closer again...we had dated before. Then one day she said she had feelings for me, I though great! but, she had a boyfriend, they had been arguing day and night for ages and I didnt think much of it. Then she says I dont want it to go any further...find we will forget about it...Then the bitch goes and tells her boyfriend and everyone that I asked her to cheat on her boyfriend...What the hell? As if it was a one sided story! I lost my best mate and half of the year! And the worst bit is I said I was sorry...sorry! Got myself in it there, there was no coming back after that, And after all when miss sweet and innocent said her story, why would they belive me? And still, after that I tried to make up, we had been mates, her and I for ages! We would be fine then shes go mad and hate me and fine and hate me and always me saying sorry! Then I come back after a holiday and she hates me again no idea why! So I removed her from every adress book and forgot about her, made new mates and Im doing ok, at least this story has a sorta happy ending!!! I hate her, and will never forgive her!

Story #527

She moved out here to California from Indiana. We dated for seven months. I visited her family in Indiana after the holidays. She lost her job and couldn't find employment here. She started acting really mean and weird, picking fights and breaking up with me, then making up, and then told me she missed her ex-boyfriend. She stopped having sax with me for a while. I broke up with her after she said she just thought of me as a friend. She flipped out and called me back, crying. She moved back to Indiana, and I helped her do so. We then fell back in love during the whole move-out process. Back home she started calling me, slowly but surely, apologizing to me, telling me that she missed me, crying, that she was sorry for all the things she did. She said I was her destiny and that she wanted to marry me, even telling her parents the same thing (she's 23). She then told me she wanted me to visit her. I didn't want to visit her until the end of the year, but she insisted on it being sooner, for her birthday. So I booked a flight. We talked on video IChat and text and phone calls. Several weeks from the flight date she broke up with me for no apparent reason. A couple weeks went by and she finally told me she had cheated on me, and was now dating the guy she cheated on me with and said she likes him better than me. She told me that she's going to visit his family during the time I would have been there, and that she doesn't want me back, and that she thought I had been cheating on her while she was with me, which I hadn't and told her so. I get the feeling that this is what she did with her boyfriend before me, who was in similar circumstances to where I'm at now with her. How can anyone do this to someone when I've been nothing but great to her? I called her a witch and other mean things and haven't talked to her since. But I'm still blown away by how cruel she was and for no reason at all.

Story #526

My classmate Charmaine rarely go to school for classes,and yet she passed all her exams while on the other hand,I who went to go faithfully each day failed one module of the subject.She did nothing to contribute to the project(though I counted her in due to our friendship) But even then she failed to turn up on the day of our presentation.How mad and furious am I supposed to be! She complained she got a 'D' for one of the module and I was like 'What do you expect then,with your carppy attendance in school and you even got some marks for your project though you literally did nothing.' OMG I'm sooo angry!

Story #525

I hate this girl! Well, actually 2 girls! One of them (who was supposed to be my best friend) made a MySpace profile for our school, making fun of it. Then, I got blamed! Everyone actually started hating me for something I didn't do! Then, this other girl (may I point out was supposively one of my friends despite the fact she called me 'Asian' and 'Slanty eyes' and said terrible things about me to other people) randomly told a bunch of people I made the profile, which was why I got blamed. She also said that I sent a bunch of mean IMs to a kid, but she did it! And then, I got sent to the Principal's office! The Principal interrogates me and acts like I was a criminal for something I didn't do, but then talks to the girl who did it. She admits it was her who made the profile, and the Principal doesn't even apologize until a week later when my mom actually had to yell at him! And still, everyone hates me for it! Ugh! I hate them!

Story #524

My auntie is a total b....! That may sound harsh but it's so true. My parents split when I was 14 and I wasn't handeling it well at all, I started to slack in school and sometimes wouldn't bother going at all, I made new friends who weren't the nicest people if you know what I mean, they got into lots of trouble a school at home and even with the police, and soon I was doing the same. I would stay out way too late with them drinking and other bad stuff. All because I didn't like what was going on at home, I didn't like living with my mum, she got really depressed and moody after the split and I couldn't be around her. I didn't like being around my sisters at that time either, my younger sister just cried and complained all the time and my older sister was just acting like nothing had happened still acting like we were the same family when we weren't, I didn't like staying with my dad either because of his girlfriend (the woman he left us for). So anyway I started spending alot of time at my aunties house, she isn't married of anything so her house was real quiet and she was good to be around. We got along and she knew when to ask questions and when to give me space. After a few months she asked me to move in, she said I practically lived there anyway and she loved having me around. So after she pursuaded me I said okay my mum didn't mind I was never home anyway. But then after I moved in, my auntie finds this boyfriend and he and I didn't get along but w/e. So then he says let's live together and she says to me you can't live hear anymore just like that! She said it would be better if I moved back with my mum. She knew what a hard time I had been having and she knew I was just starting to get back on track and all of a sudden I should leave. Just so her and her noyfriend could have a spear room. I moved back in with my mum two weeks later and me and my auntie haven't spoken since and it's been one year. And I'm no better off. What a horrible woman I hate her!

Story #523

Well I've been a teenager for a little while now . Middle Teenage year actually . I live with my mom, grandma, grandpa, and aunt . My life has always been horrible . Middle school and junior high were the same cause it was the same private school . My mom was too scarred to put me in private school . Kids always made fun of me . Meanwhile my confidence is no more, and outside of those people adults tell me I am pretty or dumb grown men that don't understand that I am not legal and don't want to be bothered with them .. My grandma always made my life a living hell .. It drives me crazy . My mom didn't finish college so we are all stuck in an apartment together . Its ridiculous . My dad insulted my mom and didn't want me . He said i wasn't his . But anyway my grand mother really made me mad today . She kicked it up a notch and took my cell phone. She was accidentally buying stuff on hers and she just wants me to show her yesterday something about pictures . I have no social life because of her . She thinks all kids are bad pretty much . So I stay locked up in the apartment or I go out with my mom. Its Ridiculous !!! . She took my phone and I am currently having a romance . I used to play a game called Habbo Hotel . Pixel game where you chat play games and meet people . I met a kid . Nick name ' Joker ' for name purposes .. I have an alter ego and her name is Samantha . He fell in love with Samantha since I was taught not to reveal stuff personal on the internet growing up .. But anyway ' Joker' Is my boyfriend of 3 almost 4 months today .. He's the only guy who wouldn't hurt me and loves me but he acts a bit perverted. But all teen boys usually do .. Its hormones . So I flirt back with cute little names etc.. and my mom doesn't know I like boys and I just really dont want to tell her . I'm really scarred to.. ( My first crush was in about 5th or 6th grade as well ) . He sent me pictures of him and we call each other since He's in another state . I love him to death . No joke . And we flirt and flirt a little dirty texting or talking on the cell phone . My mom trust me and doesn't look at my stuff and I share a black berry with her . So I love my mom deeply for that . She got a phone under her name for me and now I am using it . Had it for about 3 days now . My grandma anyway was like how she wanted to see my phone this morning . then she put it back . And now she just looked at my text and saw what I said and him . And she is telling me that's not cool and I shouldn't have any text at 1 in the morning and stuff like that . Its the summer. She likes me to wake up early and go to bed early but I just pretend I am sleeping . I dont know how much more I can handle . But she's destroying me life .. I need help because now my family knows my business

        > I could sugar coat it, dance around the real point and all that, but we'll get to the point. You're a child. You don't have business of your own. When you turn 18 and choose to go get a job and earn the money for your own place to live, your own cell phone, and so on, then you will have business of your own. I understand this is exactly what adults always say and it's not what you want to hear, but that's the way it works. You might think you can handle this or that part of life right now, but you would also understand, let's say, why it would be unreasonable for a 3 year old to sign a car loan. You're on the low side of what our society has determined is the age where you can make certain decisions. You can grump about it all you want, but you can't get around that being the way the world works. Oh, and as for meeting guys online, keep in mind that this guy is either really the age he says he is (in which case he just wants in your pants) or he's one of those dumb grown men and he doesn't care that you're not legal (in which case he...just wants in your pants). Believe me- guys will say absolutely anything, do absolutely anything, no matter how they sound or what they say, to get in your pants. Follow the rules, play the game, bide your time at home. Even if it feels like forever, time will pass and you will reach 18. Then you can do whatever you want. In the end you'll get more of what you want and your life will suck less if you play it that way. -John

Story #522

i hate her. i absolutly hate her. i have to pretend i am her friend so she wont hate every one and complain to her boyfriend. her boyfriend hit on me the first day of school not her me! but he still stuck with her because she beat him up, and gave him her phone number. hes the bad boy type, like hes got the pieceings and it is sooo hot.but he told me a very sad story about how his mom and dad hate him :(. She got mad at me for makeing him walk off, after words she appoligized and i told her 'at lunch ill pretend hes not there' but i cant help it when hes sitting there not eating anything because his parents didnt give him money. i gave him my candy from my little lunchy thingy and she blew up. i hate her

Story #521

There's his girl who's two year older than my boyfriend and I. She is In love with my boyfriend and I hate her.

Story #520

OMG I hate her she is a back stabbing b.... who gets her own way every time! Sheís taking my best friend away from me! She has taken every single best friend have ever had!

Story #519

i really hate my mum. she always disses all the people around her. especially me and my uncle. she says realy nasty things like 'you like the meal? yes? oh, thats probably because your mum died when you were a child and you didn't get tasty food from your father...' or 'you look so HandM! so you won't find good friends!'. i mean, whats going wrong with her?!

Story #518

i met Jan online - she lives in Pennsylvania so this was a long distance relationship for me. Even though she had kids i looked past that because after we started chatting and getting to know one another she seemed like a good person. because we met on-line we took our time which equated to about a years worth of phone, im, text, letters etc. she worked really long hours so our schedules were always conflicting so it made getting together hard. i bought Jan things but, wasn't trying to buy her affection - i just wanted to show her i cared very much about her. i couldn't get approved for time off for the trip up to see Jan for her birthday but sent her a ring and an engraved heart shaped jewelry box telling her how much i cared for and that i loved her. Fast forward to August and i get a text telling me shes emotionally exhausted from family life. i try to console her then all of the sudden she stops all communication with me. she won't return my calls, text, email, letters - nothing. i send her a message telling her I'm coming up there to find out whats going on and to save our relationship and next thing i know she's yelling at me to not come because shes gotta work, so i ask whats the solution - she offers none and just completely shuts me down. I admit that i got really p..... off and said some words cuz she acts like she doesn't even know me blowing me off like and that after i gave that woman a ring telling her that i loved her!!! till this day nothing. oh, forgot to mention she was a bbw and got reduction surgery and thing was - i accepted her even before she lost the weight. Its just really f..... up that when you give from your heart to a women they can just turn on you like they don't care or give a d... about you when you've done nothing wrong. so yeah im starting to hate that f...... a...... now.

Story #517

I'm in love with my teacher. (and no, he hasn't kissed me or anything like that, he doesn't even know that I love him. At first I thought it was just a crush, but do crushes usually last over three years?) I can't stop thinking about him, but he favors this other girl(he's a choir teacher) and he only likes her because she pretends to be shy about singing (which I dont get because in class she always belts her heart out with no problem.) and sometimes I get so upset that I cry a little, but he doesn't give a d... About me. Instead, he asked her if she was okay. I mean seriously...WTF?!! I just hate her SO much!!!

Story #516

I hate this b.... name Laura with a burning passion. She is the biggest slat/where in the world. She is probably full of STD's, and I bet her pyoobes are crawling with crickets. She will probably die young because all that physalis is making her crazy, and she will die of a roofie overdose oh wait she has an ammunity to those because she uses them so much. Wait she doesn't need them, she is desperate enough for sax.

Story #515

She's stupid.. So incredibly stupid. He's only dating her because she lets him sleep on her couch (in her dad's house!) And gives him rides anywhere he wants. (other girls houses, parties, etc) She's a fat cow, always complaining (loudly) about her 'bad health' (asthma- hardly!!), always seems to have the need to brag about everything she's been through, and she and her boney a.. pale bff are the biggest snobs I've ever met. She talks about (to pretty much anyone with ears) how she got rapped a while ago and ended up preggo and had a miscarriage. The way I see it, the more people she's told, the less the whole ordeal affected her. I hate Courtney!!!

        > Well, you didn't get...rapped (spelling changed to try and avoid net censor programs), so you have no idea how much it affected her then or how much it continues to affect her now. It is not your place to say that she *should* feel any particular way. In your story I don't see that she's actually done anything *to* you. There's stuff about her you don't like and there's stuff she's done or said that you don't like, but she doesn't appear to have done anything to interfere with your life. Get over it, grow up, and move on. For you other readers, I do intend this site to give everyone a forum to tell their stories and to vent and all, but sometimes there's a story that just rubs me the wrong way.

Story #514

Man I hate this chick. Let's call her 'Jacky'. Ive known 'Jacky' since the 1st grade - when she got the lead in a class play She played the most barf-worthy little stuck up girl who turned all the parents into zombies with a wand. When she came by me in during the preformance of the play she just smacked me so hard on the top of the head with that wand it hurt. She only got that part because of how well known her family name is. Back in Elem. School she has ALWAYS had her hair curled, wore big huge fluffy dresses, wore coybow outfits covered in rinestones. Her family has a well known-name in my home town, they are one of the 'rich' families in the area. (Which honestly wouldn't be hard to come by in that dump of a town in the first place, but they are up there.) And of course when her familie's dairy farm won dairy of the year she got bragginf rights to that as well. Growing up if you weren't her friend, she let you and everyone else know it. She was always really stuck up and always was showing off. In 4th grade I had a once-a-week class with her for the 'super educated,' obviously I was just as smart as her to make it to that class but it still didn't help with what she thought of me. One day in that class my 2 friends I always sat with and one of her friends she always sat with were absent, so the teacher had me sit at her table. There was only like 5 people in that class total, but she def. made a scene about having to sit with me. I moved away when I was 10 but senior year of High School I went back to my home town for 1 quarter for a few extra credits an then went back to graduate at my normal high school, but I did come across her in my short time there. I dont think she ever noticed me. Since then Ive become her facebook friends and she's constantly posting the b....... things n her facebook page for everyone to read. She posts things about people talking badly about them, and of course her friends actually add on to her threads talking crap about these people. She constantly bragging about all the teams, classes, clubs and groups she's in in college, and the about the countries in europe and wherever that she's visited. of course That particularly doesnt faze me because I lived in Germany for 6 years (starting in high school) and so I too have traveled various european countries, but I def don't brag about it. Her family has always been very well off and her whole life has been handed to her on a silver platter for reals. A tiny example of what she posts is: ((deleted)) This girl does not deserve a single thing she has, yet she has everything. The reason I feel more now that I hate her then I ever did as a kid is because she just posted a note on Facebook entitled 'Accomplishments of 2009' and goes on and on and on about every little perfect detail about her life and what she's done or accomplished this year so far. It makes me so mad that no one can see what a snobby a.. b.... she is. In 3rd grade I had a very close friend that she was always picking on, we'll call her 'Kay,' well 'Kay' wasnt very popular as kids but she was really nice and we had fun together. After I had moved away that friend and I still wrote letters to each other and I remember one letter she had written me to tell me that she had made a big mistake that year inviting 'Jacky' to her B-day party, and then 'Jacky' ended up telling everyone else who was invited not to go behind my friends back, and my friends actually didnt have anyone come to her b-day party because of that one person. She was a bully growing up, showed off and bragged about everything her whole life and acts like she earned every little bit of it when really it's entirety has been handed to her. I mean come on, she doesn't even have a job! Her parents pay for everything! College, housing, car, blah blah blah. Honestly though she is very good at acting like the nicest person you'll ever know, but then when you get down to her she reall isn't as nice as people who don't know her very well think.

Story #513

I hate this girl! sheī s probably one of the most awesome women iī d ever med! i have had some mental kind of issues where i felt trapped in my own world and it was hard for people to have the charisma and stuff to break through that 'cheeseclock' she had! everytime i saw her i felt that i would spend the rest of my life with her, ore just, i wanted more of hear! we were both musicstudies, where i still studie now, and we talked a hall lot on the school, she was the first person that came directly to me and began to talk to me like she was a friend, we spended the whole first lunchbreak together! she was gone for about two weeks from the school without telling it to anyone, and i tried to connect with her on facebook one time ore so 'not a stalker' and she didnīt answer! well, she came back, and i then asked why, and told me about my issues, well! sheī d f...... had some similar issues herself! then she told me about her boyfried breaking up, and all that carp! then i think i one day heard that they were together yet again, but i wasnī t really sure. One week ore so before the autumn hollyday she was gone yet again, and when she came back the first time she seemed very passioned with spending the next months there, well, tried to connect with her one ore two times again, no answer! after the hollyday iī d heard from someone that she had quited for real! and she lived like, 5 minuttes from there, and 15 minuttes from me! and she still pay for the whole freaking half year even she quitted, but she take piano lessons on the school each monday, so iī d med her, and she told me/us that, cause we were me and another from the school! and then we asked if she wanted to come to a 'release party' on the school Friday the same week, she was pretty sure she would, guess what? didnī t came, and i wrote again, the last time ever, on face, just a really simple message, not anything special, and she didnī t answer me! she probably have her reasons but, F... i hate her for it!

Story #512

Theres a brat in cheerleading her name is Riley she thinks about herself and nothing but herself she is a snoby b.... she is a nasty where i hate her

Story #511

I used to be really good friends with this girl and we kinda just drifted apart, she started being friends with people that were horrible to me and she totally turned against me and i had no one, but then i met my other friend and we were really good friends and the other girl has changed so much, she has dyed her hair and she wears loads of makeup and tries to act like a Barbie but everyone hates her, they act as if they like her, but they don't, her 'best friend' moved away but still comes to the same school and i hate her too, they make me so angry and they do nothing but insult you and you cant say anything back because they will get their 'cousins' on you. I hate it and I'm really sick of it. Everything was finally going fine and stuff and i was good friends with a lot of people but then i started to change and people started to call me emo and stuff and it really hurt to walk past people when you knew all they would do was laugh at how you looked, no one made anything good for me and everything was shet, then i started to fall out with people and end up coming home and crying most of the time, everyone started to hate me because i was different to them, then the girl that i called my best friend started to get taken away from me by this other girl, she's a total b...., she says stuff about you to your face and thing like that, she has a best friend but when i fell out with mine she got involved and made my life hell. Eventually i got her told and my best friends sister helped me because she hates her too. Its like she cant take it when i talk to her, its like she's jealous of our friendship but she has loads more friends than i do. Everything got sorted out and everyone started being nice to me because i eventually flipped and i just couldn't take it anymore. She's still a b.... most of the time but i try my best to ignore it. Then this other girl comes back and starts her s... and i feel just so angry. I do have one really good friend though, he's so nice, and he understands me, and we tell each other everything, he's like the exact same as me, so its good, but sometimes his sarcasm gets the better of him and he takes things too far and doesn't realize that he has hurt your feelings

Story #510

Where do I start? There was this boy who I met through a friend, we talked for months and really hit it off, we were really close. At the time I was really into this other boy, it didnt work and when I went away on holiday my close friend texted me everyday, we flirted and it got to a point where I really liked him.. Being insecure, despite his many many hints that he liked me, I believed I was just reading the signs wrong, then I was drunk and I told him I liked him, and his response was 'yeesss', I was so so happy and we met up a later with a bunch of friends to go camping. We shared a sleeping bag and we held hands but nothing happened, upset and insecure I turned to my closest girl friend, who told me he was an idiot and eventually he was just a boy who I was angry at because he hurt me. Months later I found out the reason he hadn't done anything was because two of the people there also liked me, and I was too stubborn to ask him about it at the time, but it was too late by then, a few weeks after camping my 'closest girl friend' was meeting up with him behind my back, and soon enough they were dating. She destroyed everything for me, despite the fact I'd blocked them both on msn, deleted off facebook, and hadnt seen them since, she'd spread a rumour I was trying to 'split them up', along with many many other stories, which people believed, alone and upset, eventually everyone turned against me, I almost loved him, he'd meant the world to me, and I'd been reduced to an empty depressed girl, with nobody to turn to, all because of her, I hate her.

Story #509

this crazy b.... is crazy over my gorgeous boyfriend! shes a bisaxuel, lieing, slat! i absolutley hate her! she thinks im not as pretty as her and she deserves him. I don't think so! i hate that fatty! it was spirt day at school, that hoe sucked jello through that straw faster than any other girl up there. the guys where like oh my god thats hot because its through a straw and she gave that cup a hend job! i was like are you serious !?? really!?!? shes the worst person ever she had the nerve to tell me that as soon as my friend or i were done with our boyfriends she was going to get them both. i was like really?, your going to tell your only friend that you want her boyfriend annnd her best friends boyfriend!? i think i hate her the most because she knows i cant kiss my boyfriend (because im afraid of my dad) that she can make me jelous by makeing out with her boyfriend. but my best friend pointed out that even though i cant and wont kiss my boyfriend he sticks by my side :) and for that i love him and hate her (not my best friend)

Story #508

Oh my god! my EX best friend is just crazy, all she does is talk about herself an never gives a damn about me or her other friends! it's always HER,HER,HER! she actually believes that the INTERNET is more important then real life. she has this damn internet 'boyfriend' who says he's bi but i think he's really gay because he flirts with guys WHILE he's 'dating' her and they have broken up and gotten back together like 6 times now not to metion he's a total jerk to all of her friends and he's a weed addict. she's just so stupid to believe that this guy is actually decient. i sent her 'boyfriend' a privet message after i found out they were dating AGAIN and i asked him to be good to her and not to break her heart again,and he sent me back cursing at me and tellng me i should just go die and stuff, then she privet messaged me saying she was p..... at me for that and how i'm a loser and stuff. so i decided i'd tell her the truth about how she's delusional and being a total loser for getting all mad at me. so now it's offical...I HATE HER!

Story #507

i hate this mf b! she is always acting a certain way to get people in her little trap and if you know about her dirty tricks behind closed doors she would chew you up and spit you out and theres nothing you can do to stop her unless you are a minipulator like her but soon im moving with my friends to texas so ill be gone in the wind! and she can rant and cry as long as she wants! hahaaha! woooh!

Story #506

The Tale of Princess Maryanne and Peasant Bitsy

princess maryanne was just crowned the new princess of fairytale land
and bitsy was just a peasant

when bitsy was just a peasant one day, princess bitsy saw princess maryanne so good at her princess-dom that she grew jealous and begged her parents to crown her princess
and so her parents begged the head of fairytale land to make her daughter a princessÖ
The wish was granted.
one day at royal princess academy
princess bitsy saw princess maryanne in the hallway
princess bitsy said 'hello, my princess, how art thee today?'
like normal princesses would
princess bitsy decided to bring on her posse of bitterness friends
she walked right up to princess maryanne, who was a true born natural princess
and started barking in her face about being a better princess than she was!
princess maryanne grew embarrassed
in front of all princess bitsy's bitters
princess maryanne loves to tell stories, so she decided to cry to her mother how rotten that peasant was.

princess maryanne's mother decided to send her a letter of reason from a horse-drawn carraige
it read something like so:
dear princess bitsy's mother,
it has come to my attention that princess maryanne was confronted at the royal academy by your daughter
she was... blah blah blah
and so
princess maryanne's mother tried so very hard to display the matter under sweet tones.

princess bitsy's mother replied:
it was merely a misunderstanding.
princess bitsy's mother decided to defend her poor wittle princess bitsy...
princess maryanne's mother did not accept this, but did not wish to continue the rivalry
and so
asked princess bitsy to apologize to princess maryanne
and she would not
she thought she had no fault
princess maryanne's mother said:
lets move on then, perhaps as friends?
no. was the answer by princess bitsy's mother.
princess maryanne's mother one day saw princess bitsy's sister sitting down in front of the royal accademy without a horse-drawn carraige ride home
remembering that they lived rather close she offered a ride home
the mother said:
next time, i never want you speaking to my children again. and i never want you to EVER offer them a ride home...
princess maryanne from then on tried to push past that like nothing happened.
and no one ever knew...
soon after
princess maryanne wanted to be crowned a higher ranking in her princess hood
rank number... 9.
the reason she did so
was because
when one becomes rank number nine, one has the choice to move to a different county
she wanted to move from princess bitsy as fast as she could
no one understood how badly she wanted this
but, appearantly... the ruler of fairytale land did not allow it.
princess maryanne was stuck with princess bitsy for the rest of her days...

and till this very day, princess bitsy is a snob, pretending to be sweet and innocent...
and no one shall ever know the truth.

Story #505

i hate this chick. It was my crush's last day at school and i invited her to hang out with us. I forgot yesterday he had told me he hated her too. But she is the biggest minipulator in the world, she has two sides the s.... side then the sweet side. Everyone sees the sweet side but i saw right though her when she was all over my crush. I wanted to slap her so hard. I was leaving in 3 days myself for a year. I was truley in love with this guy and I still am. But

Story #504

It seems like everytime we have an argument, she manages to turn it in her favor by acting like she's the hurt party. even when i have a legitimate complaint or grievance she's the one to get hurt ans somehow i apologize. i wish for once she would acknowledge me in a conversation. and on top of all this, there's not a single conversation we can have, that she doesnt manage to complain about something or someone. its life get the f... over it.

Story #503

my sister's best friend is a spoiled little b..... we spend so much money on her buying her food and taking her places with us and she never says thank you!! pardon my french but f... her that little b....!!! she is so annoying and makes huge messes and never cleans them up. B....!

Story #502

Ok so its bad enough the she went and cheated on me, then I confront her about it and i get the whole 'why dont you trust me?!' act. I then go so what happens, she said 'i dont know what happened' then i said 'did he kiss you first' then suddenly 'oh i remember now!! he kissed me first!' It's f....pitiful tbh, I hate her with such a passion for chucking something good away and then having the nerve to turn it on me because i make her problems feel small. Well guess what love, your problems are f....small. Then she rants at all her friends about what I did, what, i had a go at her? What was i supposed to say 'oh wow love thanks for cheating on me, here have some gifts!' I beg of you please leave me alone you moronic moron of a woman.

Story #501

hello im a teenager and there a lot of things that p... me off but the one person that really just makes me is my best friend. i know shes my best friend and ya that might seem a little two faced but hay. She always flirts with my terrotory. like yesterday i hooked up with this guy that i have have beenin love with for like 6 years. and today shes up stairs f...... showing him her a.. and howing off her b.... and its just p...... me off. i Want to tell her so baddly how i feel about the realtion ship that we are sharing. But at the same time im just like sisters over mrs. But i cant stand to look at her flount her self to my f...... terrotory. The sad part she hooked up with my x boy frind while we were going out. this is just hurting my feeling. and whle im typingthis shes probly up stairs haveing s.. with him. thanks i really needed to get my feelings out there.


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